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This is a continuation of 71-08-17, 00177



Auto-Generated Transcript

the more you know
i brought to monitor
lamar you be destitute
for fathers'
here in this right in front
you are encouraged to practice
in fact to reveal confused
for fast food for
briggs residencies
are pc
respect plenty of sunlight

great fact sometimes

resin plastics prosper
random its products
happy copper far
present passes
he regretted something parking lot that
simon the
hops last time i could prepared prior to improve your understanding
there listen to our extra
whereby they resent the randy remember five guys since he thought
access to create proper you for one man army
and moreover as system
i don't have the duma right side sir
no any
but have i mean
results in amritsar
and venue
say yes
that's it for free
when you say yes you're accepted practices
and mean that your mind is often
when man man will do everything

i'm the understand
what thirty
what era much to do that bad
reference to her
damn super
with some pizza do versa
bruno said there was a half
brown good
who will benefit the next
with family sarah interested

when someone that grew as very good guy friends
because i tend not to them into sunday



congregation rose
stock and five and astounded well on standing for

ruben guy here
run them to understand you realize
unless you understand cooper that the ground in festival plaza success and you find your understand people
when i understand it
hi even though we're gonna say anything via understand further
well some commenters
luke's or the lab
good man
to keep their distance from to be
will be fabric
i was
that was kind of and

i family with
as bad as they have

i'm really
yeah that is the of your history
we're not patiently
it is impossible to path path powerful than the spend thirteen group about yourself
hey the murphy
the good or bad
and beverage for commuters
huh that you do
who can not going through
when through you
who's spontaneous
hoover's i use their as i have some ah yes
and it's quicker to accept
her practice
really set this up
i'm didn't try to accept us so easily when was something wrong with your practice

resets case in the soup
clean carfax process sinister
the you that
from previous
that's where you said
the map
and we're practically to that friend
because you have to
the driver of behavior
you feel bad
the way i mean
expect something fits
will combat ready to go
i'm not here
hmm i'm from africa i've wrong as the now completely about this kind of to worry about this of well
you can not be present
grew accept remain can not be driving to accept
a bad practice
hi appear as if you do our crime
the through peer group
god damn that
i rather feel better for the melbourne three good
probably thought about it
the through the group i i i must be careful
the incident to the second
a kind of the from census too
scientists to me
i'm not
is he a more maximize favor
not for happy

happy kid
manhattan is map
the time will happen my ethnicity
girls safari stupor and dry driving
maybe to suffer more than people and then are different foods
the the are happy
leaving varies i feel yesterday
add real are those surface
he's back so
movie reply have retired prime in found privacy
hey less happy than the
bella luca
who pride
the will guys the rabbit
dress or can vote on it says

who can spend with that can be fair
handle those are some cards
i didn't think restaurant review i have restaurant in my hat
get it sooner bit
how underframe the try to map to the restaurant
you can
the to to theft
where through know human nature in vain for them
you know that nine fattening the hangar
katherine better sooner
ricky i must be possible to her process
when we you know what is hannah
kathy castor
why do that
i would that kids and about some people when
we've done credit goodness

what is power real feather for fans prefer
that for across to for fast food
have you know you can the brain
apparently for five cents per bag said respir
you can after the super remove the sky

one factor you mean when you say the
i love it
her fame
good question
who for you know
when you know how are you have to
how could i thought this time
that you may understand
how do you have to buy viagra than five people
when grouper

for filtering thirty
how is the third phase
since i'm good to survivor
grew save me through
be profit from the stranded out
the program
brad from this
how could i mean you are like
have you heard it
halftime nine men and to you
who come through country
her and if you don't have no better understand
grow the experience
our remember
when he was about to turn that for
i also have been a crazy
why we say safe you from
where the second
where i'm for program
what is the wrong
hammer the
christian right
can safer
her death of her through a filter
i'm on because
the our the inverted small month
what about big man without nine for the good man
ah the good
but we do you know for a good man
you forgot
the diocese
can ruler practice that
gimme more my with practice
i'm okay with her
but to go to the right
the quite different from
luigi i prefer you will have
but right now my friend
right now you're on the food for the thing
maybe for the first time i used to discover said
run by the practice
redknapp practice there's now
know that
how could we will now for the with man
father was very do for them a friendship yeah
when you learn the bag
the friend the mountain camera he said
what kind of
can't be a series of the bag in the group mouth well crafted with you understand that by you
huh background is perfect
the blue monk
and we'll hear the fact
rove greed for the magic mountain
bag not bad can that be bad for a month
bad news and bad
the how are you
as a friday he probably but come a man that day
who got to have
if lot of problem
happened to you arrive will be very much
the travel
this that
too bad either
the past move that
for me man
however them
that guy with problem is not problem that will soothe her
where do to people
you will accept backdrop
he will understand
we're math have
from thing about
i refer for us
have even a referral for a good man
hamburger or never have used with be best for through
who happened to him
when you have to bad the program
and the we encourage were practicing the and practice to
ha appreciate
the man will be in
huh okay
i'm aggressive
the rather be great




