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Tape #1 Summer Sesshin Wed July 28 1965; side 1: 9am instruction, lunch instruction: SR001

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65-07-28-C plus three short segments that do not correspond to any transcript - including oryoki instruction - #new-audio #please-transcribe - same as 05126, 05901


You all practice in America someday, but when you decide to be richer, you have to be very careful. The rules should not be too strict. It should be observed quite easily. And it should be strict enough or loose enough to have authority. Once you decide the rule, it has absolute authority.


Everyone should obey. So, when you decide it, you have to be very careful. There is no exception. If it is too strict, you will fail. And if it is too loose, it will not work. In this way, I think, our tradition was built up in this way. And spirit will be followed. Understanding should be followed. But that understanding, I don't mean the mental understanding or logical understanding.


There must be some good feeling in observing it. Not even feeling, but the understanding should be pure understanding. That is why our monastic life is difficult to establish. It is not a matter of the building. It is a matter of spirit and a matter of the person who can be responsible for that.