Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Engage Wisdom!

A note about levels of access:
Publicly available talks are visible to every visitor, and if you create a free account, you can save your favorites, help with tagging keywords, and enjoy other features when you log in.  If you’re new and would like to sample what we have, please browse through the public collection, noting you may have some limitations until you Create an Account.

If you are a member of a community whose content is hosted on Engage Wisdom, you are invited to Request Curator Access, which will allow you to see your community’s archive of unpublished talks.  Curators also have the ability to edit more stuff.

Many of the editing options below do require permissions and for you to be logged in.  If you’re having trouble with any of the following features, please remember to check that you are logged-in.

FAQ for interacting with the interface

How to edit a talk’s information:

Once you are logged-in, simply navigate to the talk you wish to edit and click the "Edit" button. There you will see many fields to add to, and you can find information by either listening to the talk or by examining the photographs of the tape. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!
Note:  If there’s no edit button shown, double-check that you are logged-in successfully.  
How to use Keywords, Descriptions & Notes:

What are Keywords?
Any descriptive word or term that people are likely to use when searching. “Grief” or “Passion” for example.  Being specific helps a lot in your search (or when editing) - for example: ‘shikantaza’ and ‘koan practice’ will be more helpful than just ‘meditation’ or ‘practice’

What is the Description for?
A short summary of the content of the talk, and the context in which it was given. For example: Sunday lecture, class series, workshop etc.
What are Notes?
Photos of the original tapes usually include valuable written information, often scribbled by hand, that needs to be interpreted by knowledgeable community members so that it can be made searchable.  If there is a legible Speaker Name, Title, Date, Part, or Location, those belong in their corresponding fields. If any of that info is illegible or ambiguous, or if additional info appears in the photos, then Notes is the place to collect that.  The source of historical transcripts, publication history of certain talks, or significant issues with audibility of the recording can also be noted here.

General Questions:

How do I get back to the main page once I’ve listened to a talk?
Simply hit the search button on the menu bar in the upper right hand corner, or you can select the Engage Wisdom logo in the upper left hand corner and you’ll be back on the main search page.

How do I search for a specific talk?
The more you know, the better we can help.  In the search bar, type in whatever information you have on the specific talk you’d like to find.  If the keywords and descriptions are up to date, it should come right up. If you’re still not finding what you’d like to see, it may be due to your access credentials.  Speak with your community leader, or request more access here:


How can I sort the list of results?
There is a lot of information that can pop up when you’re searching for a specific topic.  At the top of the list of search results you’ll find different categories to help you filter.  Simply click on the “date”, “speaker”, or “talk” at the top of the page to organize your findings depending on what information you’re seeking.

I was searching for a talk and now I want to browse. How can I see the full list of talks again?
Ah, this one’s easy: delete the search criteria (keywords, date, speaker, location) and click "Search." The full list of talks will then be displayed. Alternatively you can click on the Engage Wisdom logo in the top left of the page to bring you back to the front page at any time.

When listening, how can I skip ahead or back?
Clicking anywhere on the progress bar while audio is playing will allow you to navigate to various parts of the talk.

Are the most recent talks available here?
Yes! We will be adding the latest talks here as they become available and these are featured at the top of the font page.

Can I share a link to a specific talk?
Of course!  You can share any public talks with anyone by simply copying the URL from the top of your browser window.  Any private or unpublished talks may only be available and shareable within your community due to copyright permissions.

Can I share unpublished talks with my friends and community?
Engage Wisdom is all about sharing knowledge and creating community.  You can share any public talks with anyone by simply copying the URL from the top of your browser window.  Since unpublished talks are only available to community members by permission of the author, please don’t give your login or password to anyone. If you’d like someone you know to have the same access as you, send them our way!  They can sign up for an account and request Curator access if they are a community member.

Other Questions?
If your question was not answered in this FAQ, feel free to email us at:

Once you have explored, we welcome your feedback via this survey link.
Thank you very much!