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Religious Problems Concerning Such As Psychology Or LSD

Serial: SF-05112A

Tape 1 Summer sesshin 1965, Monday 1st day of sesshin (?) July 26th 1965 Tape 1 Side 1: 1pm lecture

#sesshin, Dogen, Time
Jul 26 1965
Suzuki Roshi

The Middle Way

Serial: 65-12-09

Thursday morning lecture
December 9, 1965
Los Altos

#no-audio, Time
Dec 09 1965
Los Altos
Suzuki Roshi


Serial: SF-05093-J

Suzuki lecture 6pm Weds Track 2, continued on Track 3

#sesshin, #improved-audio, Time
Aug 17 1966
Suzuki Roshi

Genjo Koan no 4

Serial: SF-05136

Track 1 17/8 - Suzuki lectures - beginning missed, one or two sentences; beginning: This is the last lecture of sesshin. We have talked of emptiness and form, but have not...

#sesshin, Dogen, Genjokoan, #please-transcribe, Time
Aug 24 1967
Suzuki Roshi

Reflections on the Prajna Paramita Sutra

Serial: SF-05135A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #19, by Shundo David Haye =====

This is the talk that was chosen by the...

#sesshin, #new-audio, Sengai, #awakening-the-archive, Time
Aug 24 1967
Suzuki Roshi

Esalen Institute: First of two lectures

Serial: SF-05870

This is the first of two talks given at Esalen.

#new-audio, Dogen, Time
Jun 28 1968
Suzuki Roshi


Serial: SF-05081

 ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #22, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

In this second tape made by Dan Gourley at Tassajara in the summer of 1968,...

#new-audio, #improved-audio, Beginner’s Mind, First Principle, Time, #approximate-date, #awakening-the-archive
Jul 29 1968
Suzuki Roshi

Stand Up By The Ground

Serial: SF-05209

Protection Master "Suzuki Roshi summer sesshin 1969 2nd night lecture

Sesshin, Second Night Lecture
September, 1969

#not-always-so, #approximate-date, #sesshin, Dogen, Time
Sep 1969
Suzuki Roshi

Some Questions

Lotus Sutra, Time
Nov 11 1969
Suzuki Roshi

Lecture: Reed College, Portland, Oregon

#no-audio, Time
Mar 12 1971
Reed College Portland
Suzuki Roshi