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Second part of talk from this date.

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Why we have learned to be on a problem? Of course, we have problems. Why? Because we cannot accept the reality as it is. We don't know for us. So, something, some division. That is, we say, because of ignorance. If we know the reality as it is, no problem, as we say. But we cannot accept the reality as it is, unfortunately. But, you know, That we cannot accept as it is, is important.


Because of it, human beings exist. Because human beings don't care anything about ourselves, human beings will not exist. Because of our delusion, deluded mind, our attachment, our ignorance, we exist in that way. So ignorance we say, but it is again because we take, we discuss something in some light, in some special standpoint. So ignorance it is. So actually ignorance itself is a part of buddha-nature. So if we, you know, enlighten our ignorance, we are Buddha.


If we are not enlighten our ignorance, we are ignorant, serious ignorant. Hmm? If you enlighten it, you exist as a human being in one way. On the other hand, you exist as many beings. Same thing, you know. We are, you know, we, each being has same body. in one way. But each one has different function and different form.


Rare, of course. But even though each being is different, but it is same. Same being. So ignorance and enlightenment. If you are enlightened, I am ignorant, you are enlightened. If you are ignorant about enlightenment, you are ignorant. So if you really understand how we exist It includes, you know, morality, our practice, our many human culture.


It includes, not as a special culture, but also understanding of human being, of wandering being, of known being, what is right understanding of real human being. But if your understanding is limited, limited understanding, human center, understanding. If we were, if our human culture is a human-centered culture, it doesn't make sense. We will be, human culture, more and more separated from the nature.


That is what is happening to us now. Because our way of thinking, our culture is too much human-centered culture. Our mind doesn't go beyond human culture. Can you see? Yeah, that is an integral Buddhist belief. And no one can deny it. It's deeper to say. It doesn't exist. It's very deeper to say. It does exist in India. But you can, if you want to deny something, It is very difficult.


It is easy to say, I am not enlightened. You say, I have no evil devourer. I have no such evil devourer, as you have for me. Clearly, the prayer in that way, may be, you know, good idea for further reincarnation. Someone may say it is superstition. It is easy. It is not so easy to say that is superstition. You have to prove everything, from every angle, if you want to say that is reincarnation.


But not like this. It is almost impossible to deny something, some idea which we have. So maybe it's better not. And actually, some of you may say that it's superstition. Some of you may say so. But he himself, you know, What exactly, what he does actually is based on that kind of idea. Idea of the mechanism. That is how human nature is going. I may die tomorrow, but I, until I die, I think I am


I will be tomorrow morning. When I go to bed, I think I'm quite sure that I can get up tomorrow morning at five o'clock. I'm quite sure. But we cannot be so sure. You see, we I believe in my future life forever. That is actually what you are doing. So it is more than belief. Actual life we have. Okay?


Thank you. Um, when you told me that... I didn't understand it, when you told me that, you know, that was happening. So, did you keep telling me that? I couldn't see it. I couldn't, I couldn't tell you that. I couldn't tell you that. I didn't have anything. You know? Mm-hmm. Well, I can't see. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Are you proud of that understanding?


Are you very proud of your understanding of God? You must be very proud. But you cannot understand Him. That is a very important point which we must always listen. That point is always listened in our practice. Very important subject. But I have to ignore beat how you are talking.


It is too much to say something. It is, you know, I have practiced it. If we put the emphasis on that kind of You will not stay here, I'm quite sure. More and more, you know, as you understand the Buddhist teaching, our philosophy, more and more you will pay more attention to it. You look close to a spanking fountain, a spanking fountain, and you're bound to earn attention. You've got to be the center of the world. [...]


You've got to be the center of the world. [...] You've got If I had to, it would be that black woman. But over time, because of that, I would always ignore it. Because it's too much. So I think, you know, I think, well, I've heard this stuff off people before. I take care of my own family, my own kids. But if it was up for it to, you know, that woman to come and help me grow up, Upset. Upset. You shouldn't be upset. You should enjoy instead of being upset.


So, you should do it step by step or little by little. That is how you treat me. I'm not so happy. If you take care of my cat, take care of my room, I'll be much happier. If you take care of yourself, I haven't accepted it yet. Let it, let it pass. I don't want to be afraid in my future or present life.


to understand what is the main point, how to be a robot yourself. This is just a little idea. of singularity, would there be any definition of masculinity and femininity and all the variations? Singularity? Yes, what idea? From where from? Where does it come from? You mean? Oriental mind. Oriental mind. Would there be any idea of masculinity or femininity in that? Oriental. Oriental culture very much, as you say, it looks bad.


There are many reasons, you know. It is... there's maybe... there are many reasons. One, I can tell you more about, maybe two important point is, Buddhism, or Indian thought, based on religious life of people who entered religious life after finishing their household work.


