On the First Sesshin

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Certificate given participants in the First Sesshin of Sokoji

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note: Shojin - virya, diligence
transcribed by DC 4-17

File name: 60-02-21: On the First Sesshin From Sesshin Certificate. See: www.cuke.com/Cucumber Project/sr letters/first-sesshin.htm; #no-audio


In the memory of the Buddha's Nirvana Day, we have Sesshin in the Sokoji Meditation Hall.

I did not expect to have Sesshin so soon. It is not one year yet since I came here. I am very grateful to the Zen students who will attend this Sesshin. This Sesshin will be called The First Sesshin of Sokoji.

It is very difficult to keep continuous effort for us, but we must continue it for ever.

May Shojin Prajna Paramita be always with us by the mercy of the Buddha.

Rev. Sunryu Suzuki
Sokoji Temple
San Francsico

February 21, 1960