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Funeral Service for Suzuki Roshi

Serial: SR-00171 This is a full recording of Suzuki Roshi's funeral, held nine days after his death.
Ceremony, Funeral, Suzuki Roshi, soto, zen, Ceremony, Vows, Discrimination
Dec 12 1971
City Center

Talking To His Disciples About His Illness

Serial: SR-00186 Sunday, October 9, 1971 In His Room, City Center, San Francisco
Oct 09 1971
City Center

Wherever You Are, We Have Zen Way Of Practice

Serial: SR-00101
Dogen, Shobogenzo, Genjokoan, Suffering, Pain, Don't Know Mind, Happiness,...
Aug 21 1971
City Center

Why We Must Have Rules

Serial: SR-00177
First Principle, Family Practice, Big Mind, Bell, Breath, lecture, Sutra, Observe...
Aug 17 1971

Wind Stops, But Still Flower Falls

Serial: SR-00163 This audio has been improved, so more of the students' questions may be discernible.
Faith, Freedom, reality, Dragons, Community, Emptiness, Wisdom, Building, American,...
Aug 15 1971

Speciality and Equality.

Serial: SR-00161
First Principle, Freedom, Death, Bell, Building, reality
Aug 13 1971

Obon Days

Serial: SR-00166
Ceremony, Offering, Suffering, American, Faith
Aug 12 1971

Questions and Answers

Serial: SR-00167
Question-and-Answer, Yakusan, Truth, Community, Breath, Anger, Freedom, Faith...
Aug 08 1971

Zen Is Actually, In Short, Maybe, Communication

Serial: SR-00162
Breath, Interview, Bell, Community, Describe, Wisdom, American, Truth
Aug 07 1971

Good Confidence In Your Practice

Serial: SR-00170
Bodhidharma, First Principle, Bell, Wisdom, Breath, Building, American, Faith...
Aug 05 1971

On Bodhidharma's Day

Serial: SR-00103
Nirvana, Dragons, Breath, Ceremony, Enemies, Building, Faith
Aug 04 1971

Because Of Our Many Desires, We Do Not Have Freedom

Serial: SR-00102
Suffering, Dana, Death, Lay, Offering, Bell, Freedom, Truth
Aug 03 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061 New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done.
Yakusan, Faith
Aug 01 1971

Translation of Unknown Text

Serial: SR-00183 August 1971San Francisco
Ceremony, Priest, Hate, Passions, Attachment, Describe, Forms
Aug 1971
City Center

To Attain The Perfection Of Human Practice

Serial: SR-00189
Ceremony, First Principle, Mahayana, Buddha Nature, Building, Breath, Evil, Doubt,...
Jul 30 1971

Ryaku Fusatsu Lecture

Serial: SR-00182 The audio of this tape has been improved, so the missing parts of the transcript may be worked out now.
Ceremony, Eiheiji, Bodhisattva Precepts, Evil, Bell, Balance, heart, Death, Truth...
Jul 29 1971

Blue Cliff Records 61 - Fuketsu's One Particle Of Dust

Serial: SR-00190
Blue Cliff Record, Breath, Constancy, Freedom, Faith, Diversity, Greed, Religion,...
Jul 26 1971

Universal Practice for Laymen and Monks

Serial: SR-00175 Whatever you do is practice; be careful not to practice for the sake of the self. Zazen as a way to find realization and get used to realization. Whether priest or layperson, practice to develop buddha mind, not the small self.
Practice, Zazen, Bodhisattva, Dogen, Sixth Patriarch, Buddha Mind, Faith, Truth,...
Jul 25 1971

Virtue of Mountain and River

Serial: SR-00181
Dogen, Shobogenzo, First Principle, Soto Zen, Rinzai, Faith, Breath, sitting, Pain,...
Jul 24 1971


Serial: SF-06030
Ceremony, First Principle, Faith, Non-duality, Diversity, Lay
Jul 22 1971

Something Which You Cannot Understand

Serial: SR-00207
sitting, reality, Buddha Nature, Truth, Happiness, Breath, lecture
Jul 21 1971

One with Everything

Serial: SR-00208 Zazen Talk Tuesday Evening, July 20, 1971 Tassajara
Breath, reality, Faith, Truth
Jul 20 1971

Why Then Is It Necessary To Accept Precepts

Serial: SF-06031
Precepts, Precepts, Big Mind, Buddha Nature, training, Religion, Observe, Priest,...
Jul 17 1971
City Center

Manifested Three Treasures

Serial: SR-00215
Precepts, Precepts, Emptiness, Priest, Anger, American, Sangha, lecture, Enemies,...
Jul 06 1971
City Center

Real Precepts Are Beyond Words

Serial: SR-00216
Precepts, Precepts, reality, Observe, Freedom, sitting, Emptiness, Sangha, Duality,...
Jul 02 1971
City Center

Purely Involved Helping Others

Serial: SR-00173
Nansen, things-as-it-is, Discrimination, Ummon, Bodhisattva Vow, Bodhisattva Vow,...
Jun 22 1971
City Center

Sewing Sesshin

Serial: SR-00122 Sunday, June 20, 1971 Sesshin Lecture No. ____ San Francisco
Sesshin, Okesa, Dogen, Attachment, New Year, Freedom, Bodhidharma, Lay, Concentration...
Jun 20 1971
City Center

