OLD - The Boss of Everything

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Jan 16 1971 one tape - original copied - missing


Jan 16, 71

Auto-Generated Transcript

my son
something valuable
no june
not candy
but something which's bay by up
i usually say it right now
a bus
in sir possible
ah for deeds x journey
know how to you know near seed this kind of you treasure
to have were oriented mind
i have been
talking about serve for may be silly
next chess
what is safe
and what is the surrounding

what kind of seeing the you see
ah how you accept things

papa's and barbosa
the purpose of doesn't why we practice doesn't is to be
to be a bus of
everything that is why you practice session if you practice doesn't you will be and bus of your surroundings wherever you are you are bus
if i says so it will create some misunderstanding
you a bus in you preserve ah hamburger
why everything
new it's in orissa ah in their mind you are boss of everything
when you understand the ins at me
ha you know
and save the bay idea you and in your friend i met andrea
one of them are the people surrounding you
do you ah
you exist in your mind as a kind of idea
pandora so people exists in your mind
as a member of the region
i say a delusion because
when does idea is not the were supported by you practice then that is daisy
when you enslaved by the idea of you or in as us
that is the region
when you know bob practice is supporting
the those idea
at that time
no i say you ah
you who is practicing of our way it's bursts of everything but sobule usf you know
couldn't that is why i will say boo that say you have to control yourself in a container years and
when you know the new have something control you have to control
that it's you know
ah there you they do not dare to you
here in mind as an idea
india digital the bank the idea of you
euro enslaved by the idea of paper sir
you have
confusion between idea of you and idea your plane
that is confused
but when you have no
you support you
ah support you as supporting need in it's through sense not encourage i don't need to anchorage but you
does i there were control the bay you fall practice then you know that the you in his bus some areas
so even are confused mind
no even confused mind will be supported by practice
that is how you know how things in the how ah sound of martha
or various sound
come to your ear
when they are practicing does it even though you practices doesn't you may hear various face sometimes you may have various idea in mind
if your practices good here
it it's supporting not supporting but
it it's you know
the practice of danes
does things for mild outside
it is not actually from outside but there ah
sings you have
not that moment
as that time
you know things you see or you are here is a part of you
you include that akshay your practice owns our include
the things you here images you hack
but you and your practice is strongly now
to obtain it to have it to on it without being a saved by as if you have
your own hands your all night
you know it doesn't create any trouble even though it looks like you
creating programs sometime in this hand and this and were faked not fight
meet drugs reich fighting in pioneer hardly
know something like this it looks like this hand is in fighting with there's a hub
but the you know it is not program for you
they're trying to do something that's our
when you dearly bus
up everything even though it looks like confusion in
it is not contagious
newborns are you look like doing something wrong
some bad think people may say our he's doing something bad
but you know the ah
that it's they understand for you it isn't that bad you are not doing anything bad
it is
you are ah you know you because you owns everything and you manage things as if you have you manage your hands
so it isn't that bad
so you know i don't do
something bad means net
you're now
let yourself
ah be you know what's everything and let everything
as they want to
that is the power practice
than that is quite different from doing something around
and by doing something wrong by by doing something wrong you may suffer but for him there's no suffering he just managing the things needed some way
as your as his arm
so it it's a part of practice your hat
you do in everyday type
the precepts are size should be observed in this way in
you do you observe precepts
the gods not because you have to follow as words but because
ah to extend to have through practice in our everyday
to center yourself on yourself
that said of
include everything