That is one reason. And In Mahayana Buddhism, we put more emphasis on how to help people. How to help people. It is easier for us to help others when you are a servant. In Mahayana school, To help others goes first, and to help ourselves is next. Especially Mahayana priests. There are two reasons I can't, you know, directly, I can't count. And there are many more, something like superstition about, you know, background.


which exists forever and there, still exists. Some discrimination about man and woman, or some discrimination about sexual activity, and there are many reasons for it. But there is no reason. I will succeed. A man from, a woman from, a woman from Africa, from Africa. That is, when we When we talk about the teaching from the reality, more distinguished.


But when we talk about our practice, there is some difference. It is actually easier for a man, for a single man, to practice our work, it is easier. And it is much harder for a couple to practice our work. That's all we have to decide to do. No. That is... No, that is... Everything changes, you see, from time to time.


That is why Buddha is called, you know, the teacher of the teachers. He is teacher of heavenly being even though you got a heaven, things change. Change does not change, you know. It doesn't. It is... Not possible to deny. By teaching, things change.


This is not possible. For everything, change is possible. Yes. For everything, change is possible. Change. Yes. That is pretty much so. And that is very important point. That is why we call Dhamma nature, you know, nature. We don't say Dhamma. If we say Dhamma, it looks like something. But it does not change like this, you know. If we say Dhamma nature, because it is nature, it is called, it is nature thing. Why?


I don't think you understand. You are not so free. And that's the matter. The matter is that I want to be free. As you are saying, perhaps it is not possible. If you vote for us, we will have no problem. We will be convinced. You cannot be honest with yourself. If you have feelings, You must raise it.


Someone must raise it. Your country, at least, must raise it. Then we should pay tax. And if you let other people Where is your children? You don't feel good? Do you feel good? You don't feel good? That's it. Okay. I don't feel good. I don't feel good. What's funny? Funny. Funny. For what? About? For what purpose? I don't know. who have children, who have families, who want to get married.


So you have to remember, you know, being prepared for that, if you get married, what you do instead. So it's a single person using the ceiling, so it's a single person house. Perhaps it's maybe they know a monastery and it's a tough limitation for a very restricted situation. But I think the couple use the limited situation of their family life, but restrict them in certain ways, use that as the situation for practice. It looks right, first of all. It looks right, first of all.


Actually, very different. Now, that is actually what we are trying, isn't it? And we are doing pretty well, I think, even though we have problems. And still I think we need something, something like a man, still. And that is not so easy for a single person or a married couple, too. But if you understand our life If you are mature enough, maybe it is possible. May be more. If you are young, you are pretty mature. So I hope you can manage it.


I hope. But still, I see many difficulties. But it is good to have difficulties. And if you don't have any difficulties, it is not fair. Everyone in the world is having difficulties. To exist without difficulty is not fair. We don't feel so good. But I think we are going through to that. And I agree what you say. Well, if you must think, I'm not so married. Maybe it's a stabilizing factor in my life.


Yes. I think so. In the language, it is so. But, you know, still, when you become very idealistic, some of us are very idealistic. Idealistic should stick to similar. And because they feel good. So we shouldn't compare similar to marriage, and we shouldn't say which is better. That is something which we shouldn't discuss so much. We should, if we have good understanding, then we can live together.


Married couple and soon to be wife. Married and soon to be wife. Mercy? Yes? I don't think that a single married woman can exist by themselves. But that one day, you know, it's never going to be perfect, do you think? Never be perfect? How do you think? How do single men and single women live together and be single men and single women? What magic do you have? a cup of honey. I tell you in my magic.


Many people still believe in me. And many people have been doing, have been doing, put it there. You are not to do some magic. And magic is nothing but present practice. If you sit hard enough, you can do it sooner. So present practice is a kind of magic. What is true, I am not single, so I cannot prove it, but many teachers have proved how to remain single, how to be an authentic monk, Buddhist monk.


doesn't practice properly. In the case of there is no magic. When you have, when your foundation, or when your foundation applied is based on individualism, that is not possible. We, you, believe in the oneness of man and woman, and non-duality. Then, what is possible? And how to actualize non-duality in higher physical reality? So, you know, Present practice comes in simple form.


Mayer than you think about it. Yes? When you say something that I don't expect you about, I don't understand who's talking and who's not talking. And I don't even understand who's listening. That is true. But it must be so. It is not you or me who is talking.


And actually we are not talking about anything. That is very true. So, you know, we say Buddha didn't say anything, or 49 years he didn't say anything. It's a timeless speech. He had no time. It looks like he was talking about something. What he said, it was the poem of well-trained Zen master. Me or you, is not, the core does not talk about this kind of, you know, core. Because this kind of core could be discussed when we have no attachment, what I say or what you listen to.


What is actual? Ten feet. Mountain speed. River speed. Insect speed. River speed. Whatever you see, that is river speed. Right understanding of it. Not to have special eyes or ears, to be seen, but it may just be recent. That which exists is not mind, but something which results between a sound, not with a, not with a sound.


That is more true, you see. So actually, I'm talking about what you can understand. I'm not fooling about, fooling around you. I'm talking about some article of truth which I can accept and which you can accept. That's all. Nothing special. But you feel I am talking about something special because your way of thinking is very special. That's all. Oh.