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Protection Master "Suzuki Roshi summer sesshin 1969 2nd night lecture - duplicate

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You Hmm We have been Talking about Discuss and discussing about Reality


How The land and in our everyday life And don't Talked about the reality By using the Japanese or Chinese word Inmo, Inmo means Inmo has too many it is It means like this And also it means question What is that


It is you know it it means Sometime it is question mark and sometime it means Pointing at something We say it In English you say it is hot That it is The same words same meaning when you say it is Nine o'clock or it is half past eight it You use your only time or Weather you know Time or weather is it but not only time or weather


Everything should be it can be it Hmm We are also it but we don't say It instead of it we say you are she or me Why? But actually it means it Hmm So everything is if everything is It you know it is At the same time question mark you know When I say it you know you don't know Exactly what I mean So you may say what is it? Ask It is not it does not mean some definite


Special thing As it does not mean when we talk about time It is not so it does not mean some special Time Meal time or lecture Time we don't know so it is It means also Quick it may be a question mark for everyone If I say it You may say what time is it? You may say so It Why emo me me Has to mean definite Some definite thing is it that the same time it may be a question And this is very important for us to know


Hmm it as always Maybe it has it means always it has two sides of it Hmm It is hot now, but it it is it may be sometime cold Right now it is hot, but it is not always hot Sometime it will be cold Hmm When we say When we talk about time it means some you know


Some special time Hmm But at the same time it means you know some continuous time Time is always Time is continuous thing And at the same time time is some special definite discontinued some sudden hour When we say it is half past eight we point out at some certain time At that time a time means discontinued Discontinuity And But Time by nature it is something continued Continuously


So one word has two sides continuity and discontinuity That is the nature of reality to us So we have been talking about things For Two nights Time of Discontinued some special discontinuous Specialized Being which has form or color You know That is inmo That was inmo


But Doryo Zenjin again talks about our practice in time of something continuous Not special something which is mixed up That's everything If We are not ready to discuss We will not have complete understanding of our teaching As He said those who fell on the ground should Stand up by the ground by the earth


I don't know If Makes some sense to you What do you say? To fell on the ground To fell or Yeah Fall on the ground should stand up By the earth by the ground at that place And he also says If you fall on the ground, you know You You should Stand up


By empty by nothing Actually we actually We stand up by the ground But he said We shouldn't stand up by the ground What does it mean is if you think you know You can stand up by the ground always it will be a big mistake If you rely on ground If you rely on the ground


On ground and Don't mind to Fall on the ground, you know You will fall on the ground Quite easily It's all right. I can stand up by the ground So he said You shouldn't You shouldn't think you can stand up on the ground and by the ground And this point is important, you know, it is like enlightenment If you rely on the enlightenment, you know, and practice dharma It is someone who is easily


Make mistake or fall on the ground relying on The help of the ground Do you understand? It is because of You Do you understand? That's very subtle point To stand up by the ground


Of course we have to stand up by the ground at that time But if you stick to the idea of Help of the ground all the time You know You lose the true Meaning of Fall on the ground You In other words, we should not make same mistake Many many times Even though you make mistake You may think even though you make some mistake, it is all right


We know how to get up That is not what we mean When we say reality Things happen, things does not happen Many times in the same way Even it doesn't happen same way twice But if we say If you fall on the ground, you should stand up by the ground Then you will have this kind of idea Okay, I know how to stand up So it's all right Even though I fall on the ground by mistake


With this kind of prejudice or easy idea If we practice our way, that is wrong practice You decide Each time in lecture, you know Even 100 kalpas of time, you cannot meet with the teaching. That is the truth Truth It exists. Truth is truth Only when you listen to And when you try to repeat what someone said, that is not truth anymore When he said so, it is true. When someone said so, it is true


Because the ground is already has two meaning It is At that time ground But ground can be Can be a stick sometimes Can be a stone sometimes Can be a water sometimes Ground is it. It means everything Not just ground It means that You should renew your way of Practice. Each time you practice, you must have fresh new feeling Which fresh new feeling you should practice our way


Try not to have same experience When your experience of Practice should be always new And should be always it It should not be some definite particular experience So there is nothing to rely on in our practice But on the other hand, there is always Something is provided for you Always According to the circumstances You will have some aid to practice our way


