What Is The Law?

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(published May 1962, Wind Bell #6)

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Checked by Gordon Geist 1999


File name: 62-05-00: What is the Law ; #no-audio, #approximate-date


One day the World Honored one mounted the pulpit, and the first principle was proclaimed. Manjusri struck the table with a gavel and said, "The Law. Understand the Law. The Royal Law is like this." The World Honored One came down from his seat. If you think what he proclaimed is the Royal Law, that is not right. The Royal Law was there when he was on the pulpit.

"Like this" was as strong as the sound of the gavel. If Manjusri had not struck the gavel, no one could know what was the Royal law. The World Honored One would not have had the chance to come down from his seat. You may say when Manjusri struck the gavel, Buddhism as we practice it began. If the World Honored One were to be always on the dais, no one could mount the dais after him.