sometime i always say you have to extend a practice on every day type is to be involved in completely in barberton your activity
what to be one weeds
what do you do what the or what they do
that is how you extend our practice
in your everyday life
but that isn't that the not so clear
then you may ask you
to be caught by baseball
is maybe a practice
the we projected is some
as gambling
or something merely practice
you may say
but that is not the practice
do you know why
why is that isn't not practice
because you and stay with by
yeah not brasov you know ah gambling
gambling is bizarre video with the
you are practice isn't that the vikings
yeah is david buy something for you create in their mind
in not
marcin is just coin
but without thinking reserved very anything
but your mind back sunday
i'll do you create some of the region and am i see
a with you're gaining i did you pray for ah spec as
speculate as pechora to you idea
mix my seeds and gambling debts are
so you as with bay or sir
goodbye my center
you are not practicing as an avatar
yeah not bus stop you do not on damascene
you do not on your eggs saw
you know as soon as you get that your legs wants to go to dinner
you're done on your next david
there's no practice
whit support your legs
that is a difference
sir toby when with something to the know
does that mean to be caught by something
why are you caught by something it's you become a member of something new in their idea
you create already create some law ah something interesting in your mind
and as a member in the group you know
ah become
well as a as a logistic in your fears some do
to be a member of
to be a member are anti group you have in your mind
indira israel debate
and you have nothing but
something with you create the new mind
does not practice know nothing which is supporting you
you on that bus
and you even do the us said
that is a difference
so with i will say you have to practice doesn't without any gaining weight again

without any purpose it even we have to practice session
read things work
as it as they go
a supporting everything in as or on

so you have all reds a near you have
their practice hats
hats orientation it has orientation or direction
but date has no purpose or know are gaining id
because of we do not practice doesn't because you because of something which adds in a widget it in in your mind
but because you know
take your dear you
where are the it and in and always extending it sir

it has some direction new direction
with wax or it's ah
and that's the same time inside too
it it has some know
or is i'm feeling or objections
that direction does not work does not the will not be rewrites will not happen
ha to
to be active
but a friend something guy
at at the same time it include everything

so whatever it is it due to work on it whereas i did good or bad it doesn't map
something bad can okay
you are a part of me something good come here
no it it usa usa oh okay
we do not have any special ah
god or special object a purpose or practice
it doesn't matter for her
put thereby deeds
the big that is why we call it big mind because it include include everything so we call it big mind it is not the
because it is great we do not say ah
i'm big my whatever it is it the include within us and we all on it
so be corrupt big mike
purpose of this purpose or we say tank this tank tank this tank
nevins or even though i talk something there's no purpose
i'm talking to myself cheap
because you're a part of me
so i have no purpose of

i have no purpose in my talk
something is going nuts are
how it guards it's enough ah because ah
because up to ah near a joy
to share and joy are in a practice

so maybe you practice
practice to share
a practice with everything
so when one is productive doesn't everything practicing desert
i knew is setting everything you have you know
is practicing as a broader practice doesn't
bodhidharma practice thousand and everything practice says and will do
a new shares and practice with everything
so you know
it happens in that way idea they happens in that way
dear ah bodhisattva away happens in that way

that is how you help us
help as us to help process needs to his shares or practice with paper
what's tutoring you know
ah in on the street we have to share some practice
events are they do not practice doesn't like this where it can share the practice
because if i see people in people is already here
and i i practiced southern with with him with the sound of the car was everything
so to have were oriented mind is in
if you if someone asked me why you practice session
i mean it has a to have were oriented mind i practice session
where is that any purpose we practice session with without any special purpose
some point is not to rule this kind of you know where oriented mine
in japan
in japan
cheers done in
bodhidharma toy
do you know
paper die made of paper and the
prairie if he would even though you does it it is done that
where oriented the
enjoy that time does sing out
because it's stand up well nearby it cause it to standard practice
it doesn't matter where i'd the gods
that is no good the example by practice
so practice should be wits with everything with errors
without being enslaved bay we should be able to practice shares or practice with everything

that is how you establish yourself in on yourself
and we should know that to surf will say but it include ah everything
it is ready to a cruise everything
and they did not even it it is something pretty good in everything it
near sir
we don't know why i did
easy to say he aids my mind that is already some idea
it is here is sit don't here when you say here here is may cetera
but actuary at that time the service here youtube clip
and they're varies appear to here
where is it the nine lords
the only way is to participate the practice buddha practice and those says
job practice that is in
so called it under oklahoma
easiest and most the you know easy job for practice

the cat