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Second part of talk from this date.

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You are lazy. Why don't you? You are afraid of false. Same thing will happen with you. Even though something is good, you cannot conduce them completely. That is human nature. If you do it little by little, as much as you can, that is the best process. And we will have all the good feelings between us. How we bring about this kind of life? in our human life is to have a strong practice within ourselves, for ourselves, not for others.


Without forcing our way on others. But to practice to force the truth on each one of us, then naturally people follow your example. And they will share, you can share the joy with people. Because, again, because you expect too much, you cannot share your complete freedom. You don't have freedom. Even though you have it, you cannot share with people. to the other day.


I talked about almost the sun-faced Buddha and the moon-faced Buddha. But sometimes we are sick and sometimes we are healthy. But to be sick and to be healthy is our practice. Sometimes we are thirsty and sometimes we are sick. Sometimes it is hot. Sometimes it is cold. When it is cold, you should be cold-blooded. When it is hot, you should be hot food. There is no secret. That's all what is physical.


When it is cold, you should be cold food. When you are sick, you should be sick food. That's all. No secret. You may find out how difficult practice it is to be just simple, to be just pleasant, to be just happy, to be just cold. If it is cold, you may want to go to somewhere it is not so cold. When you are sick, you want to be recovered. Even though you want to be recovered, before time comes,


You cannot recover. So, it is better just to stay in bed. Just to enjoy your life in the hospital. That is much better. When time comes, if your doctor is taking care of yourself, you will recover. Sometimes you may feel so sorry for someone who is in agitation. I have been staying in hospital already one month. But my doctor said, you should stay ten more days. And sometimes I feel


very sorry to leave hospital before someone leave, you know. If possible I want to stay more, but they don't allow me to stay. I'm very sympathetic with them, with my friends, always. Whenever I go to hospital, So, the secret is, when you are sick, you should be sick. That's all. Mercy to you. Then, Buddha will take care of yourself. Wherever you go, you will enjoy your life. And you will be needed.


or wherever you go. If your tendency is to... I don't know what to say. If your tendency is to be too much helpful to someone, others, then Even though you want to help them, they may not like it if it is too much. You should help them as much as they need you. Unless you are not completely from your ego. That is not possible, maybe.


That is the way we help people. That is how you can do it, is because of the true enlightenment. When you know you yourself, you have energy. When you have not much desires, wishes, You have chance to see things as it is.


You have chance to have enlightened eyes. That is your practice actually. So we should know the point of practice, what is practice practice. So practice is something different from usual practice, from usual training. I have some more time to have your question about.


Some questions? Anyway, if you find out the difference, if you have some misunderstanding, about practice. If you find out some misunderstanding about practice, I shall be very happy. If you find out, if you find out that your understanding was wrong about practice, I shall be very happy. I want to correct your misunderstanding.


I just want to clarify, if you're just being and allowing yourself to be where you are, Whatever it is you're lazy, then you're lazy. How can you get it through practice? How can you get it through practice? When you ask that question, already you want to escape from it. Before, We try to escape from it, you know. You should accept your laziness and your foolishness and your agitation. You know.


Okay, I am very lazy now. You know. That is first. Try not to escape from it before you accept it. Okay? If you really think you are lazy, sleeping in bed, you know, oh, oh, I'm so lazy. Same for ten times you should repeat, oh, I'm lazy, lazy, lazy. And get up. That is the way. Usually, when you feel you are self-abased, you may say, get up, get up. you may call up your children, wake up your children and your husband.


You see? But it doesn't work. You should accept yourself to be lazy. If you are lazy, your husband may be lazy, your children may be lazy. You are all lazy. But today... It may work. If you hear, you feel, you just hear. That's worst enemy. You cannot do anything about it. But the hardest enemy, it may help you to have good sleep. And to have good sleep it is necessary to have some, to organize your life.


That is very important. So that, that you can practice too. You have good dragon means you are pretty well organized. Only there are. Absolutely it is. Maybe it is barometer of your, you know, condition. When something is wrong with your, you know, health, it will be very painful. But it is difficult to know what is wrong with yourself. But friends, as Buddha said, if dragon or snake or freakiness come, then fight with it.


If deer or snake or dragon or snake appears, you should sleep. Don't fight with it. It is too late to fight with it. Before it appears, you must do something with it. The problem I have almost is trying to balance and juggle everybody's desires. And I don't feel... I feel sort of incompetent, you know. I don't feel like being too much of an authority.


But all the time, all day long, People tell me what they want, what they don't want. And I don't really get so angry. I try to do what they want as much as possible. But I don't feel like a teacher, you know? I don't know what to do with such a problem. What should I do? I could just put people where I wanted them. What do I do when I hear all day what people want? When they ask you something, mostly they are escaping from their responsibility. So it's possible. Let them think about it.


Let them decide. It's possible. But that is not always possible. It is, you know, so that is good practice anyway. Unless you have strong practice, You yourself, you know, strong practice, you cannot assume your duty. It is... Again, it is matter of your practice. And for students, it is their own problem, not yours. Cannot be yours, original. Something like that happens, means prasara practice is not so good.


They are escaping, trying to escape from their duty, putting the responsibility on that leader. That's not good. Not for evil thing, but we should work on this point. But this happens to all of us. So, that is why we must be, each one of us should have good practice. Ice is coming back. Hmm...


Maybe pretty difficult. No. I think so. The other day someone talked about group practice, you know. But actually we need someone, you know, someone's help. If you do not have anyone to help, you should drink. What kind of book is helpful is some Zen story with commentary, with text. Actual story, not some philosophy, not something like Japanese culture, not something like that. Some actual story. is best. And best story will be the story you have in your everyday life.


That is best cause. Why you cannot work on your everyday life as a great story is? because you understand your own life in your own convenience. Sometimes it is funny stuff, you know. If you write diaries, it is difficult to describe what you have done. On that day, if you write down, you may write down as if you are doing something very good every day.


And you will be ashamed of it. I'm not so good. I was bad. But actually, I cannot write as if I cannot write as I am. If you are able to describe your life exactly as it is, you may be a great teacher. You are surely core. But that is not so easy. If you write something about you, and if your husband read it, Yes. He is not accepting. But still he says, I am right, he is wrong. He doesn't understand me, but it is like so. If he is right about you, so that everyone of your family understand you, then you will be


Great, great game master. That is good practice. To describe yourself as you are, to say something as you are, that is good practice. And if you find it difficult, you should practice, practice alone. Okay? That is good. Thank you very much.