Remarks at the Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

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These are Suzuki Roshi's words, edited together out of longer recording of ceremony.


Suzuki (speaking formally): On this day of the opening of Mahabodhisattva Zendo and main office of Zen Center, we arranged this altar, making offering of fruits and vegetables which were produced in this land of Mahabodhisattva, reciting sutra of Daihi-shin Dharani, the Sutra of the Great Compassionate One.

With this merit, we want to express our way-seeking mind with our deceased friend Trudy Dixon, Baiho Sesshin [1 word], and Zenkei Dosaku Koji, Soto Sanjo, and Chester F. Carlson, and all those who helped our activity by the spirit of Buddha or by various kinds of offering.

Hereby, we want to practice bodhisattva way step by step, so that our practice of step by step was paying back the mercy of Buddha and great bodhisattvas in India, China, and Japan.

Hereby, now, I have one statement which has been in my mind for more than ten years: Even on top of the mountain of great merit, we should try not --

[Tape recorder stopped!]

[Text below added from audio later on the same tape.]

the sea of the spirit of great mercy is deep. We should not ignore a single drop of her? teaching [He screams]. [Bell]

[chanting of dedication]

[Some Japanese words]... zen center for you Kaku Daitz???, Trudy Dixon, Sanjo Sato, and Chester Carlson and all the people who helped spiritually and materially making offering, giving us encouragement, and also ancestors of member of Sokoji, and those ancestors of those who attained this meaningful ceremony, and ancestors of all our members, we want to continue through their acts our Buddha way which all those persons...