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Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, faith is "belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion". According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, faith has multiple definitions, including "something that is believed especially with strong conviction", "complete trust", "belief and trust in and loyalty to God", as well as "a firm belief in something for which there is no proof".

Religious people often think of faith as confidence based on a perceived degree of warrant, or evidence, while others who are more skeptical of religion tend to think of faith as simply belief without evidence.

In the Roman world, 'faith' (Latin: fides) was understood without particular association with gods or beliefs. Instead, it was understood as a paradoxical set of reciprocal ideas: voluntary will and voluntary restraint in the sense of father over family or host over guest, whereby one party willfully surrenders to a party who could harm but chooses not to, thereby entrusting or confiding in them.

Accordingly to Thomas Aquinas, faith is "an act of the intellect assenting to the truth at the command of the will".

Religion has a long tradition, since the ancient world, of analyzing divine questions using common human experiences such as sensation, reason, science, and history that do not rely on revelation—called Natural theology.

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OLD - 1971.08.07-serial.00176

Serial: SR-00176

First words match 71-08-17

Breath, Death, Faith
Aug 17 1971

Wind Stops, But Still Flower Falls

Serial: SR-00163

This audio has been improved, so more of the students' questions may be discernible.

Faith, Freedom, reality, Dragons, Community, Emptiness, Wisdom, Building, American,...
Aug 15 1971

Obon Days

Ceremony, Offering, Suffering, American, Faith
Aug 12 1971

Questions and Answers

Question-and-Answer, Yakusan, Truth, Community, Breath, Anger, Freedom, Faith...
Aug 08 1971

OLD - 1971.08.05-serial.00097

Serial: SR-00097

Second part of talk from this date.

Balance, American, Death, Faith, Truth
Aug 05 1971

OLD - 1971.08.05-serial.00169

Serial: SR-00169

Second part of talk from this date. Duplicate of 00097

Breath, Balance, War, American, Faith, Truth
Aug 05 1971

Good Confidence In Your Practice

Bodhidharma, First Principle, Bell, Wisdom, Breath, Building, American, Faith...
Aug 05 1971

On Bodhidharma's Day

Nirvana, Dragons, Breath, Ceremony, Enemies, Building, Faith
Aug 04 1971

OLD - 1971.08.04-serial.00120

Serial: SR-00120

Second part of talk from this date.

Breath, Faith, Discrimination, Culture, Monks, American, reality, Death, Truth...
Aug 04 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061

New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done.

Yakusan, Faith
Aug 01 1971

OLD - 1971.08.01-serial.00187

Serial: SR-00187

Most likely second part of talk from this date.

reality, Faith
Aug 01 1971

To Attain The Perfection Of Human Practice

Ceremony, First Principle, Mahayana, Buddha Nature, Building, Breath, Evil, Doubt,...
Jul 30 1971

Blue Cliff Records 61 - Fuketsu's One Particle Of Dust

Blue Cliff Record, Breath, Constancy, Freedom, Faith, Diversity, Greed, Religion,...
Jul 26 1971

Universal Practice for Laymen and Monks

Serial: SR-00175

Whatever you do is practice; be careful not to practice for the sake of the self. Zazen as a way to find realization and get used to realization. Whether priest or layperson,...

Practice, Zazen, Bodhisattva, Dogen, Sixth Patriarch, Buddha Mind, Faith, Truth,...
Jul 25 1971

Virtue of Mountain and River

Dogen, Shobogenzo, First Principle, Soto Zen, Rinzai, Faith, Breath, sitting, Pain,...
Jul 24 1971

OLD - Real Precepts Are Beyond Words

Serial: SR-00206

Thursday, July 2, 1971
City Center
“Real Precepts Are Beyond Words”

Precepts, Gratitude, Pain, Faith, Truth, Hate, Precepts, Building, War
Jul 22 1971
City Center


Ceremony, First Principle, Faith, Non-duality, Diversity, Lay
Jul 22 1971

One with Everything

Serial: SR-00208

Zazen Talk
Tuesday Evening, July 20, 1971

Breath, reality, Faith, Truth
Jul 20 1971

OLD - Restore the Buddhist Teaching in its Original Way

Serial: SR-00070

Sunday Evening, August 16, 1970
San Francisco
Lecture A

[The first part of the lecture was not recorded.]

