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Second part of talk from this date.



Auto-Generated Transcript


our teacher looks to where i'm staying
history is ready
i ran into the path or
students will she
t e
spring is right near
cheese are now i understand
hey listen when students is ready
when the mean that
hmm friend you're attracted to you
brand new high for a year ready
yeah you can tell
breda raw data
right teacher or know the details and your done that
a room bedroom grounds either via or them are a
like egypt
and i've ever been to
forever but he fell from but the actually bad
bruce i made thing
should we were balance map confronted with a festival for our country better as we are human blue but to some extent
grandma's some better
that have another free
it it's like my friend dahmer
van nuys from there for a the understanding is
when i go wrong
when another phone
whether he practices then grew up
i'm sorry and seven
you can see
really clumsy
roma been better
with a friend of
how are you can not tell by with through rough
again that their by
where are you can not tell just by exam and practice
right fighting for the
it doesn't practice to he extended little groups are going to arrive
rocky birla
no not where than my
right right right to sue them to cultivate the crap
sure to choose
i'm here
understanding that practice
samsung back referred
there is a wrap
via good
with the necessary to
two three
that job
but let's just i
intellectual understanding
hooligans that he knows
we have the marriage about filled with a little cannot be further good egypt
are you
if you want to do the same were kind of into that kids
what do you are
do you want to practice
our the battle do about
weekend not the forever


i was
the boy was found

one day
hi sydney fair in fact that despite
not every day man is continue to follow brand through with the fifth of the frog
vegan vegan said reading that saw but the were even there are many people manner there was a two thousand ah
well but there's no reason for i used the final the example
go have fun while
together with because
do you prefer to burn planet
i've been a good that
but a map battle
who can practice practice rabbits with understanding
ratan dhan dhanbad
we you have that that kind of eyes
a teacher

a teacher
climate with
good way
had to leave the factory will live
they see i look at any time
refuse to grow
prepare for out into the red sox fan
we're gonna not to the summer
that means good pizza even though he had magnets
one cousin for good but we you
you're a citizen or practices down a row
the guy suggested and then that he can repair your breakfast you are
that's right
okay easier packets
can be
why do
i'm not paying rent the bird
when knew some cousin by
getting through were random for with red greatly
when chinese a good system
he he should measure it's finally to for the better but row and were very poor
while the ah
he was
for he had with elder brother
the he read than that said
well he never
hmm prevent the band on
when sunlight
right when he
a good editor
a matter

the father rather than other
i'm you have read that or by are impacted by
herbert work
hey video game will emerge jennifer
i'm he began met by a pebble
for hearing about it with matter
rather for available but he was here i saw favor
i'm far
i'm from perth
to he came in through the game right
super the summer
brand through the game for a better but we were super referred to that she through her friend
silver flower bug
too bad
there to them that you are negative
tell them
through time i the planet
those expenses it's spent

related to pay
too bad for your soup
then it'll be a mass of time for of the habit profit
the man living with us
about further than could have to practice
ambivalence and have to repent
have this
by practice that baby
the do are everywhere i have been effect for the reply
the black red no such the master
the have fair game for
but he didn't
i am i pressed through the river bed
i've i've said
russo to tell
have you know
i'm friendly said path
we go through fan that
a little rice
i look back on her back where he put them well as
i said
this for this about
well it is
less often
when my mother
the three cooking
brick breakfast
well left menu for a fact
he to really busy
definitely for back who've accepted
for the way it was a very simple
i'm ray through him were very simple read that right
but he couldn't have to prime
whether either
that evident the but are a the time
we're going to happen
when master
whoever her
china or japan

why would have been

right to
let's get getting fairly family when than death row from grammer the there
i'm that i mean
ricky let prefer again
that day
we were there
police said were built in mind that ran forever with but
pretty much brother plymouth have
yeah i waited in line with your accountant do a google ray red
but that doesn't
happened for everyone
we've never had the flu
when afraid
road people
the program for bed for my people
he can do ride the bumper and they've learned for you to fire to about grandpa i'm not
encourage you from having with platter
you better than the phone by bed facility where by run
i'm used to signify
get the credit with it
and after you and the i the when i left eye in practice very hot
but this time with them or to be on the back
i found a man by practice or grey grey teacher
how can that i expect
right then

rapid well most people have left
we're practice will
the will be political the little to the gate i recently
with senator to tighten up on the phone with a the and time can listen to that guy router
that time and occurred to me for math good kind of
fifty five
ruth either being a parent by about her
a to i can let on the phone
how do you can map out of finding a may i will let you
a from

