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Serial: SR-00115

Initial speaker in Japanese - Tatsugami? Translated by Katagiri? Three speakers listed for this date.

War, New Year, Wisdom, Zoom, Obstacles, Zazen, Religion, Community, Evil, zen...
Feb 20 1971

Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Serial: SF-05995

This is the bulk of the ceremony, with speakers other than Suzuki Roshi, in Japanese and English

training, Gratitude, Zoom, Ceremony, Obstacles, Observe, Silence, Enemies, Evil,...
Apr 25 1970
City Center

How To Have Sincere Practice

Serial: SR-00145

Suzuki Roshi edited from longer recording.

Building, Community, Meditation, Zendo, Obstacles, Interview, Silence, Breath,...
Apr 25 1970
City Center

OLD - 1969.09.16-serial.00036

Serial: SR-00036

This is a part of "Why I came to America" talk from same date.

Sep 16 1969

Shikantaza, Tenryu's One Finger

Serial: SR-00236

Sesshin Lecture
Saturday, October 12, 1968
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Gutei, Yakusan, Community, Pain, sitting, Monks, Obstacles, Instruction,...
Oct 12 1968

If You Have A Question

Serial: SF-05105B

Tape 6 Friday July 30 Side 1: 1pm lecture (continued on side 2) - transcribed

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Buddha Nature, Religion, Peace, Obstacles, confusion,...
Jul 30 1965