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Compassion is a social feeling that motivates people to go out of their way to relieve the physical, mental, or emotional pains of others and themselves. Compassion is sensitivity to the emotional aspects of the suffering of others. When based on notions such as fairness, justice, and interdependence, it may be considered partially rational in nature.

Compassion involves "feeling for another" and is a precursor to empathy, the "feeling as another" capacity (as opposed to sympathy, the "feeling towards another"). In common parlance, active compassion is the desire to alleviate another's suffering.

Compassion involves allowing ourselves to be moved by suffering to help alleviate and prevent it. An act of compassion is one that is intended to be helpful. Other virtues that harmonize with compassion include patience, wisdom, kindness, perseverance, warmth, and resolve. It is often, though not inevitably, the key component in altruism. The difference between sympathy and compassion is that the former responds to others' suffering with sorrow and concern whereas the latter responds with warmth and care. An article in Clinical Psychology Review suggests that "compassion consists of three facets: noticing, feeling, and responding".

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Buddha Is Always Here

Serial: SR-00051

Sandokai Lecture III
Monday, June 1, 1970

[The following lines of the Sandokai are discussed in this lecture:

Line 5 Reigen myoni kokettari...

Branching Streams, Sandokai, Emptiness, Buddha Nature, Suffering, Truth, Compassion,...
Jun 01 1970

Each One Of Us Is A Cook

Serial: SR-00258

Afternoon Sesshin Tea Lecture
Sunday, February 1, 1970

Sesshin, Emptiness, Forms, Compassion, Pain
Feb 01 1970

Eulogy For Trudy Dixon Given During Her Funeral Ceremony

Serial: SR-00028

Words from the funeral eulogy for Trudy Dixon. Magnanimous mind

Tassajara, Dogen, Buddha Mind, Buddha Mind, Passions, Compassion
Jul 11 1969

Jumping Off the 100-Foot Pole

Serial: SR-00016

Sunday Lecture
Sunday, April 20, 1969

Buddha Nature, Evil, Priest, Big Mind, Compassion, Continuous, reality
Apr 20 1969

Shosan Ceremony

Shosan, First Principle, Emptiness, Compassion, Lotus Sutra, Patience, sitting,...
Nov 11 1968

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-12

Serial: SR-00004

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. 12
Shunryu Suzuki Lecture

October 1968

Lotus Sutra, First Principle, Suffering, Observe, Compassion, Intention, heart,...
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 12

OLD- Zen Is Also Buddhism

Serial: 67-09-00A

Hidden as we had a misdated reel which corresponds to this audio - SDH

± September, 1967

Zen Mountain Center

Compassion, War, sitting, Concentration, Religion, Meditation, Mahayana, Monks,...
Sep 01 1967

OLD - The Need for Training in Buddhism without Self-Seeking Mind

Serial: 66-12-17-B

Hidden as we had a reel that corresponded to this transcript - SDH

Saturday, December 17, 1966


Sesshin, Dogen, training, Compassion, zen, Patience, Zazen, Instruction, Building,...
Dec 17 1966

OLD - Zen Is Also Buddhism

Serial: SR-00253

Transcript corresponds to 67-09-00A. Photo supports this.

± September, 1967

Zen Mountain Center

Compassion, Mahayana, Community, sitting, Concentration, Meditation, Monks, Forms,...