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in the
handsome see includes
everyone likes fish
which are called weeks a night understanding house
man and nature
is he
it is necessary to hands
the sorrows and tools and to continue
ha praxis
have cards through seats
some sentences
the beginning this and dangerous so i practice since the onset
the beginning that sense
home last nine
and the fire ever knew com
how many see it
continue fanatics that is
he a fast states
that state
in the fire
for entering
that doesn't have
just it's it's not ha
the states
farm and
emptied my father's akin kids wants one
hey democrats though
police are constance in tempting squid it's so to oversee since we did so yeah right
a forum may maybe we are fun
fall is emptiness some song
he is directed towards emptiness which is present to ah emptiness or indictment
existence or that state to so as a bizarre
the man next man needs emptiness is form nice it's more advanced me mods this cat
to understand and to accept
wow is employees
are instances fun emptiness and stuff
which is easy
you do
to have direction
and star our practice
towards empty
some exam song is going to his office
tensions that it is
because i have some of the next
here comes off
it's it's more
discount as long as we have to accept this is
that's the emptiness is form is more maybe more discount and the song and confidence it's necessary
because i e
emptiness is fun
when he said anything is it's far
whatever it is c
everything is emptiness a and are not only able to do everything
not the something good but also everything
that is more difficult to accept it
not for you there
a people like costs there's something good with that a smooth path
there's something for to retire track
and then something to be careful

the issue for us
come on paper around the states
and this you
stuck here
how i'm thinking
it is rather difficult to accept it
you know
that is bad
three experience with have everything that
but when you can say
emptiness in fact
you have stronger constants in practice
but accelerates
you can do it
yeah yeah
practicing not night now san francis convincing counting in practice just don't come down for is sad song
and you may say
it looks like very easy to actually i'm it is difficult but
this is a fire it is so different
one instance
her most of
yeah everything else
yeah you have something some
down with right at all
and it is difference my to forget to our it
havens are that is not be a problem
the new disease by new yeah
you cannot help but to sync up
know that you have the sky experience
some something you to be very angry but someone else is doing
but that isn't that pakistan is the ear disease
but if you
spend your valuable time
the to think about some see clicks is nothing to do receive maybe something with a reason you are not directly
you can not say today
nothing can happen without
some of these days it this crazy but may have something to do is you bad
i even though you think it doesn't tempt a thought
you cannot tell someone
as their activities related to
three kids
he has a right
ah as a division about it is almost impossible to have him
but and but
who knew them know by we don't want to fly will them with you saw discount
the fact setting a bad
don't you have this kind of experience
it is very soft time and

that is on
the words
that is that yeah the words it doesn't really say word are good and impacts
he was are the item of now
but the india
give me but if new can only
practice counting the easier with practice completed zero
after you
you can stop being worried about
you can stop you can
cut off so he races
i'm not sure i'm wrong of years and see you wait somewhere
so i think to be ever to count for a while to the thing
it's very fortunate
so is view
when you cough from land to to do
and the
are you can do thin
it bout of like environments
and then is that counts by to sleep
and that you can come to your results
in a a mistake means near practice is complete
the stage you can do it online or by it's a states
emptiness it's fun
it's small advanced states
then the first stage
you can come to new basic i must count
tell we have to cover
but the human make and the state
when you lose your country
it means that do you have some gap the from in continuity
he have practice so that means you have gap
saw some worry we're not usually come to you in the settlements i guess
something the time you got your county
salt and come over
through the gate
he will finally
he's done know when that's my new d
the even scientists own great in here
he's had this ladies the the mods or states
that do you have decks and how do you have been excellent practice visions or practice islam perfect
he said during a practice that some gap

certainly ever to come
while to ten means
hey not
it means words i mean the site
the file county for i want to ten
i s

then panesar
plans are the best away
so this free for them
various computers
fits you made the easy interrupted
i think
callback through the city lights
you have many things to think
how you were dancing just because you have to the say
but because time
yeah not able to
stopped thinking about
the most of the thinking with gods
the activist most of the activity you think is not
because it is necessary but the gods
you can nuts
you are not everything
stop the doing
and there's many things he with the isn't too
but the most people are doing something
this isn't too
but to be able to stop doing it and be everton
wastes are in as
thinking that fact doing
he is very important
when you are ever to do it
he means that your wisdom is up your mind is up
and the mind is as clear as a year
may i may be
the mirror is accent
it's an emptiness
so in that me everything
where district
various the minutes were up here in the as it is
so will they say that
emptiness it's faults
on the pier
pretty stamp on mere
everything is the various forms

