OLD - Fragment From A Shosan Ceremony

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This fragment is from a shosan ceremony occurring at the end of a fall-winter practice ceremony. In that ceremony students ask the abbot questions and he’s referred to as Docho Roshi. It was found by DC in the middle of audio file 68-02-00-G which was thought to be just a Togen Sumi lecture. It needed to be slowed down (21% seems to be ok) to understand it though the Sumi lecture segments it’s sandwiched between seem normal speed. This is only the first pass. Am seeking ears of others to do a better job. It’s clearly not from February.

Here's the audio [68-02-00-G2] The G2 differentiates it from 68-02-00-G which includes the Togen Sumi sections.


An updated edited and complete version of this is published.

File name: 68-02-00-G: fragment from a shosan ceremony (titled by pf) The audio has Suzuki sandwiched in the middle of a lecture/discussion by visiting priest Togen Sumi and the modified audio has only the Suzuki section and at a reduced speed. Previously titled: Lotus Sūtra Series 1 Speeds up as it goes with other voice at 41:20. This fragment is from a shosan ceremony occurring at the end of a fall-winter practice ceremony. It needed to be slowed down (21% seems to be ok) to understand it though Sumi's lecture seems normal speed.


SR?: Hi.

Student?: Thank you

Student 2: Docho Roshi – At times during this training period I have felt very strong. But the feeling of weakness always returns. What can I do about this feeling of being weak.

SR: Hmm. Hmm. Ah. It is not only you to ??? 32

Very weak. It’s alright for you – you should be very happy to feel weak – with everyone.

Student 2: And… [laughter] I would [laughter] - I would be very happier – or much happier [laughter] – if everyone felt strong.

SR: Oh – oh no. [laughter] When you feel weak and everyone feels strong?

St 2: If we all felt strong together. [

SR: That may be very dangerous situation [

St 2: I am very grateful to you for all the help that you have given me. Thank you very much.

St 3: Docho Roshi. The year that I have lived here at Tassajara has gone by very quickly. But it’s been a very wonderful time for growing up. But the path ahead seems to be a dream or shadows –

SR: Yes. That is very true. We always feel (feared?) 2:15 that we uh started study something (? 2:20 ah – right now. Ah - especially when ah Christmas or New Years Day come – we feel ??? 2:35 We start our practice right now or ah we must start something uh some practice today. We always feel in this way. That is I think – very good. And that is so called it [calleded?] beginner’s mind. We should be always beginners. [pause] First is maybe ??? 3:15 [laughs] Not good enough you may say. That is very true. [cough]

St 3: Docho Roshi. ??? 3:36 I am very grateful to have so many warm companions – traveling – a long way. Now the training period is ending – is there some place we can go in the sun and have a picnic? [laughter]

SR: Yeah. This would be a good idea – to continue – as a continuation of this practice – to have picnic. ??? For this stay warm feeling ??? 4:21 You – I thought – you have very good uh taste (? Of time (? But you have very um good feeling on your finger [laughter]

St 4: Docho Roshi. Seems like very long time trying to push Flag Rock just one inch up with my nose. And it hasn’t budged but that’s alright. [laughter] The tigers that live on the mountain occasionally growl but that’s alright too. [laughter]

SR: Is it ??? 5:35 alright?

St 4: [Thumping sound] I’m just beating on the drum.


St 4: I have to say alright.

SR: Uhuh. Alright! [think that’s SR]

St 4: Uhuh [sounds like that – covered by laughter]

SR: Good. [think that’s SR]

Long pause 5:54 to 7:12

Um – I shouldn’t say what you present - good or bad – but I’m so happy to be here accepting a response to your – uh - warm– feeling and good sincere practice. This kind of practice will continue forever – because – your practice has – a quality – which will - which should be continued. Keep going. Thank you very much.