A Buddha Story

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(published April 1962, Wind Bell #5)

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Checked by Gordon Geist 1999


File name: 62-04-00: A Buddha Story ; #no-audio, #approximate-date


In an old scripture told by Buddha there are four lands, two of which are Hokkuroshu (uttara-kura) and Nanenbudai (jampudipa). In Hokkuroshu the people obtain their food without any farming. In order to cook, they just put a fire-stone under their pan. When they eat, there is always enough food. They are quite innocent. There are no thieves or bandits, no king or law. Life is without hazards.

However, in the land Nanenbudai life has many difficulties, as well as pleasures. Where there is joy there is sorrow, and where there is good there is evil.

In which land would you like to live?

Hokkuroshu is full of gold and jewels, and although you cannot stay in Hokkuroshu forever, you are supposed to live there for one thousand years.

Now then, which land would you prefer?