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A ceremony (UK: , US: ) is a unified ritualistic event with a purpose, usually consisting of a number of artistic components, performed on a special occasion.

The word may be of Etruscan origin, via the Latin caerimonia.

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Funeral Service for Suzuki Roshi

Serial: SR-00171

This is a full recording of Suzuki Roshi's funeral, held nine days after his death.

Ceremony, Funeral, Suzuki Roshi, soto, zen, Ceremony, Vows, Discrimination
Dec 12 1971
City Center

Obon Days

Ceremony, Offering, Suffering, American, Faith
Aug 12 1971

On Bodhidharma's Day

Nirvana, Dragons, Breath, Ceremony, Enemies, Building, Faith
Aug 04 1971

Translation of Unknown Text

Serial: SR-00183

August 1971
San Francisco

Ceremony, Priest, Hate, Passions, Attachment, Describe, Forms
Aug 1971
City Center

To Attain The Perfection Of Human Practice

Ceremony, First Principle, Mahayana, Buddha Nature, Building, Breath, Evil, Doubt,...
Jul 30 1971

Ryaku Fusatsu Lecture

Serial: SR-00182

The audio of this tape has been improved, so the missing parts of the transcript may be worked out now.

Ceremony, Eiheiji, Bodhisattva Precepts, Evil, Bell, Balance, heart, Death, Truth...
Jul 29 1971


Ceremony, First Principle, Faith, Non-duality, Diversity, Lay
Jul 22 1971

Okesa Ceremony

Serial: SR-00146

Ceremony of the okesa: chanting the fascicle Shobogenzo Kesa Kudoku; ten virtues of the okesa. What is practice of zazen and practice of the okesa. Truth is beyond priest or...

Priest, Ceremony, Okesa, Zazen, Dragons, Priest, Greed, Demons, Gratitude, Happiness...
Jun 06 1971
City Center

Changing Our Karma

Baso, Concentration, Karma, Suffering, difficulty, Ceremony
Mar 09 1971
City Center

Why We Have So Many Problems

Serial: SR-00153

Tuesday, March 2, 1971
8 am Tuesday Morning
San Francisco

difficulty, Ceremony, Concentration, reality, Addiction, sitting, Ego, confusion,...
Mar 02 1971
City Center

Resuming Big Mind

Serial: SR-00272

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Friday, February 5, 1971
San Francisco

[”For this seven-day sesshin, there are only transcriptions for lectures given on Days 1, 3, 5,...

Sesshin, Big Mind, Hate, stubbornness, Zoom, sitting, Zazen, Anger, Ceremony, heart,...
Feb 05 1971
City Center

What Is Self?

Ceremony, Observe, sitting
Jan 03 1971
City Center

Japan Now: Zazen As Our Foundation

Serial: SR-00072

Lecture after Trip to Japan:
Sunday, December 13, 1970

Transmission, Culture, sitting, Meditation, Ceremony, American
Dec 13 1970

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Serial: SR-00069-B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #25, by Shundo David Haye =====

This tape, which is unfortunately very poorly recorded, gives us a sense of the lay ordination...

Precepts, Ceremony, Commitment
Aug 23 1970
City Center

Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe and Reb Anderson

Serial: SR-00069-A

Reprocessed version may allow for clarification of transcript.

Priest, Ceremony, Precepts, Don't Know Mind, Delusion, Greed, Interview,...
Aug 09 1970
City Center

Observation of Precepts and Practice of Zazen is Same Thing

Serial: SF-06049

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Saturday, August 1, 1970
San Francisco

Sesshin, Precepts, Precepts, Doubt, Buddha Nature, Faith, Ceremony, Ordination, Lay,...
Aug 01 1970
City Center

How To Understand Rituals And Precepts

Serial: SR-00063

Zazen, Rituals And Precepts Cannot Be Separated
Sunday Evening, July 26, 1970
San Francisco

Precepts, Precepts, Gratitude, Priest, Observe, Ceremony, American, Silence,...
Jul 26 1970
City Center

Ekō Lecture 5

Serial: SR-00231

The Third Morning Eko
Monday, July 13, 1970

[This is the fifth in a series of six lectures by Suzuki on the four ekos chanted at the conclusion of...

Eko, Chanting, Buddha Ancestors, Transmission, Building, Bodhidharma, Sutra,...
Jul 13 1970

Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Serial: SF-05995

This is the bulk of the ceremony, with speakers other than Suzuki Roshi, in Japanese and English

training, Gratitude, Zoom, Ceremony, Obstacles, Observe, Silence, Enemies, Evil,...
Apr 25 1970
City Center

Remarks at the Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Serial: SF-05996

These are Suzuki Roshi's words, edited together out of longer recording of ceremony.

Ceremony, Offering
Apr 25 1970
City Center

OLD - How To Have Sincere Practice

Serial: 70-04-25A

Part of the opening ceremony for Page St - there are other pieces of audio from this event - SDH

Ceremony, Building, War
Apr 25 1970
City Center

OLD - Remarks at the Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Apr 25 1970
City Center

Buddha's Birthday Lecture

Ceremony, Ceremony
Apr 12 1970
City Center

OLD - Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-05386B

70 #5 - Buddha's Birthday 2-4-70

Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony
Apr 12 1970
City Center

Selflessness, Being and Non-Being: The Background of Shikantaza

Serial: SR-00261

Sesshin Lecture No. 1:
Monday, February 23, 1970
San Francisco

Sesshin, Buddha Nature, Emptiness, Evil, Mahayana, Posture, Freedom, Continuous,...
Feb 23 1970
City Center

Ordination Ceremony: Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley

Ceremony, Priest, Ceremony, Describe, American
Jan 11 1970
City Center

OLD - Ordination Ceremony: Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley

Serial: SF-06095

Undated lecture (file 1/11/71) ordination?

