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Suzuki Roshi Lecture Part 1


71-06-22 | Tatsugami chanting ekos

Auto-Generated Transcript

ledger to have it
he said let the lake fish i think
the bread is term
kirkpatrick to me
ha when you brought this it is to not lazy but to passive
the will have it is pretty good deal to wait and to
that they want to do it quite the letter for me to do
pretty good in much better than to change it to avoid being wounded
the new patient is pretty good but the
no there must be something new
don't do
with get then
mean just the instead of day just the patient just wake

instead of waiting
for the chance
turbo something it's better to record it

the moment after moment a real work faithfully
i need
yeah through day for we back
but usually are waiting
i feel road to change your away
why should you make too much choice take too much choice you have no time to deep on this work
pretty soon as they would be alert as i as i am not bear
more than changing our by your way right
when you're trying to take direct

you think you're helping maybe i am a wife or your husband andy
my back jay
it isn't that some
he fair in april die you make best efforts to the ah to have good family name may appear may be know we don't and but the
even though you fair

to help your family
yeah helping akshay many paper and i'll do in ah here it's so good hey hi time she it for pay good way
you gave
yeah friends are you a neighbor that kind of brom fading actually that that's how you i help paper

fruits happens in that the bay

i have
ah in many students
sorry bay and helping on-demand still it and it looks like i can not help via a desktop my student
no i don't look from object
go ahead of both to the reins to help
and i stop tested he needs through says

and if you aren't they let me do some
i can do it
the most fun i agree i know about our our way through theresa
i haven't to make an appointment
probably has very difficult time to add it into my appointment
well i us not the fat they weren't to do j
whatever you do you know if you don't
when you a warm hat sensei then it blew that i can help you i am helping the rest of the best children

don't know why we will call her
so when we have the want their land their roofs in kallis from
dial bendis
the payments from when you bear
ha ha ha whatever they weren't maybe in yesterday
ah rice with salsa doesn't it doesn't care it's just j
i bet on
and she doesn't love what kids three
oh their own is doing something
kids busy

he's helping others always

as for the being involved in
martha salsa is the west
good or bad throw a week
what sound bad sign
that is actually a practice in did anyway when new sick
why doubt
any idea of discrimination
test sick
they knew a hero and now your practice include everything and knew i hadn't been a
the paper

a nap countries but ah
yeah well this painting ah
in this way you practice setting and in this way you know ah
but you should do
so if you were in a bodhisattva mind is not strong enough
and i am
he will you may think i'm not doing something where i'm going to you better to s to bitter ah instead of doing this better to the some so s
but time know your basic in mind or body the her mind is based on then you do not discriminate
so to see things with this is at the mind and say things just discriminating eye
the big difference
so to say things as it is if we want to see things as it is you must have good practice and good
strong bodies at our mind
and later accept
no surrounding as ah it is
when prosperity or and vast it you know
should act you should make your life
maybe as a ship or weights
ah in as a selling boat
ha crossing the ocean
i provide a the is know they inhabit them more have to run it zero and but

that some of them master i think it was a moment
type web pro waves and drive waves for our waves and bribe wax
he means when he said so
we have
i know joe
in ah in managing things driving way rival waves