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Lecture June 1971 Part II - duplicate


71-06-22 - middle and end of talk, some Q&A

Auto-Generated Transcript

anyway other side that
the he means when he said so
we have
i know yo
you are in managing things driving away
tribal waves following ribs and driving waves

automatic not much at idea the radio waves
and it so negative or surpass it in to follow just to follow
harrowing but driving
what i do that for
when you're completely right
yeah i thought i'll do that kind of activity road appear you're going to be you are on

that kind of
what skill
comes from there does a practice rates nights split


i a most most of you have well my dear
in about freedom
i froze are there
family thinks he will say for you don't work things as they are it's not
what i mean that just
yeah let's not saying things are there
no have some as fisher process
and so then are things are you are saying things
can't eat bass and hats different versus so ah i have a problem you will net
so them are you have to
to manage
how i couldn't
i'm more you will be getting countries
you got the stick to your on
in eyes
we are on your understanding and
hello he was silly things over that grasses think if the i
the picture you have it things as it there then
no matter a everyone will agree
that's what do you see and do you have to every day with some of that passes
potatoes even you can nap agree you know
i because will have on your glasses
under the you can not i agree
sometime in the us should take off your grasses oh
but i knew these glasses
are they a teacher i i must have different so excuse me i us to band is maybe if i do say it spread
the in derives but kind of grasses you were when you can use it everyday
rather knowing that your he will have special grasses as a student as a teacher as they're obsessed as a rock engine
it is first become very difficult

saffron know how will this understanding menace good bye to desert humbleness
soft mind
ah a clear understanding
ha ha some time chef

ah better way would i like bamboo name it through his japanese like from
the solomon said in
payment i came to make
that is japanese
new airpods bambara basic
i couldn't figure out but what he meant that his children his bumper balzac who anyway
most people know it's really a japanese like a bundle
actually got ten minutes japanese policy it's very expensive
that and thirteen when
now that the japanese bamboo policy
but far bundle is learn something very expensive
banco pass the bar has
my a good niche if you want to cut it into
mgp in i fear before you cut the a it spread them to
you know
you know compete for
exactly spent in prague
and you know ah the bumper is
maybe ah saddle cheat know
has spread in just an acre spread just theroux
from the both to the
it don't go into to me know as a friend
can be spread split so say
that it
a major job
if you have
that kind of for

does say
first of there
home or it isn't a federal you can spread title to
as analysing
they can't title to
stand amazed or
they don't have
they don't have time to cut sides hits can i check ah buried the precepts
the tackled in to me and found there is a problem is are gone
what kind of
activity or wisdom up here
when they find no can say anything besides eight days while we're trying to say
when new south that program was out trying to solve the problem
how you can do that it's just to sit

there were a famous
the scanner
after the study the men it sinks
he had a minute six
when i had nine says yet
don't get your dog fatigue had that
topher move have in the best kind of practice and and
it was dumb up was on deserted by a stunning order on time
i so ah
many thousands of books it is you know
no no
and i'm already
because of that thinking share

that kind of panem tell them you your hat
faster while you have to have
why does a timeline the next you must be concentrated on patio do
the diabetes must be based on a private practice scalp that
that's so disgusting acts