Genjo Koan (short fragment)

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This is just the first few sentences of a talk. When the tape resumes, it seems to be a different talk, so these are not edited together.

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From photos: Lectures - Opening Ceremonies Page Street? - Suzuki Roshi lecture little bit - other Japanese lecture [case replaced 12/95. Case notes transcribed verbatim]

Date may not be accurate

David Chadwick's notes

Source: Original City Center tape. Verbatim transcript by Adam Tinkham and Bill Redican (5/10/01).

1 It sounds like the tape was re-recorded, at a later date, from this point onward with a different lecture. That is, the tape for a lecture originally on Genjo Koan Paragraph 2 was later recorded over again with a different lecture. (Or the first part of the “ -- among many instructions” lecture was recorded over with Paragraph 2 of Genjo Koan.)

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The second paragraph [of the Genjo Koan]:

That we move ourselves and understand all things is ignorance. That things advance and understand themselves is enlightenment. It is Buddha who understand ignorance. It is people who are ignorant of ignor- -- enlightenment. Further, there are those who are enlightened about enlightenment, and those who are ignorant of ignorance.