You know, even pain in your legs is help, you know, by the pain you have you Should practice our way The pain is it It is at that time some definite experience or definite trouble or thing But it can be Draziness. It can be a hunger. It can be a hot weather So hot weather or cool weather nice and cool weather or hunger, or mosquito pain in your legs can be Aid of your practice by which you can Stand up, establish your practice


So Not only, you know Buddha's teaching But also everything can be aid of practice. So we say Inmo, inmoji. Inmoji means things And those who practice that end is also inmo-nin. Nin means person Nin, in Japanese, nin person Inmo-nin Someone, someone practicing something. That is reality Even though you are practicing actually right here But in its true sense, you should understand someone practicing something


Or someone doing something, not only practice Someone doing something so If it is so, doing is not necessary Someone and doing and someone and doing and something, it's the same thing Doing, some of which we practice doesn't include everything He cannot be separated from This world And Some action cannot exist without background of whole world Something cannot be special thing from this world. So something, something, something Then, what is that?


That is complete Realization So one thing Everything happens in that way So if you understand stick to the idea of help or experience or enlightenment That is already mistake As I am sort of Sort of I belong to sort of


If I say so, he Denied enlightenment experience Did not so We sort of Students, do not stick to one thing We don't stick to anything we Should have always freedom In Japanese, we say, shusshin no kata Complete freedom, complete freedom of practice, complete freedom Expression, our practice is expression, a vivid Expression of our true nature, my reality


So for us it is not possible to stick to anything So One after another we have to practice our way in Quite a denude Area and quite Refreshed way And our practice should be independent from past practice and future practice We cannot sacrifice our practice for a future attempt Because all the Buddha in past


Attained enlightenment in this way and All the Buddha in future will attain enlightenment in this way In this way means This means not any, I do not Me sort of way, Rinzai way Sometimes sort of way, sometimes Rinzai way, sometimes some other school way According to the circumstances The way we, how we attain enlightenment will be different Someone will attain enlightenment When he Sees some flower or hear some sound Like bamboo


Or someone may attain enlightenment when they take hot bath Yeah There are many kinds of People in Buddha Sangha, there was 12 Disciples Who came from rich family And Bhattabara Bodhisattva who attained enlightenment in hot bath One of the boy who came from very rich family And rich and poor may attain enlightenment In various way in hot bath in rest room And there is no sort of way or Rinzai way, factually


So we say it and that it means And that it means two Two side, it has two side, positive side and negative side In short, what do we mean, you know, we You know, we discuss very abstract way so that Discussion includes various way of practice


But in short, what it means Whatever it is, we should accept and by means of Various things we should practice our way And there's no other way to attain enlightenment So Hmm


Hmm Do you have some question? It may be not that difficult to make question, you know Hmm Because, you know, it is like to catch fish by net We talk something, you know, in this way so that you cannot escape from it It's like to catch a fish by net But that's right, you know, if you have some question Doesn't mean much, but You escape from the net Okay You or Buddha


Whenever I make effort, it seems to come from some sense of I Maybe some pride or some very strong sense of self Could you tell us about effortless effort? Effortless effort Effortless effort means The effort Knowing that There's no I or no Ground You know And then Something which is going with everything is effortless effort The effort you make is not your effort Because there is no I or you, you know


What is that effort? That effort is The effort Comes out from Hmm From your mother body Of Whole being You know That you Stand up Means that everyone stand up And everyone feel very good when you stand up And when you When you attain enlightenment Everyone attains enlightenment With it So If the practice does not include everyone It is not true practice we say


It is tainted practice By the idea of Self And you may have this kind of Ahh When you feel guilty, you know When you feel guilty After you did something You feel Selfish Hmm But before you feel selfish You didn't feel Anything But after After you Did something


You start to feel bad So when you did it It was alright But after you did it And when you think about it The way you think about it Was not Is not right Do you understand? When you did it You were not selfish But when you think about it You Became already selfish You expect Something to be good So don't think too much About what you did Okay If you think too much


About what you did It is Most of the time it is Maybe Conscientious thing But Hmm It is sometimes Hmm Very selfish Idea is involved in it So one after another You should continue your practice Without thinking Without being involved in So much selfish Idea Or realistic idea Okay You You