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Lecture June 1971 Part II - duplicate


71-06-22 - middle and end of talk, some Q&A

Auto-Generated Transcript

but you make your and
like this cat
because up here but new glasses
by because of because you create
and many ideas
picasso have toilet choice
hello have too much choice
i was folk your and had more happy good mermaid
combined with chase
but the data tab so much

it's better to barua best in at the birthday
ah it's better term
ta spend your day
hooray like on and down drag
there's some kind of centrism
what do you mean not tattooed men at drake
expires you have sorrow that kind of you know my situation is very experience
okay you did something good
may not be so good
the thousand for june and bed anyway even
whether you like it or not the granting habitat that i did it
i ever did it if family say sir mervyn effective date will be very good
i'm no at their experiments were
become more be i was you and
helping you
as a part of here
a brat

the think about despite to you
if you are sincere give you a bay

still it
the most people want to reboot because your racket
that is
i don't forget it
right away
like that said that to my tuition to go
about bragging stay here
but to the nra you have freedoms nomad split event treble
no happy nomadic
my back sam and his bandmates up
some a herb and of paper is another were definite know

since i just spray her my people say you know
a student say no you well
the i become discuss
no i must be ordered to go to get sick
but it's barbara get around jumping pecker to we do
i am a time
don't know this guy since
i think that is the best way to help you

i thank you you have
the pound
no i want to
have such a boy have some good time
when i have some christian

transport sorry
reps and you say this
whatever you want to do or with however you feel that we shouldn't do i wanted to do it now i work on it not fun
that mean
let and seven some situation in your life the let of change they should change it now are they should you work on changing you're wanting to change it
change you
are you saying that were on what you want it on whether your situation has now
ha that worked on what i like your situation
whatever the situation may be in either born with the a shaped work on it
it's at power in a young man right said pizza paint
but the average it's not scientists say in a
i'm talking about
many that such as and more may have
your surrounding
so it's up kind of thing as max my don't about dog
mad my dog dog but insert when i said

hey or eight maths paper and they should make best topic i it's moment
doesn't th a newer
well that being discouraged but at the bank
yeah hence
where to having went discrimination
they gonna sit in a way
that is the paint
and february
pat on that question
well the question
is let us say you have a feeling that something is wrong or you saying and know you're in school and ill and i shouldn't be fine
hmm or i'm a know is right
oh you're feeling that you should try to work with that job or with that school situation and see what in the that hell
yeah and that lead singer
the our that to be a better
with as are changing here
a jap
but prefer have to change in the next summer said hello
it's weight in we may say to yourself estimate and i can you know
it's going to jason and it makes sarah deep you know
will the hundreds or you tie your best to improve the situation
ah me in ads you to an ape maybe
so a have that time for best way for you on the way for you maybe today
but we must make both for do it
stick to much about their i be in reality roads that point

you will be happy with them don't give me if somebody isn't thirteen
so learn whether or not
you have more freedom than they had

yeah yeah not many other
yeah for the sometimes is a problem
although i think about that and i actually looked

when i play and casually what i'm doing fine
i guess fight realizing that my you it
they're all that i'm happy
they say it a and i'm kind of other it sounds silly
never mind
worksop on i know back to my question right
are you going i think that problems in time guess so it seems sometimes that actually were not whether to forget all about helping a web
don't forget about
the government as you like vanity