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Lecture June 1971 Part II - duplicate

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71-06-22 - middle and end of talk, some Q&A


That's a difficult thing, actually, but you make your life difficult because of your glasses, because you create many ideas, and because you have too much choice. When you have too much choice, even though you think you have good, you made a very good choice, but it doesn't help so much. It's better to do your best in your adversity,


or it's better to spend your time, whether you like it or don't like it, in some kind of situation which you may not like. And experience you have through that kind of situation is pure experience. Something you feel you did, something good, may not be so good, but something which you did anyway, whether you like it or not,


because you have to do it, I did it, you did it. When you say so, maybe what you did will be very good, and your experience will become, will be with you and helping you as a part of your breath. But think about this point, you know. If you are sincere, if you are very sincere student,


but most people want to do it because you like it, that is, I don't think that is good way. If you like Zen Center too much, you should go. If you don't like it, stay here. But anyway you have freedom, so you may not stay. That is trouble we have in America. But actually it is very much so. So my way of encouraging people is little bit different, you know. That is why my people say, you know, my students say,


the more you grow up, the more I become difficult. You know, I must be always difficult with you. It is very difficult for me to be difficult with you, but I am trying to be difficult with you. I think that is the best way to help you, you know. I think you have the point, you know, I want to say. Do we have some more time?


Do we have some questions? Please speak slowly. Sorry. I understand you say this, whatever you want to do, or whatever you feel that you should do or want to do, you should do it now or work on it now. Does that mean that say that there is some situation in your life that you want to change, they should change it now or they should work on changing your mind to change it? Change? Are you saying that you should work on what your situation is now?


Yes. Uh-huh. Whatever the situation may be, you know, at that moment you should work on it. That is, after all, you know, in one word, that is the point. But as it is not so easy thing, you know, so I am talking about many situations you may have with your surroundings, you know. So that kind of things makes my talk longer, made my talk longer. But in short, you should, you know, be always with people


and you should make best effort on each moment in the situation you are without being discouraged or without being arrogant, you know, without having much discrimination, you know. Like you sit, you know, anywhere. Okay. That is the point. And what is your point of the question? Well, the question is, let us say, you have a feeling that something is wrong for you, without saying, you know, you are in school and you feel, I should not be in school.


Uh-huh. Yeah. Or I am in a particular job and no, this is not the right job. Uh-huh. Yeah. So you are feeling that you should try to work with that job or with that school situation and see what you can do with that. Uh-huh. Yeah. I see. Yeah, and that is, you know, after all that will be better, you know, better than changing your job. But if you have to change, you know, like someone said, you know, let's wait, you know, you may say to yourself, let's wait until I can, you know, live with good reason or situation makes you live, you know. Maybe even though you try, you know, your best to improve the situation, you know,


they may, you know, urge you to leave, maybe. So at that time, the best way for you or only way for you may be to leave. But we must make best effort always. Always. So if you stick too much about your idea, you know, you will lose the point. You may be happy with them to give you some reason to leave. Ha, ha, ha, ha! So you are, little bit, you know, you have more freedom than they have. The idea of holding others.


Idea of? Yeah, for me sometimes it's a problem because although I think about that, sometimes when I actually look, it doesn't actually feel that that's actually what I'm doing. I guess it's like realizing that my ego is there all the time, and to say that I'm trying to help others gets to sound silly to me, and it gets to sound like a lie, that's not actually what I'm doing. Yeah. Looks like a lie. Yes. So it seems to me sometimes that actually the way to help others is to forget all about helping others, in a way.


To forget about it. It seems like vanity. Vanity, yeah. Yeah.