Ceremony, Observe, Priest
Jan 11 1970
City Center

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05964

Friday, December 5, 1969

Previously described as intranscribable - now clearer

File name: 69-12-05N: untitled level low. [Verbatim transcript not...

Ceremony, Shosan, Sixth Patriarch, Big Mind, Letting Go, Separation, Attachment,...
Dec 05 1969

Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 6

Sesshin, Ceremony, Freedom, Observe, Wisdom, Oneness, Beginners, training, Precepts,...
Dec 04 1969

Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 5

Serial: SR-00202

Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 5
Wednesday, December 3, 1969

Sesshin, Bodhisattva, Dogen, Shobogenzo, Oneness, Ceremony, Precepts, Wisdom...
Dec 03 1969

Why I Came to America

Serial: SR-00157

"Why I became a priest"

Memories of his father as a temple priest. Wanting to be an unusual priest himself, to teach people. Training at a temple with Oka...

Priest, Meiji, Japan, Dogen, Priest, training, New Year, Ceremony, Obstacles, Enemies...
Sep 16 1969

Sesshin, Sixth Night Lecture

Serial: SR-00129

September, 1969

Sesshin, Don't Know Mind, Posture, Ceremony, Addiction, Duality, Beginners,...
Sep 1969

It Is Rather Difficult For Us To Figure Out Why We Started To Practice Zazen

Serial: SR-00023

Tuesday, July 1, 1969

American, Freedom, Priest, zen, Offering, Religion, Culture, Ceremony, difficulty,...
Jul 01 1969

OLD - Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-7

Serial: 68-10-00-F

Fall 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, Suffering, Truth, Emptiness, Precepts, Wisdom, Pain, Mahayana, Ceremony...
Oct 30 1968
Series 2, Talk 7

OLD - Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-6

Serial: 68-10-00-E

Hidden as we had a misdated reel that corresponded to this transcript - SDH

October 1968
[?Transcript in progress. Needs further work, checking. Words in doubt...

Precepts, Wisdom, War, Zazen, Ceremony, Sutra, sitting
Oct 30 1968
Series 2, Talk 6

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-10

Serial: SR-00002

Fall 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, sitting, Ceremony, Emptiness, Priest, Funeral, Composure, heart, Monks,...
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 10

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-11

Serial: SF-05251

October 1968
New version uploaded, should help with transcript

Lotus Sutra, Lay, Emptiness, Interview, Ceremony
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 11

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-7

Serial: SF-06043

Fall 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, Four Noble Truths, Emptiness, Mahayana, Precepts, Nirvana, Enemies,...
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 7

Observing the Precepts

Serial: SF-05397

This is the second talk that Suzuki Roshi gave at Esalen on consecutive nights in June 1968.

Precepts, Precepts, Observe, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Posture, Karma, training,...
Jun 29 1968

OLD - Samantabhadra Buddha

Serial: SR-00108

Friday Evening, January 12, 1968

Bodhisattva Vow, Enemies, Vows, Community, Describe, Ceremony, reality
Jan 12 1968

OLD - Samantabdra Buddha

Serial: SF-05764B

SR-68-01-11-B-1 (start) (continued) repeats 68-01-12

Enemies, Ceremony
Jan 12 1968

OLD - Samantabdra Buddha

Serial: SF-05331


Bodhisattva Vow, Offering, Passions, Describe, Vows, Karma, Faith, Ceremony
Jan 12 1968

Samantabadra Buddha

Serial: SF-05138B

SR022 - VII 1: Roshi talk - Meal Sutra (copied) - 2: " little bit 2: (ready to go at 000 after Jan 11 lecture) (copied) - ZMC - 1968 year?

Offering, Enemies, Bowing, Bell, Vows, Karma, Faith, Ceremony
Jan 12 1968

OLD - The More... We Study Our Way, The More Difficult It Is To Explain It

Serial: 67-12-04

Evening Sesshin Lecture, Lecture B
Monday, December 4, 1967

Sesshin, reality, Observe, Faith, Ceremony, lecture
Dec 04 1967

The More We Study Our Way, The More Difficult It Is To Explain It

Serial: SF-05142

SR018 - Track 1 - Roshi's Lecture sesshin #4 12/4/67 Evening - copied

Sesshin, Dogen, Observe, Ceremony
Dec 04 1967

OLD -Using Various Stones

Serial: SF-05304

SR-67-09-08 (-A-2 - is crossed out) - F-1 (start) continue)

Don't Know Mind, Hate, Ceremony, Passions, Anger
Sep 08 1967

Liberty and Restriction

Serial: SF-05116-A

March sesshin, only 1pm lecture. Evening lecture goofed up during recording.
SR 007

Saturday, March 26, 1966

Sesshin, Balance, Freedom, Doubt, Faith, Ceremony
Mar 26 1966

On Obon

Serial: 62-07-00

(published July 1962, Wind Bell #8)

Jul 1962

On Zazen and the Shinsanshiki Ceremony

Serial: 62-06-00

(published June 1962, Wind Bell #7)

Jun 1962

OLD - Sesshin, Sixth Night Lecture

Serial: SF-05910

SR summer sesshin 1969 6th night lecture #4 copy master

Posture, Beginners, Duality, Enemies, Hate, Ceremony