OLD - The First Teaching

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Auto-Generated Transcript

indicted with to each them years
shri and each stage of kate kendell the first stage she didn't stay you have a night i understand
hey so yeah right we need
no far easier
the day for with them and wisdom and even and she also to a that while
what we say if you
no it's a cause of suffering for egypt either
you know how to attain
perfect and the thanks

who they say you got this at age
eh eyes and be
hey and because a exist
the texas
he got a alive
are you may say actor and she said be
extinct by to the same thing
it it's so true self cause and effect in time span because lot
i arrived here i will die
some because a i the exchange
and because i exist you exist at the same thing
if i don't exist you don't take this
for you if you don't think i just i don't take
he like day we cannot be separated completely from you
physically and speaker
if i say something that use around the sun
some in space-time
spank me gaap trusted
you can be independent so at this stage in his eye
a into to vegas getting getting into the fingers
bad guy and horizontally
we are grossly the date and we are on
the entire building be
that is another interpretation
how we exist and how we suffer

the started to laugh
everything changes
and said message
nothing to be called to set particular
you got to be related completely that injected with each other
ha ha in miami
i did you conclude this
in this fact valleys of or back
that i exit here everything like this
that everything everest means i ever this ship
so i owe everything else is another interpretation of one the added
sighing in the wang language on on on track

so far is maybe ah
in texture understanding of the truth
he got
even dogs
of the understanding his day we know
amanda fun i stick to i guess i
he didn't do as he was invented
how into an absolute see
the exact same true
i'm sorry to say something
honey and finally
a can be had

if you
has this kind of wisdom
you completely understand why we suffer
and how we could get
for free for a second
to know
it's a cause of suffering it's to a day
the way to free from suffer
where to get up and get rid of suffer

the buddha conclude in business then know either way to get after suffering in the planet
how are you ready to get out of suffering is
do you know to have wisdom to know but it's a cause of offseason

the that in your paper
a of far
after the bible
and to have
something to the park
that's it you know there's no
the to sacrifice something
the actor of such a sacrifice something can not to desert know
whereas to the bar six in samantha why
leave leave and kyrsten i'm not
the i might may suffer
now we
where you suffer too
that is true does it serve a cause of cause and effect
as we near offer somebody suffers
how to have to improve ourselves
join a health
and year
some seeds his in fact it canopy we can be set of skills excellent
that cause of
gossip cause and effect is wrong
so on the way to get
free from society is to know their gods are suffering
has to get a disaster
the noise of parties that cause us
so i'm not too
something fixing its course something that is the only way to get out of the sentence
according to the bridges
so we have no milk
going to be deceiving
theresa cause of the
and we certainly
through casa scores are
i we expect science that concept of course of course on their said that the cause to a land or visit
hey go

he's surface features
hey are suffering

i think miss them
i must to express
the teaching now
and for love to this
sorry to the night disease and studied a fuzzy sometimes
i thought it cause of suffering
we the fastest since are teaching of inside stupendous

he's stitching on into defenders is a arising from called deserves causes
everything arrives from the condition and not be
spontaneous or says
have you know separate and independent nature nothing sounds law independent nature

physics i think you are
the entire debate it


there's nothing to do
my other and have become infected