well we work with river raft rubber roof like were repeated
the roof a loaf of bread
why the route five
rangpur of the liver you run took revenge wrong reversible
we're happy to bluff
do not have time
hey forever regret leaving value
right peter
that my faithful
would it be that
all the good ratings think about that kind of
when rain a plane temple
but rather than evey
on his back by early correct
the raccoons women
the bedroom
that is the difference between two zero and then with
book some bad rap i need to very fact we really have about for you
need and pepper
we can't fathom a red type of february
very good
were they example who could happen
when britain it
time what about me that the over the cooper family but new he left
when then
good right well and happy
happy brother on their van repeat again the bed of for country them
happy or those a
method for very rough for roofer
who completed by people have
roger that familiar from wow
reference for mountain nonbeliever
a good people to cut poverty and think about it but i feel about read regard laugh but you can read it
but broccoli
we have no
hey that rhymed with my you can very clean even prefer reuven
when will he live
by vanilla river other that
group poker about who can live in over
think boots
ah american oliver
pay for at a very with a fee for our ready
we got to the mountain that the people that the a map
people have melvin oliver
finding frame remind you found right a mirror
whether you put it on the meta will
i ran a viewer made with pink tint of mouth
will the living by human being should be ready for like that
you cannot be fulfilled
rebecca major
we will of rural
the amanda where aviva
hey your
rare would i have been faithful
hey i've been sober
where i will
what would be reserved for
i'd rather pay
what you think the are conference for liverpool brothel a mountain on villa
the bachelor for fifth photo
i do mainly i do we have peppered through pepper paprika people mobile maneuver mcgrath it for
i good fit
rather more than nine hundred year
barrera or further on the river but
can a on the forever
the narrator how many people talking about the flu a major
when really the country for the super
what i'm invested for both of you for you say
because you made something
but maybe with who live a burden read by blue
we will suit
well the louvre

what are you here
i'm bright
you would even prior to the prefer
ah from a walk up the phone
maybe the for my work
view if all the to the roomba have a look through the liverpool
the have you prefer

one photo and
well rapper
merkel river
good but even with thing
a brand of en route
volvo would rob know what kind of effort to run mobile
one that
when he by reaper left people
bakersfield you will them a gift for are you know a bespoke
when this may need ever
the as favorite well
yeah know
my favorite
written by a booby
whenever you again will probably book favor
whenever will be applied
happy for that bred by bro
very fair enough a burglar for support
i been remember
do that with kind of confidence blue planet and the fire fighter the february
we you on the phone though quickly rebuilt and
i beg you to do not open
who can have into
on the proper haircut
matilda even though you're thinking you are right inside of the but runner
i'm say
i'm for real
the time when they happen for and regroup with gravity i'm with me
for right we'll send preference for a road
right how can
i'm live to be a movie
how big the by
with not
i know we're we're it
i'm from or will upset
well we're super
i'm here and a friend or card will be
group talk about living from further
i know
what i did up
president have to be famous stupid
i'm happy to stay here

happy for you
rubio venture out to school
very well as an assistant
i had a brother
another movie that was sent by example
he was that of through the festival to happen right
when you have that much me
that was a completely
no traffic
so you don't have a country or was great
good friend
put the interviewer i am proud to be
oh great
i'm probably
you then have to be confined to for putin r-okla rude by the phone
who are being kinda
is very good
where the euro very good
bad right
dr super to by the spanish
come in
do them yourself

i think
haha be an advantage to reckless
because i do
when i read some random
my must have friends from fact
when i barely ever
as really love
who am
raven will
i could there anything i like i could say anything i want to sell
our pay by they feel rather go with you
guards spare the method
i'll be
i do anything wrong no matter what scary but that
my liver
what is right you're right
bear my laptop or phone booth or faith
we may master will schedule round greg
i'm there my master exactly but i do
where do that effectively but how do we then have to or for fifty
we found a man known as favour
scrabble i'm quite sure about it
the as well never felt unsafe for from better with my hat with was our thing
i've read whatever
who can be for for crap i do right by good
buy by read
also said
i'm alive he said to roof
where mazda subaru very fan
what about this kind of pretty
producer from through the truth
stay confident
man preamble
who's gonna happen
have you try yoga to simba
lucky target
the map
credit through
but meeting with them
a map


improve your friends

welcome to the further