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Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05964 Friday, December 5, 1969 Previously described as intranscribable - now clearer ----- File name: 69-12-05N: untitled level low. [Verbatim transcript not available. (Sound problem.)] -
Ceremony, Shosan, Sixth Patriarch, Big Mind, Letting Go, Separation, Attachment, Dragons,...
Dec 05 1969

Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Serial: SF-05995 This is the bulk of the ceremony, with speakers other than Suzuki Roshi, in Japanese and English -
training, Gratitude, Zoom, Ceremony, Obstacles, Observe, Silence, Enemies, Evil, Precepts...
Apr 25 1970
City Center

Tokusan and The Old Lady

Serial: SF-05114-C ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #10, by Shundo David Haye ===== This is another track from the same problematic reel as the previous two talks in this series. Initially, it seemed to be a talk of Katagiri Roshi - the first... -
Sesshin, Diamond Sutra, Balance, training, Religion
Feb 19 1966

How To Have Sincere Practice

Serial: SR-00145 Suzuki Roshi edited from longer recording. -
Building, Community, Meditation, Zendo, Obstacles, Interview, Silence, Breath, training, zen...
Apr 25 1970
City Center

To Study The Self

Serial: SF-05114-D -
Sesshin, Dogen, Genjokoan, Bell, training, Faith
Feb 19 1966

Liberty and Restriction

Serial: SF-05116-A March sesshin, only 1pm lecture. Evening lecture goofed up during recording.SR 007 Saturday, March 26, 1966 -
Sesshin, Balance, Freedom, Doubt, Faith, Ceremony
Mar 26 1966

Funeral Service for Suzuki Roshi

Serial: SR-00171 This is a full recording of Suzuki Roshi's funeral, held nine days after his death. During the funeral service for Suzuki Roshi, various speakers and participants commemorate his life and teachings. This event acknowledges the profound impact Suzuki Roshi had on the dissemination of Zen Buddhism outside of Japan...
Ceremony, Funeral, Suzuki Roshi, soto, zen, Ceremony, Vows, Discrimination
Dec 12 1971
City Center

Wind Stops, But Still Flower Falls

Serial: SR-00163 This audio has been improved, so more of the students' questions may be discernible. The talk delves into the Zen understanding of existence and non-existence using the metaphor of natural elements such as wind, flowers, and birds to illustrate the Zen concept of "there is" and "there is not....
Faith, Freedom, reality, Dragons, Community, Emptiness, Wisdom, Building, American, Death...
Aug 15 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061 New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done. -
Yakusan, Faith
Aug 01 1971

Ryaku Fusatsu Lecture

Serial: SR-00182 The audio of this tape has been improved, so the missing parts of the transcript may be worked out now. -
Ceremony, Eiheiji, Bodhisattva Precepts, Evil, Bell, Balance, heart, Death, Truth...
Jul 29 1971

Why Then Is It Necessary To Accept Precepts

Serial: SF-06031 -
Precepts, Precepts, Big Mind, Buddha Nature, training, Religion, Observe, Priest, Zazen,...
Jul 17 1971
City Center

To Be Honest And Sincere In Its True Sense It Is Necessary to Push Yourself Into Some Very Strong Hard Rule

Serial: SF-06121-B Sunday, August 16, 1970 San Francisco [This is the second of two lectures with this date. This lecture began mid-way on Side A of the original tape after a prior lecture ended. This lecture appears to be complete.] Newly... -
Faith, Describe, Hate, Doubt
Aug 16 1970
City Center

Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe and Reb Anderson

Serial: SR-00069-A Reprocessed version may allow for clarification of transcript. -
Priest, Ceremony, Precepts, Don't Know Mind, Delusion, Greed, Interview, Gratitude, Karma...
Aug 09 1970
City Center

Shuso Ceremony

Serial: SF-05143C SR023 Last 2/3 side 2 Philip's discussion ceremony - copied 2 tapes [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator's comments] -
Sesshin, Shuso Ceremony, Big Mind, Bell, Bodhidharma, Gratitude, Buddha Nature, Commitment,...
Apr 23 1968

Genjo Koan no 4

Serial: SF-05136 Track 1 17/8 - Suzuki lectures - beginning missed, one or two sentences; beginning: This is the last lecture of sesshin. We have talked of emptiness and form, but have not understood it well. Maezumi's words are included on... -
Sesshin, Dogen, Genjokoan, Time, Faith, Emptiness, Continuous, Dragons
Aug 24 1967