that's the way to be
i'd live be difficult and but zero francis
more police that taxes
so county breathing exercise may be to exercise for begins and exercise for more advanced students
the salesmen
farm is fun
anything is his entrance
the here
if i put all that
that emptiness is emptiness is
my family's farm is more advanced practice emptiness emptiness meals
where the the practice next to
everything is it's fun
i think so
did not want that hasn't he just do the same time
happy family's farm needs
later i explained in semis i read that
the emptiness is empties needs
kinda phone was
ha it means that for people who practice a lot
that is a states now when we can accept everything equal
as a as emptiness emptiness comes to us
finally i'm guilty
when we stuff think
when we are able to
stop i license central activity
he friendly lab environment in any other places
when you just sitting here
he said thousand i thought
so in that states
that stage is more states you have in your doesn't practice
when when will stop thinking and stopped receiving some particular sinking sun but again think things
that's baby is a continuity of anything empty emptiness emptiness
but for me the farm is the practice but you were
ha ha he me i everyday life war
from it's fun
why do we say emptiness emptiness my farm is found it means that emptiness on ah
from only by the farm on
we don't think about empties finally say
farm is fun
why didn't we say emptiness is emptiness read dancing cover
now we have no idea of fox
he just emptied
health farm is for find them and say form is phone you know

new our everyday life
as farm it's fun
due to be based on doesn't practice even don't you don't avail
easy you have
practice boston practice even though you done of you don't know whether you have
that kind of things are not
that it's fiery car to empties this was his you say i have this kind of found that is not the emptiness anymore but that is already for
even you say i understand
but it's
mts is employees they
that is that emptiness any lot
that is a power you have even though you are not aware
that power is a power
you in the game a player by
everyday practice
by continues
using a sit with you just see
everything at sat in time for ah
one lover
not what you have more and more
our practice
ah fire it is
this guy to do with year fun
does he said states
when you have this kind of power
but thereby you see
the things
eight zero itself
you can see things as a is
so you find see things as it is
it is
when our of
i found is fun
that is how we care plaza
when i tell them it comes to new be
hang on hang on my cat the region
the states dinosaurs
tom it's fun
i find you have this kind of strength
as i said industrial that is that day
but it is don't know for you live
the reviews i with a not
will you ask because he will be
matt well
when to them
and will not do it or not umts as if you know everything
you know master
with that yes
as isn't have some phones but the us
but as soon as it appears his base
the in reality exists
who that thing as soon as it appears with to face
there's nothing with doesn't face
everything with mps
in fantasy like

the time
the santa
cook said this they disappear
they love me
which doesn't
israel doesn't die
the not made switch doesn't fences
so he tapped years
two fta not to appear to base
so we don't know if attitudes elements to take care of things man by well maybe you can do
the naval i think much easy

so you don't write in this year or two be you don't want any answer for out
question is at the same time as i think is that is okay
that we have to think we have took every test environment for it is today
the sydney suit
he's even though
during the next time when you hit
but there's no one
who eat
who prepare food with a mix
use it for a beer needs to run by men
where do you can't know for
the city
so that you count the everything it's so way
this is
ah the way you work
step by step
that is
to for optimization of right
recent seated in israel to find racing as in recent can always depend and means
the free from
and we sit the bus operators are
who's that trying to continental
by doing
things run by band camp


because it is kind of different ah
task for us so we should be able recent a very great even you to come from one to do
that is he now
if you can count from matter if your deeds fan in the bathroom
a great
you can come the back
in this way if you can a and fail
and it's that from great job
you continue to you again for amount of thing and on that

that lasts states
well i think that count and crazy
scientists yeah at our practice just forgets he
last night jack asked to that that destiny
that's a promise or this
emptiness is form and found from my employees with entrance
steve saka deco through saturday ski ski rescue in such goods
anything well in entered the perfect by
the that from a pet
yes that
the but
government a little episode
as an reader
the perfect
open it it
yes it is a poverty that yeah a savage
even for faith
the let that far suffer
the fact that girl
with that the that bob with that that
for me
it will africa
with i said the river
the paper

at that think it is a problem
have you ever that father
a company that

after all right foot my credit for that happen
the hello
the the failure over that
da silva now are it
oh okay
well over there
the fact that
that's it
a magazine
fight for a it
i know that
the world
but i wrote that play
yet another
i have you a paper
in the that other
the santa fe with it
what are you
the fact
they want