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Second part of talk from this date. Duplicate of 00097

Auto-Generated Transcript

looks to the i am the
is ready
while the ginger beer or as students will she
the was right yeah
three i understand
hey look
hey from student is ready
when the mean that
hmm when you're attracted to you
gay nuka break you out i do
you you can tell
breda were a teacher aides
right teacher or not to cover the deadline
a to embed side either via have a decent a manner
he's not
and i can do
forever but he says from factory actually bad
i made thing
what we were parents met concluded with the group responsible
i'm thrilled better as we as humans do
to some extent there must be some balance
that you an for way
it it's like our plan grammar
why my from there for a the understanding is right there i'm right
and i never find a day forever he practices very good or bad
i'm sorry say
you can see
one of the front better
we've found a bug
so are you can not tell by with through up
weekend that their by
where are you can not tell just by exam practice
right by the river
it's rather than practice to a extended roof over their life
rep profile
no no via the my
right right right can see from tibet the roof
she to choose
i'm yeah
understanding that practice
something back recruit
who is a wrap
by your foot
he was necessary to
after a price
this post
for that job
let's just far manage
internet or understanding
even though he knows
he had
meadows about further than the from cannot be further the future
for you
if you want to do the same were kind of visa to that kid
but you are
but you want to practice or where are the battle do about
we can let the prior but


the whole
we're proud

ruben day and i quickly fell back the despite we're not thirty five line in panicking to follow brian through referred by the frog
we say made an upset maybe not saw but the ravens are many people there was a food desert
a bad rap but there's not even for i used to finance the ramparts

who can not
go have fun while
together with without
who prefer to brown family alive
can a group that
is a nap battle
who's can practice practice rabbit by was founded
that is done by
you have but that kind of eyes
yeah teacher
a teacher
planet earth
i know
when factor you i we we're aware
let's see i look at any time
to the power for apple to do not suspend wrong
he not fair to sunlight
the vaccines group even though he had to
matt for cousin for the but with you
your situation or practicing zone
rigo good said jersey and then that he will help for your practice
said goodbye
okay of factors
this guy be like this i not friend rang the girl
when is the present i couldn't prove for a wonderful movie red sweater
when jamie's the system
he he says
for it's finally for the
very well and were very poor
he was
for he had hoped that
the he rather than that said
so the leather
hmm wouldn't the band
when sunlight
right when he
after a good pedigree
well this matter
but then

the father rather than other
i'm will have read book
when by their from practice
robot work
hey better food the gondola ride jennifer

i'm he began that bad
ever for hearing about this matter
rather for available
but he see what style river
i'm fine
and for a pet
to see who can in through the right
super the senate
ran through the known for i better but the where he felt prepared to die through less fruit
the girl from my file a bug
too bad
i prefer to them for you america
about kevin said
some time i
spetses it stand

letter to spread yourself
too bad for everyone safe
burbank or the when north of town for kind the habit for its
the man really us
about further than we have to practice
the and have the repent
have faith by practice for baby
pretty well i have infested for the
well now that the muslim group have so came from
but he didn't
i am i pressed to the mega well
i i've said
to them perhaps you know
i'm fine he said have
the through find that
luther rice i look back on her back by he couldn't pronounce
i said
this for this device it is
less often
when my mother
something's cooking
well let men for a fact
to have to a busy
my friend for better grew back brooklyn
what if we look very simple
i'm way through him
were very simple
right that's the right
couldn't have to the brain
whether either
but evident acrobatic well blue bombers the time
you kind the habit
there must
ooh or japan

why would have been kind of a random
right after world war two
let's get nothing at started family then spent just from from primal than the there
lets them
i'm their funding
looking like prefer again
that is
where were you
police are built with may by that started with kind of
much rather remote path
if we i waited for my if your account for over a brutal way by both up
but that doesn't happen for everyone
never have the flu
well not real world people
the program for bed for my people
we cannot do without the bank and there's no need for a little fire to run rampant i'm not
gotta do for the federal federal bank
you don't on the phone by bed
well crafted by right
i'm blue to fill a fab
gets the credit medicine
i after you and the spam by the when i left eye in practice day
the tennessee or program is back
a man by practice or grade grade teacher
how can that i was
right then

the river
ratan well my cooper left
we're a practice will really like this
the political was it doesn't include the best are visible
with senator was identified the phone with the list due to the rest on tired and visitors at versa
that time it occurs to me when math kind of
good funny
ruth either be a parent's right back
well recently to do i can understand
why do you can map the finding a male group know you
have a from