Sewing and Wearing the Buddhist Robes and How It Relates to Our Practice

Serial: 71-06-19 Saturday, June 19, 1971 San Francisco Zendo
Dogen, Soto Zen,
Jun 19 1971
City Center

Precepts as Original Nature

Serial: SR-00121
Precepts, Bodhidharma, Precepts, Concentration, Building, Posture, New Year,...
Jun 12 1971
City Center

Freedom from Everything

Serial: SR-00150 Sesshin Lecture, Day 5Wednesday, June 9, 1971San Francisco
Sesshin, Happiness, Demons, Precepts, Perfect Wisdom, Attachment, New Year, zen,...
Jun 09 1971
City Center

Calmness of Mind

Serial: SR-00151 Sesshin Lecture No. 2 Sunday, June 7, 1971 San Francisco Practice is to expose yourself as you are, express yourself fully. Accepting your teacher's words. Zen Center practice community offering mutual support for practice.
Sesshin, Zazen, Breath, Community, Emptiness, Priest, Pain, Community, heart, Hate,...
Jun 07 1971
City Center

Okesa Ceremony

Serial: SR-00146 Ceremony of the okesa: chanting the fascicle Shobogenzo Kesa Kudoku; ten virtues of the okesa. What is practice of zazen and practice of the okesa. Truth is beyond priest or layperson. Acknowledging Yoshida Roshi.
Priest, Ceremony, Okesa, Zazen, Dragons, Priest, Greed, Demons, Gratitude, Happiness...
Jun 06 1971
City Center

The Teaching Just for You

Serial: SR-00147 Sesshin Lecture No. 1 Saturday, June 5, 1971 San Francisco
Sesshin, Precepts, Dragons, Bodhidharma, Truth, sitting, Buddha Nature, Politics,...
Jun 05 1971
City Center

Lecture: Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Serial: 71-03-12
Mar 12 1971
Reed College Portland

Changing Our Karma

Serial: SR-00116
Baso, Concentration, Karma, Suffering, difficulty, Ceremony
Mar 09 1971
City Center

Why We Have So Many Problems

Serial: SR-00153 Tuesday, March 2, 1971 8 am Tuesday Morning San Francisco
difficulty, Ceremony, Concentration, reality, Addiction, sitting, Ego, confusion,...
Mar 02 1971
City Center

The Driver

Serial: SR-00119
Anger, difficulty, Karma, Freedom, Tassajara, Peace, confusion, Posture, Pain, War...
Feb 27 1971
City Center

Be Kind with Yourself

Serial: SR-00112 Warm-hearted practice. Breathing and posture in zazen. We all have different circumstances, but in the monastery, we have one practice. Rules give freedom to practice.
Dogen, Zazen, Tatsugami, Freedom, Instruction, Monks, Posture, Priest, American...
Feb 23 1971

It Is Actually Buddha's Practice

Serial: SF-06114-B
Feb 20 1971

Calmness of your Mind

Serial: SR-00079 Saturday Morning, February 13, 1971 San Francisco
Sesshin, Pain, New Year, Suffering, confusion, Oneness, Beginners, Community,...
Feb 13 1971
City Center

Just Enough Problems

Serial: SR-00273 Sesshin Lecture, Lecture 7: Page Street Apples Friday Morning February 12, 1971 San Francisco
Sesshin, War, Enemies, Hate
Feb 12 1971
City Center

Not Sticking to Enlightenment

Serial: SF-05445B ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #26, by Shundo David Haye ===== It's not completely clear how this talk dropped off the radar, as the tape had been copied and transcribed previously – indeed, it features in Not...
Sesshin, Sixth Patriarch, Emptiness
Feb 12 1971
City Center

Humor Is More Real Than Reallity

Serial: SR-00274 Sesshin Lecture No. 5 Tuesday, February 9, 1971 San Francisco
Sesshin, Discrimination, Dragons, Observe, Emotions, Instruction, confusion
Feb 09 1971
City Center

Wherever You Go, You Will See Yourself

Serial: SR-00271 Sesshin Lecture No. 3 Sunday Afternoon or Evening February 7, 1971 San Francisco
Sesshin, Tozan, Sandokai, zen, Discrimination, Precepts, reality, Freedom, Death...
Feb 07 1971
City Center

Resuming Big Mind

Serial: SR-00272 Sesshin Lecture No. 1 Friday, February 5, 1971 San Francisco [”For this seven-day sesshin, there are only transcriptions for lectures given on Days 1, 3, 5, 7, and the closing words. I don't know if those were the only lectures...
Sesshin, Big Mind, Hate, stubbornness, Zoom, sitting, Zazen, Anger, Ceremony, heart,...
Feb 05 1971
City Center

Wherever I Go, I Meet Myself

Serial: SR-00123
Liberation, Culture, Freedom
Jan 23 1971
City Center

The Boss of Everything

Serial: SR-00204
Zazen, Big Mind, confusion, Precepts, Bodhidharma, Zazen, Suffering, Observe...
Jan 16 1971
City Center

True Concentration

Serial: SR-00078 Right Concentration Sunday, January 10, 1971 San Francisco
Avalokiteshvara, Freedom, Concentration, zen, Commitment, Posture
Jan 10 1971
City Center

What Is Self?

Serial: SR-00077
Ceremony, Observe, sitting
Jan 03 1971
City Center

No Practice Will Destroy People

Serial: SR-00074
Dec 27 1970
City Center