Faith, Describe, Breath, Enemies, American, Observe
Aug 16 1970
City Center

Restore the Buddhist Teaching in its Original Way

Serial: SF-06121-A

Sunday Evening, August 16, 1970
San Francisco
Lecture A

[The first part of the lecture was not recorded.]

Sesshin, Faith
Aug 16 1970
City Center

To Be Honest And Sincere In Its True Sense It Is Necessary to Push Yourself Into Some Very Strong Hard Rule

Serial: SF-06121-B

Sunday, August 16, 1970
San Francisco

[This is the second of two lectures with this date. This lecture began mid-way on Side A of the original tape after a prior...

Faith, Describe, Hate, Doubt
Aug 16 1970
City Center

Zazen Practice and Listen to the Right Teacher

Serial: SF-05631

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #24, by Shundo David Haye =====

In the last years of Suzuki Roshi's life, very few talks were lost from the collections...

Sesshin, Dogen, Bodhidharma, Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Observe, Precepts, Faith...
Aug 03 1970
City Center

Observation of Precepts and Practice of Zazen is Same Thing

Serial: SF-06049

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Saturday, August 1, 1970
San Francisco

Sesshin, Precepts, Precepts, Doubt, Buddha Nature, Faith, Ceremony, Ordination, Lay,...
Aug 01 1970
City Center

Money And Labor

Serial: SR-00046

Sunday Morning, May 24, 1970
City Center, San Francisco

Buddha Nature, Discrimination, Monks, Priest, Faith
May 24 1970
City Center

OLD - Each One Of Us Is A Cook

Serial: SF-05386A

70 #5 - Sesshin 2-1-70

Emptiness, Interview, Faith
Feb 01 1970


Dogen, Posture, Balance, Doubt, Faith
Jan 18 1970
City Center

Way-Seeking Mind, Part I

Serial: SR-00267

Winter Sesshin, Lecture No. 1
Saturday, November 29, 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Sesshin, reality, Faith
Nov 29 1969

OLD - 1969.11.09-serial.00245

Serial: SR-00245

This is the second part of the talk from this date.

Interview, Doubt, American, Faith
Nov 09 1969

Our Practice And Our Everyday Activity

Serial: SF-05396

Saturday, August 30, 1969

Newly uploaded recording should be clearer to transcribe

Concentration, Composure, Gratitude, Fundraising, Posture, Describe, training, Faith...
Aug 30 1969

Question and Answer

Question-and-Answer, Buddha Nature, Suffering, Separation, Pain, American, Anger,...
Aug 25 1969

OLD - Twelve Links of Causation

Serial: SF-05089A

Continuation of previous lecture on 12 links of causation - Aug 23 - both sides - 3 3/4 - on cassette - Dan Gourley #5

causation, Discrimination, Faith, Enemies, Attachment, Describe
Aug 23 1969

OLD - Twelve Links of Causation

Serial: SF-05089B

Continuation of previous lecture on 12 links of causation - Aug 23 - both sides - 3 3/4 - on cassette - Dan Gourley #5

causation, Enemies, Passions, Discrimination, Evil, Faith
Aug 23 1969

OLD - Some Questions

Serial: SF-05109

65B - end of talk only - needs to be edited to 05087-A

Enemies, Vows, Faith, Peace
Aug 21 1969

Our Way To Attain Liberation

Serial: SF-05087-B

Monday Evening, August 18, 1969

Story of the Sixth Patriarch. Practice with everyone else at the monastery, without self-centered ideas. Answering...