well we will work with river wear rubber roof was well rewarded
roofing roof a loaf of friend
why does the route file rulebook
rangpur the liver you a took revenge right reversible
references to bluff
do not have failed
hell forever regret leaving value me read peter
republic my faithful
would it be have all the good ratings are that kind of
when ray be the plain simple
but i've ever had with they filled with
i'm back by early correct
the for me
for bedroom
that is the difference between to google and then with
read good some bad breath i need to do the very fact we we need how about for you
need been backfire
records on her side of backfired
who could
with a rapper who could propel
when bring it
what about me sector without peter family
but rarely know
what through you
you are very kind of hat
bathroom or brother or their than repeat agree with that of for concluding
happy i told is
matthew factory five cooper
who completed by peter f
roger that permadeath of for me
reference boots
wow manga like river
men are good people with by poverty and think about it practice for about read
regard to laugh but you can read it
but broccoli
we have now
hey my friend with my you can very cool
when man
by vanilla with that other back
group together with can listen to them
rocket boots
ah american and buddha
rupay for every referral fee for our rabbit
for who got to the mountains that the people that the evening that bridge africa
cooking or mobile oliver
when you frame your mind you can found a mirror
everything you put it on the mirror
people are gonna love you made with think of night
pretty the living back in and blue should be ready for like that
you cannot be fulfilled
rebecca nathan
who the popular rural
versatile are than arriba
hey you are
where would i have been better
oh their sober
fair either
what would be respect for
i read a poem
it for our company
ready for the recruiting a mountain and river
where were
the federal perfect photo
but you may or do we expected to talk about for people of michael oliver mcgraw pepper
i would fit
i no more than nine hundred year
barbara he further on the river for
when a camper for a couple
we'll never find many people talking about be flew have major
why mainly the company grew deeper
what i mean thirsty for both of you can you say
because you make of
but maybe us hope with a robust growth by the to
we will suit
well with mover
oh the
what are you here
i'm bright blue
be free from prior to the prefer
ha but i am walk up the phone
oof website
maybe right fit for for real
when you if all the to the roomba had to flip through the vulgar will have you prefer
really working

what the rule of paper and
well welcome
miles of river africa
our good
but even with
i moved them from rule out
babu work
paper would it know what kind of effort to run nigger
have another for
when monday we have left people
bakersfield he built an escape for are you like a bespoke
when this may beat effort
to establish
yeah man
who am i felt that it
the weapons or google
whenever you getting will probably be of
her mother the actual
happy berber about red panda bro
very very math and verbal grew up on
i have an awful i do
hungary that this kind of confidence route turn up on the style type of the february
we will you understand of would be the only
i beg you to be black pepper
a road
who can not album
on on a proper to the
a have
the return matilda rivers are you think you are you are inside of the but we're not
i'm sorry
i'll reveal
the brand very happy for gradually with
gravity will i will be blue
for for your son preference for a would
where i can
i'm love to be a movie
what's it without fail for wizards fan of you will agree with you
i'm some or will accept for rvs bad or
i'll be understand our start well the booth
you talk about moving in forgot that
i know
what else do it
practice practice in fact
for as i love to have friends stupid
i'm happy to stay here
putin group of ventura our favorite foods
but i'm very well of vanessa
i hadn't heard of them
louisville where we played by example
he but that kind of through the festival to happen right

when have that luck remover
that looks absolutely
will the traffic
the rebel capital coffee or a good
good we with the usual gary
private to be
great i'm practice
you then have to do i find the for a pretty radical rude by herself
who been through that
breathe i were to five
where are the ruler very group
bad breath
dr people to provide the somebody to come in
ruben yourself
who's friend

i think a roof
a big advantage to your practice
because i do
when i was still running
my mazda was very strong path
i pay back
as i love
who am
raven great
i could there anything i liked i could say anything i want to say i pay by they fail the program okay with you
god's stair method of birth
are we
i do anything wrong my my is scary but read
my liver
what does that and right bear my laptop or phone booth
we master schedule river read
i'm my master exactly but i do
where did that effectively for how do we then have to or for a destiny
her find a man known as far back to the sky
and quite sure about it
her as well loved i say for from better with my hat with was our tenth grade red rabbit
will be the first for that i do for by boots
i'll be by right
i also said
allows it serves through the roof
herve master said be based on
you know
what about this kind of sprint
producer swim through the truth
stay confident
hmm ah
am gonna happen

whether it's you have to remember
the perfect career
the map
grab it through
let me with them
a map


how to improve it
well good

to the further