We Are Always Helping Others

Serial: SF-05080-B ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #13, by Shundo David Haye ===== This tape is, happily, the last of the messed-up recordings from the first half of 1966. It is the first of two talks from the July one-day sitting, and it begins... -
Shushogi, Enemies, training, Faith
Jul 23 1966

Genjo Koan continued

Serial: SF-05095-A ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #11, by Shundo David Haye ===== In the spring of 1966, having previously spent a number of years primarily lecturing on the Blue Cliff Record, Suzuki Roshi gave a series of talks on Dogen's... -
Dogen, Genjokoan, Sangha, Happiness
Mar 13 1966


Serial: SR-00007 Newly reprocessed recording should be a little clearer -
Lotus Sutra, Monks, Breath, Building
Dec 24 1968

Lotus Sūtra No. I-6

Serial: SR-00106 February 1968Zen Mountain Center -
Lotus Sutra, First Principle, First Principle, Truth, Karma, Monks, Sutra, Suffering, Death,...
Feb 1968
Series 1, Talk 6

Zen Is Also Buddhism

Serial: SF-05130C SR013 date? Fall 1967 Tassajara III - Side 1 + 1/2 side 2 Suzuki lecture copied -
Mahayana, New Year, Buddha Nature, Hate, Observe, Concentration, Balance, Freedom, Doubt...
Sep 1967

Tokusan and The Old Lady

Serial: SF-05114-A ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #8, by Shundo David Haye ===== At Zen Center, responsibilities get passed on from person to person regularly. One part of traditional Zen training is that a monk should not expect to keep any... -
Feb 19 1966

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Serial: SR-00069-B ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #25, by Shundo David Haye ===== This tape, which is unfortunately very poorly recorded, gives us a sense of the lay ordination ceremony that took place at City Center in August 1970. During the... -
Precepts, Ceremony, Commitment
Aug 23 1970
City Center

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-6

Serial: SF-06005 Third Lotus Sutra Series Thursday Evening, October 30, 1969 Zen Mountain Center -
Lotus Sutra, Beginner’s Mind, Politics, Interview, Concentration, Precepts, Freedom, Doubt...
Oct 30 1969
Series 3, Talk 6

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-11

Serial: SF-05251 October 1968New version uploaded, should help with transcript -
Lotus Sutra, Lay, Emptiness, Interview, Ceremony
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 11

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-12

Serial: SR-00004 Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. 12Shunryu Suzuki Lecture October 1968 -
Lotus Sutra, First Principle, Suffering, Observe, Compassion, Intention, heart, Emptiness,...
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 12

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-9

Serial: SF-06041 Audio Problem Set has been replaced by original recording, with speed adjustments made.Newly processed version should be a little clearer to trancsribe -
Lotus Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Suzuki Roshi, Demons
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 9

Using Various Stones

Serial: SF-05131-C SR 014 - On this tape: lectures A and B and also first part of D. This is to be known as the A-B lecture tape or #1 ZMC (has been transcribed) Track 1 Roshi's lecture A 9/8/67 - copied -
Sep 08 1967

Saturday Evening Lecture

Serial: SF-05117A Tape VIII (?) Side 1 Sat eve lecture (1 - 60); Side 2 Sat eve lecture (1-15?) -
Question-and-Answer, Daily Life, Buddha Nature, Happiness, Balance, Bell, Evil, Hate, Religion...
Jul 31 1965

Emptiness is Form

Serial: SF-05968 Sunday, June 29, 1969 San Francisco Newly uploaded version has speed adjustments made; should be a little clearer for transcript - not just end, but correcting throughout. -
Heart Sutra, Emptiness, Current Events, Balance, Faith, Beginners, Continuous...
Jun 29 1969

If Our Teaching Is A Special Teaching

Serial: SF-05130B SR013 date? Fall 1967 Tassajara III - Side 2 2nd half - Part of Suzuki lecture copied -
Sep 1967

Our Practice And Our Everyday Activity

Serial: SF-05396 Saturday, August 30, 1969 Newly uploaded recording should be clearer to transcribe -
Concentration, Composure, Gratitude, Fundraising, Posture, Describe, training, Faith...
Aug 30 1969