how can live

the game
are you
please said that

when it is
our rep
the again you know
i knew where i would i've as a further said
i found out bracketing that for the into the habit
brand of friends are very soon
i found that recovered by smoking habit
who found that
republic or mercury prize found them from kremlin looking up
the smell he said
hey i found that
when i'm eating apples
good i found that
recapping that from leaving your house
what we we understand
her hearing that way
is good
but the i cannot say go
week two
apple private capital is good faster
where i agree with you
that's the
i'm very lucid know that program that
read my friend that grew that found that
that's a wrap
her brother sarah
who are now
maduro says
when record
that's a bad practice
what i love again
i'm not encouraging military pepper
whistle refined lesson from
i want to your the very for friends listen to maritza
said that is good
where do you have
wake them was to see where is good
but some time out
i just the letters were that you have bad practice no said breathe
whoever about friends more carefully
is it is okay for us to
when the to subscribe via cookies
as many people and the case
the whore and he said we'd be never good at this time he said our kids
a want erupted we were trapped
he cries
with pigs family breaks for them
things are the insects

we have to
well well well
yeah to just to huge
it doesn't make sense
he were could with a rules about that
you can create around right to the theater
you should be
that very robust manner through threat
that that cannot be worth it

for a while

primary paper wrapper regard the
idea of absolute we there was absolute there's no room
the cannot be able
he said rate concluded
you can't live time for said
when understand
grab when we talk about fails as a day by the sciences
that his brother ronald still a reservation
wow finally accept our human nature
and how a i i'm so far the more organized well as a tsunami
well that the rules is for that are human new map for to lose are rather
some jennifer
a couple of death for women here
with to five cents
rapid second
are there is for women be solution of breaking bag
this is a talk that will
like the her back
ross and brand secular happen

the families that are inserted

well that came a browser now
that's just the bombers
nothing but the problem
good gonna
i find the earth the array of viruses that based on ah
as human nature with beverage breath
i've rung level we ran with mediocre
bet everyone needs grand
the right to tell them
blue i do
merlin the we can actually boost
and if we know
i'm not gonna lie i have no pressure
no surprise to thanks
i'll be back with fact i was dancing know i'm not passing by on me or anything just to run the spam bradley's you like you fatty foods as a brief
that is a faint of knife thought
which lead to a up have salmon is driven by at the brand has little room would have to have good factor
have we met
posted by i read through many people
grill restaurant from the group
lewis's like fantasy with we create
her samara from his visit after good for federal funding for our forces from the thing
i said of that
giga have
samsung and fruits we need to practice
the grill so we can we and change he wouldn't be left
sorry i'm thrilled you roof
maybe are spending too much time
when discussing about the outrageous but that still
the i appreciate we for
seven from guru forever
we will try to remain fair to everyone
oh and other hand out or become more and more sleep
because you spent so much better
less fancy
after a fantasy roles in the jacket
you can let
b said
reverence for nature
i make our pieces
hey daddy with their families it be safer with the first preference
he said with grandma binary from
route when i said the food
to ensure the and novels and brooklyn for private family in mexico with rabbit swam he said

the was in that roof
i rarely visit
that's true them
family room
how can i get the with know
productive human nature
i really need
rep further i met
a map
hey very this app pens from the i any that
to let the province but care for five them
the three run to protect
this as a recent study more about
how for i'm from february
ah from new the best manga
that's the kind of his february
good how i don't know fry
you move the nasdaq rose
grandma's to do some good g-eazy brown fantastic
but here are than pizza because you can here for academic ratner

hi baby boomers in math that fact
for you have to have muga understanding of the for compare compare the program
a few months was remember
when when
with a friend about right you have to have to friend
i mean
one roof
when the

of that
you visit rely on your food that
the are you do break through right to colorado
happy for strength lifetime gracing us with referring to the specified
i'm super fast
who can be helped
i'd like to fry not break rules ago
the bathrooms were friends
so through different as a wrong that you have done
well not so good idea
and even though i think of as that you are doing right now is not a good story