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Serial: SR-00183

August 1971
San Francisco

Ceremony, Priest, Hate, Passions, Attachment, Describe, Forms
Aug 1971
City Center

Epilogue: Zen Mind

Serial: SR-00263

American practice different from Japanese practice. Enlightenment experience is beyond good and bad, beyond our usual way of thinking. Big mind is always with you, never...

Big Mind, Enlightenment, Passions, Big Mind, Don't Know Mind, Consciousness,...
Nov 16 1969

Some Questions

Lotus Sutra, Time, Ego, Wisdom, Passions, Mindfulness, Buddha Nature, Culture,...
Nov 11 1969

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-7

Serial: SR-00042

Third Lotus Sutra Series
Friday Evening, November 7, 1969
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, Emptiness, Passions, Lotus Sutra, Concentration, Evil, Sutra, Mahayana,...
Nov 07 1969
Series 3, Talk 7

On Zen Center History, Personal History, and Nona Ransom

Serial: SF-05610

Interview of Suzuki Roshi by Peter Schneider

Interview, Transmission, Priest, Hate, Suzuki Roshi, training, Enemies, Passions,...
Sep 16 1969
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Sesshin, Third Night Lecture

Serial: SR-00130

September, 1969

Sesshin, Emptiness, reality, Passions, Intuition, Bell, Forms, American, difficulty...
Sep 1969

Twelve Links of Causation

Serial: SR-00135

Twelve Links Of Causation
Juni-innen (Jap.)
Dvada-aiga-pratatyasamutpada (San.)

English Japanese Sanskrit...

Consciousness, Suffering, causation, Discrimination, Emptiness, Fasting, Passions,...
Aug 23 1969

OLD - Twelve Links of Causation

Serial: SF-05089B

Continuation of previous lecture on 12 links of causation - Aug 23 - both sides - 3 3/4 - on cassette - Dan Gourley #5

causation, Enemies, Passions, Discrimination, Evil, Faith
Aug 23 1969

Some Questions

Serial: SF-05087-A

Roshi's Lectures - 2 of them - Aug 21 Side 2 Q&A session Q1 - explain 12 links of causation, Q - war - striving for a cause - even peace is necessary though futile (on...

Question-and-Answer, causation, Current Events, Passions, Fox, Gratitude, Commitment...
Aug 21 1969

Our Way To Attain Liberation

Serial: SF-05087-B

Monday Evening, August 18, 1969

Story of the Sixth Patriarch. Practice with everyone else at the monastery, without self-centered ideas. Answering...

Sixth Patriarch, Monastic Practice, Japan, Aspects of Practice, Discrimination, Faith...
Aug 18 1969

I have nothing in my mind

Emptiness, Forms, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Freedom, Passions, Interview, Beginners,...
Jul 15 1969

Eulogy For Trudy Dixon Given During Her Funeral Ceremony

Serial: SR-00028

Words from the funeral eulogy for Trudy Dixon. Magnanimous mind

Tassajara, Dogen, Buddha Mind, Buddha Mind, Passions, Compassion
Jul 11 1969

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-4

Serial: SF-05255

Fall 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, Mahayana, Passions, Attachment, Vows
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 4

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05094

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #23, by Shundo David Haye =====

This was the last of the three 5" reels that appeared to be from the summer of 1968, but there...

Shosan, true dharma, Separation, Faith, Emptiness, confusion, Dragons, Ego, Passions...
Sep 10 1968

OLD - Samantabdra Buddha

Serial: SF-05331


Bodhisattva Vow, Offering, Passions, Describe, Vows, Karma, Faith, Ceremony
Jan 12 1968

OLD -Using Various Stones

Serial: SF-05304

SR-67-09-08 (-A-2 - is crossed out) - F-1 (start) continue)

Don't Know Mind, Hate, Ceremony, Passions, Anger
Sep 08 1967

Don't Be Bothered By Your Mind / Science of Philosophy is Like a Dissection

Serial: SF-05104C

Tape 5 Summer sesshin 1965 Thursday July 29th Side 2: 5:45 meditation, 9:00 AM lecture [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Peace, Buddha Nature, Current Events, Bodhidharma, Passions, Instruction,...
Jul 30 1965

OLD - Some More Questions

Serial: 65-07-29-C

Sesshin, Lecture C
Thursday, July 29, 1965, 6:30 PM
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Emotions, Buddha Nature, Passions, Happiness, Religion...
Jul 29 1965

Some More Questions

Serial: SF-05104A

Tape 5 Summer sesshin 1965 Thursday July 29th Side 1 - 6pm lecture; Continues on Side 2 [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Precepts, Emotions, Buddha Nature, Passions, training,...
Jul 29 1965


Serial: SF-05126E

Tape 3 Summer Sesshin July 1965 - Wednesday July 28 1965 Tape 3 side 2 Wed July 28th 6pm lecture - transcribed; copied June 30 1973; SR001

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Four Noble Truths, Emotions, Faith, Passions, Delusion...
Jul 28 1965

OLD - About Rules

Serial: SF-05126B

Tape 3 Summer Sesshin July 1965 - Wednesday July 28 1965 Tape 3 Side 1, copied June 30 1973; SR001

Sesshin, Instruction, Passions
Jul 28 1965

OLD - About Rules

Serial: SF-05260C

Tape #1 Summer Sesshin Wed July 28 1965; side 1: 9am instruction, lunch instruction: SR001

Jul 28 1965

OLD -Zendo Instructions, Rules and Lunch Instruction

Serial: SF-05901A

Tape #1 7/28/65 9am lecture instruction (copy) SR001

Discrimination, Emptiness, Passions, Evil, confusion, Faith
Jul 28 1965