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True Concentration

Serial: SR-00078

Right Concentration
Sunday, January 10, 1971
San Francisco

Avalokiteshvara, Freedom, Concentration, zen, Commitment, Posture
Jan 10 1971
City Center

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Serial: SR-00069-B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #25, by Shundo David Haye =====

This tape, which is unfortunately very poorly recorded, gives us a sense of the lay ordination...

Precepts, Ceremony, Commitment
Aug 23 1970
City Center

Some Questions

Serial: SF-05087-A

Roshi's Lectures - 2 of them - Aug 21 Side 2 Q&A session Q1 - explain 12 links of causation, Q - war - striving for a cause - even peace is necessary though futile (on...

Question-and-Answer, causation, Current Events, Passions, Fox, Gratitude, Commitment...
Aug 21 1969

Blue Cliff Records-43

Serial: SR-00032

Tozan's hot and cold.

Blue Cliff Record, Emptiness, Pain, Monks, difficulty, Forms, Hate, Commitment,...
Jul 26 1969

Shuso Ceremony

Serial: SF-05143C

SR023 Last 2/3 side 2 Philip's discussion ceremony - copied 2 tapes [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator...

Sesshin, Shuso Ceremony, Big Mind, Bell, Bodhidharma, Gratitude, Buddha Nature,...
Apr 23 1968