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In Mahayana Buddhism, bodhicitta, ("enlightenment-mind" or "the thought of awakening"), is the mind (citta) that is aimed at awakening (bodhi), with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings. Bodhicitta is the defining quality of the Mahayana bodhisattva (a being striving towards Buddhahood) and the act of giving rise to bodhicitta (bodhicittotpāda) is what makes a bodhisattva a bodhisattva. The Daśabhūmika Sūtra explains that the arising of bodhicitta is the first step in the bodhisattva's career.

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Way-Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-05361

Saturday Lecture Of March Sesshin
Saturday, March 28, 1970
San Francisco

Way-Seeking Mind, Sesshin, Monastic Practice, Peace
Mar 28 1970
City Center

Way-Seeking Mind, Part III

Serial: SR-00194

Winter Sesshin, Day 3, Lecture No. 3
Monday, December 1, 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Sesshin, Bodhisattva Vow, Big Mind, difficulty, Vows, heart, Monks...
Dec 01 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Part II

Serial: SR-00266

Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 2
Sunday, November 30, 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Sesshin, Buddha Mind, Don't Know Mind, Big Mind, Intention,...
Nov 30 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Part I

Serial: SR-00267

Winter Sesshin, Lecture No. 1
Saturday, November 29, 1969

Way-Seeking Mind, Sesshin, reality, Faith
Nov 29 1969

In Our Way of Zen, We Emphasize the Way-Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-05101B

Tape 2 Summer Sesshin 1965 Tuesday July 27 - transcribed August 1965 Tape 2 Side 2 Tuesday July 27 6pm lecture Reverend Suzuki [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were...

Sesshin, Bodhisattva, Way-Seeking Mind, Observe, Interview, training, Faith
Jul 27 1965