Pinch Hitter

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Tuesday, November 25, 1969

Evening Lecture
City Center, San Francisco

[Katagiri spoke before Suzuki. SR portion starts at 42:52.

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Source: Original City Center tape transcribed by Diana Bartle (10/23/00) and checked by Bill Redican (10/23/00).

1Earlier, Katagiri referred to himself as a “pinch hitter” for Suzuki until the latter arrived.

File name: 69-11-25: pinch hitter (titled by pf) (Verbatim)


SR: I am very happy to be with you. I am rather tired, and pinch hitter (1) hit a home run [laughs, laughter]. So maybe at the end of the ninth inning [laughs, laughter]. So game was called [1-2 words unclear], and we won. So [laughs, laughter] I am sorry I have no chance to, you know, to play for this evening.

I think it is almost one year since I caught Hong Kong or Asian flu. Right now, in spite of heavy work, I feel very good. So I think I am almost all right if I have a cup of water when I give you lecture [laughter]. I think I'm quite all right.

But, as I said, we won the game, so [laughs] only thing we should do is go home and go to your bed and have a nice sleep [laughs, laughter].

Thank you very much. [Laughter.]