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OLD - Each One Of Us Is A Cook

Serial: SF-05386A

70 #5 - Sesshin 2-1-70

Emptiness, Interview, Faith
Feb 01 1970

Become More Direct and Honest

Serial: SF-05276

Protection Master: re-recording from cassette marked "Suzuki Roshi talk with background music: no date, original copied" (Sony C60 side A); recorded: 7 1/2 ips, bias...

Posture, Observe, Instruction, Religion

OLD - If Our Teaching Is A Special Teaching

Serial: SF-05834B

SR-67-09-00-A -2 (continued) (conclusion) [This tape is a continuation of SR-67-09-00-A-1]

Bodhidharma, Karma, training, Religion

OLD - Become More Honest and Direct

Serial: SF-05766

SR-68-00-00-B (complete) - duplicate

Posture, Observe, Evil, Instruction, Zazen

OLD - Become More Direct and Honest

Serial: SF-05413

Copy Master 1 - no date - "Background music" - duplicate

Posture, Observe, Instruction, Faith