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Wherever You Are, We Have Zen Way Of Practice

Dogen, Shobogenzo, Genjokoan, Suffering, Pain, Don't Know Mind, Happiness,...
Aug 21 1971
City Center

Something Which You Cannot Understand

sitting, reality, Buddha Nature, Truth, Happiness, Breath, lecture
Jul 21 1971

Freedom from Everything

Serial: SR-00150

Sesshin Lecture, Day 5
Wednesday, June 9, 1971
San Francisco

Sesshin, Happiness, Demons, Precepts, Perfect Wisdom, Attachment, New Year, zen,...
Jun 09 1971
City Center

Okesa Ceremony

Serial: SR-00146

Ceremony of the okesa: chanting the fascicle Shobogenzo Kesa Kudoku; ten virtues of the okesa. What is practice of zazen and practice of the okesa. Truth is beyond priest or...

Priest, Ceremony, Okesa, Zazen, Dragons, Priest, Greed, Demons, Gratitude, Happiness...
Jun 06 1971
City Center

OLD - 1970.08.15-serial.00174

Happiness, Evil, reality, difficulty
Aug 15 1970

Today We May Be Very Happy

Serial: SR-00057

Sandokai Lecture VI
Wednesday, June 10, 1970

[This lecture is concerned with the following lines of the Sandokai:

Shiki moto shitsuzo wo...

Branching Streams, Sandokai, Happiness, Zazen, Suffering, Pain, Buddha Nature,...
Jun 10 1970

OLD - Questions And Answers

Serial: SR-00082

Set aside as duplicate.

Question-and-Answer, Breath, Concentration, Family Practice, Emptiness, Pain, sitting...
Aug 28 1969

True Happiness and Renewal of Practice at Year's End

Serial: SF-05970-A

Newly uploaded recording of this talk.

Happiness, Buddha Nature, Happiness, Buddha Nature, Composure, Observe
Dec 21 1968

OLD True Happiness and Renewal of Practice at Year's End

Serial: 68-12-21

This has been hidden as we had a misdated reel that corresponds to this transcript, and is longer - SDH

Happiness, Suffering, Composure, Observe, Chanting
Dec 21 1968

OLD - What is Soto and what is Rinzai?

Buddha Nature, Bodhidharma, Family Practice, Mahayana, Bowing, Death, Diversity,...
Jul 21 1968

Shuso Ceremony

Serial: SF-05143C

SR023 Last 2/3 side 2 Philip's discussion ceremony - copied 2 tapes [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator...

Sesshin, Shuso Ceremony, Big Mind, Bell, Bodhidharma, Gratitude, Buddha Nature,...
Apr 23 1968

Lotus Sūtra No. I-5

Serial: SR-00105

February 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, First Principle, First Principle, reality, Monks, Truth, Interview,...
Feb 1968
Series 1, Talk 5


Serial: SF-05093-J

Suzuki lecture 6pm Weds Track 2, continued on Track 3

Sesshin, Time, Freedom, Happiness, Fox, Oneness, Enemies, Offering, Evil, Lay...
Aug 17 1966

Talk on Shobogenzo

Serial: SF-05111B

Other Japanese lecture [case replaced 12/95. Case notes transcribed verbatim]

Sesshin, Happiness
Aug 15 1966

OLD - YYYY.MM.DD-serial.00088

Serial: SR-00088

Photo says 66-07-23 - duplicate of 00093 - set aside

Happiness, Enemies, Peace, Faith, difficulty
Jul 23 1966

We Are Not Perfect

Serial: SF-05080-A

Sesshin talk. At the beginning, Suzuki Roshi is drawing from Dogen's "Bodhisattva's Four Methods of Guidance." The methods are also in Shushogi.

Sesshin, Paramitas, Bodhisattva, Shushogi, Happiness, Enemies
Jul 23 1966

OLD - We Are Not Perfect

Serial: SF-05080A

Zen Center 1881 Bush St SF, Sesshin, July 23rd, 1966 (inside box is written "Katagiri")

Enemies, Happiness, Peace
Jul 23 1966

Genjo Koan continued

Serial: SF-05095-A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #11, by Shundo David Haye =====

In the spring of 1966, having previously spent a number of years primarily lecturing on the Blue...

Dogen, Genjokoan, Sangha, Happiness
Mar 13 1966

Shushōgi, Sections 11–17

Serial: SF-05113-A

January Sesshin Lecture: Lecture A ,1 PM
Shushogi: Sections 11–17
Friday, January 21, 1966
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Precepts, Shushogi, Precepts, Subject-and-Object, Observe, Happiness, Priest...
Jan 21 1966

OLD - Untitled

Serial: 65-07-31

Saturday, July 31, 1965

Transcript in Progress – Problem Audio – Partial
Thorsten Baer got this far. He is German and not sure about capitalization so did not use...

Question-and-Answer, Daily Life, Buddha Nature, zen, reality, Balance, Happiness,...
Jul 31 1965

Saturday Evening Lecture

Serial: SF-05117A

Tape VIII (?) Side 1 Sat eve lecture (1 - 60); Side 2 Sat eve lecture (1-15?)

Question-and-Answer, Daily Life, Buddha Nature, Happiness, Balance, Bell, Evil, Hate...
Jul 31 1965

OLD - Do You Have Some Questions?

Serial: 65-07-30-D

Sesshin Lecture
Thursday, July 30, 1965, 6 PM, Lecture D
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Transmission, Emotions, training, Happiness, Truth,...
Jul 30 1965

Do You Have Some Questions?

Serial: SF-05107A

Tape 7 Summer 1965 Sesshin: Side 1 Friday evening lecture (transcribed) [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Transmission, training, Emotions, Buddha Nature,...
Jul 30 1965

OLD - Some More Questions

Serial: 65-07-29-C

Sesshin, Lecture C
Thursday, July 29, 1965, 6:30 PM
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Emotions, Buddha Nature, Passions, Happiness, Religion...
Jul 29 1965