Sixth Patriarch, Monastic Practice, Japan, Aspects of Practice, Discrimination, Faith...
Aug 18 1969

OLD - Not Always So

Serial: SF-05872

Copy Master Suzuki Roshi August sesshin 1969 Thursday lecture - duplicate

Freedom, Composure, Gratitude, Posture, Doubt, Faith
Aug 07 1969

OLD - To Actually Practice Selflessness

Serial: SF-05348A

August Sesshin 1969 Suzuki Roshi Wednesday lecture copy - duplicate

Fox, Precepts, Freedom, Funeral, Non-discrimination, Attachment, Continuous,...
Aug 06 1969

OLD - To Actually Practice Selflessness

Serial: SF-05873

Copy Master - Suzuki Roshi August sesshin 1969 Wednesday (side A of original tape) - duplicate

Freedom, Fox, Precepts, Funeral, Continuous, Discrimination, Liberation, Attachment,...
Aug 06 1969

OLD - The First Teaching

Serial: SF-05302B

Aug 2 lecture beginning - duplicate

Faith, New Year, Politics, Attachment, Evil, Karma, Emptiness
Aug 02 1969

Practice Should Be The Practice Of “Right Now.”

Serial: SR-00024

Thursday, July 3, 1969

Heart Sutra, Emptiness, Forms, Faith, reality, Describe, training, Enemies, War,...
Jul 03 1969

Emptiness is Form

Serial: SF-05968

Sunday, June 29, 1969
San Francisco

Newly uploaded version has speed adjustments made; should be a little clearer for transcript - not just end, but correcting...

Heart Sutra, Emptiness, Current Events, Balance, Faith, Beginners, Continuous...
Jun 29 1969

At The End Of The Year We Clean Up Our House

Serial: SF-05970-B

Dec 1968 New Year Lecture

Beginner’s Mind, Dogen, Japan, New Year, Beginners, Transmission, Instruction, Priest...
Dec 29 1968

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-8

Serial: SR-00001

Fall 1968

Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Faith, Sutra, Priest, Suffering, Composure, Balance, Mahayana...
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 8

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-6

Serial: SF-05258


Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Anger, Faith
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 6

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05094

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #23, by Shundo David Haye =====

This was the last of the three 5" reels that appeared to be from the summer of 1968, but there...

Shosan, true dharma, Separation, Faith, Emptiness, confusion, Dragons, Ego, Passions...
Sep 10 1968


Serial: SF-05081

 ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #22, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

In this second tape made by Dan Gourley at Tassajara in the summer of 1968,...

Beginner’s Mind, First Principle, Time, First Principle, Bodhidharma, Describe, Faith...
Jul 29 1968

Bring Me The Rhinoceros Fan

Serial: SF-05086

 ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #21, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

For whatever reason, there are few talks existing from the summer of 1968. At...

Koan, Faith, Echo, Describe, Freedom
Jul 28 1968

OLD - To Have Complete Understanding of our School

Anger, Death, Faith, Balance, reality, Monks, Forms, Community, Meditation, confusion...
Jul 24 1968

OLD - Shōsan Ceremony

Serial: 68-04-23-B

Tuesday Evening, April 23, 1968, Lecture B

Sesshin, Shosan, Emptiness, Echo, Faith, Attachment, Hate, Forms, sitting, Tassajara...
Apr 23 1968

OLD - Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05330

Copy - tape 1 of 2 Suzuki Roshi Q&A ceremony - no date (Spring '68?) - copy of o/r 68-04-23 - duplicate

Echo, Attachment, Hate, Faith, Enemies, Bell, Evil, Vows, Emptiness
Apr 23 1968

Because I Was Not Well

Serial: SF-05143A

SR023 Track 1 Suzuki Roshi's afternoon sesshin 4-23-68 copied [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator's...

Sesshin, Koan, Ordinary Mind, everyday mind, Faith, Composure, Doubt, Religion...
Apr 23 1968