OLD - Just Enough Problems

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this is the civil state assessed you
and you came or ready to fire
so you can not give up

so underwear is to stay here
and i feel
hmm i had a very good crap
you may appear to you are
and let it
and but aprons are you ad hoc stare
if you need to stay in now
the storehouse anyway
it'd be good actress
page street oppressed
and they to be sapped
so i have nothing to worry and i don't think you have any runaway about their practice
some of you started session because the you have too many things to serve
ah some of you must i saw it
if you come and sit here maybe your program we're going to be served
but the you know
the program your bridges and it what they about a program it may be something which
it's given to you could the be served anyway
because the birther will not give you
any more than
you can syrup and do you need
what they were deeds but they were program it may be the program you have
it just thin programs
while you
so i think you should trust him in
justin not not too much
and the you know and hate if it isn't a to match do the heads today they had to give you some more programs
just to survive you just to appreciate programs
bourdais ordered giving you something
because if you have nothing to culprits
it may be terrible or knife
as if you are burner
it is like
program words words i would try a good
to sit in the center of for several days without doing anything

but i think you have had where they ah
programs to culprits
in this zelda
well maybe more prominent was die new had in the city
you think it it
is he to the surf problem
in zelda does as an in the city but the actually it isn't that so
you will find out more programs
which you have had
but why you didn't fare so it's you fooled by a sunday
and because of that you couldn't find out that programmers new hat
if you do next
know what kind of program
you have
the result will be terrible
an ex
i liked picked it program it would appear
but it isn't that something
where do i didn't have nothing will happen no proper will happen if you do not have
in originally if you do not have problems because he had problem and you aren't a result came when the we did not expect
so it it's better to find out program was earlier and soon as possible


in our practice
no i need the don't have to worry
what will happen to us
boy that will give you just then a programs
i think that it's a lot or to
the to sit
re soda stood and sit in
facing to the war in as word facing
to a buddha with your back face but front face and but i don't have to say how to express it
you you sit
like this or that there
and trusting him you know if yours make some mistake but a mere say
it means that you imbibe it in some the artistic program in
you have some programmed in does in sense of dirty so good assets
and you should listen to you
but even jerry
if you trust him completely you know there's no need to face the good
the agitated up concrete thrust
your enemies are some programs
hello come through the back lot further in depth front so to expose the back to the buddha means to express that com create trust
when put

and even though you have program
what you you don't need
which you fear do you don't need
ah to match with you feel too much problem property miss
grasping him
you should sit with programs
at the same time
you should be a to refuse it
if it it is too much
but this will not be necessary
there will be no need to refuse it
because lot more
the programs you think
probably him
we'll change into something you need
so you know that if i had a few is forever
i made it would it
so i must keep anyway i must keep this
because i'm not so sure if this is there for over a war with us help you make a bid to keep it
there is it in this way
anyway ah it were career understand
what do that gave airbus
and would i may say if he were jerry don't need it any time prior accepted give it back to me
but if would say so normally i think or maybe with it
the to keep it
there will be some english in this product that that bird kid and they should sit
if you sit
in this way
ah you were fine
ah des programmes as a kind up
barry ever treasures which is indispensable for you
an especially indispensable for then students
so before you sit before you accept
you are sir
as you are
and before you
so ah
before you accept the program you have your possession
you can not sit in it through says
if you fix your mind
trusting him
and sit then
in it there's law ah conclusion our programs anymore
or should do is to wake
ah to patient enough

and wait
aren't there the program will make some sense to you
i'll dare you can appreciate
you are being here and here are being your position
what they write it
that it
how are you practice doesn't
so if you aren't they practice doesn't
there's no need
expect buddha to help you
both eyes or it always helping me
but the usually what we're doing is
the acuity
boy does offer
fun is does
if you
ask help
asked some special help for was fisher person
know it means up
you you and activity
both as offering
asking for someone other states which is not here it
so you are they accusing him you are accusing for do have already a new jersey
to accept treasures new hap
yeah and like a pig you know
when i was in as ah my files i was very poor he raised many pigs
alivia give a pig's a budget our foot
if you are not there
hey read it as wrong as you are there he will not did it expecting me to give more food
sorry nothing in it did very careful and if if you put you know if you move here here kick
i'm the fruit from the budget
i think that is what are doing
does the cause more problems for you
you seek for something
but there's no need for you to seek for anything you have plenty and you have just enough program this is miss failure thing you know he will stay it's that
no we have just enough problem not to matter not to litter
so there's no need to asks something for anybody
there's no need to ask animals help
if you
a patient in you if you are strong enough to accept it
but when you nuts start strong enough to accept them accept program
ah ah strong enough to sip
comedy and pest-free thrusting buddha
yea i said trusting doing that
i are already and give you the hassan
on the way it may be to trust put in the trustee or be why you are here how are you are here
you know
because you are helped
hey you help it's perfect you exist here if it if it is too much in day
if it if if it is thereto you die you are you know they're saving something in
as much as you need just as events as you need
so on the way it
the trust him to trust they are being here
that is true
split up
their master
you you may think them must-haves ours or them must pay is very tough
she looks like very tough you know when you need him to retire
but here's the laptops sorta he just back enough for you wouldn't

actually you don't need your master
if you
daddy if you know how to practice does

it it's already in the last day
ah if you have this kind of understanding
i think if you haven't problem stare if you are
brew up for it
go green apple not brush

but then he to improve
that's a today
the to with as i should really
those stay green
if your fair era
they're green
but you know
even though your fear you're still angry
new one maybe you want to continue this says she wore i think i would sit so sure about the
does day we were to be that day what com
to have
to make
practice meaning for you
how to make our practice many were you be
that now
which via schedule
so i won't do just to sit to
and to be ready
oh got to market
can be ready to be saved
poor thence to that

that is or what i wanted to say
ah this money
so let's
sick more
to have for appreciate and our practice