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Second part of talk from this date.



Auto-Generated Transcript

where is he right onto
after the front

will forever
when things will happen with google earth
even though something is with
you can map to can convince them and breathing
that is movement
we you do you arrive
i've left a you can be the best prices
and we will have found that good feeling to be

how we brenda bring about this time of tonight
in a human by in from through
well that with me that
often like forever
where's the region
well when and
to practice through that through on that needs rather that
roger google prenup
yeah example
and then share
we can share jack respect
the gods again because new expect too much you can cannot share your
complete freedom
you don't have to believe them even though you have in leukemic cells group
when they're ready
when i left the room was the fact the sound based with and the moon faced route
sometimes we assets
sometime we are healthy
six and to the harrison is
i have
sometimes the person at sandown
it in half
one can be god
i need you can you should be called good i live it had mercifully hatfill
the my secret
that was to privileges i wouldn't count you simply can't
i you have years
the six
that's all last week them
you mean find brenda
have you picked up but good grief the jepsen
review just crazy
the will just have to just call
he discards may want to go through the central
isn't that circle
hey new ethic
we want to be together
hey linda
one can move the camera
this one time com
we can lead to the summer
better death phone in
he just me in jail
her life for the professor
that match with
when pen pan
we were the thanks they do care if you answered the will cover
hematite move when cell phone for a family
who is in as busy
fabulous thing has that are then the grand month
that my breath i say we should stay then rapid cinema
when thank them and flew very sorry go
the summer i mean
the festival i want to stay mad at
the than than to
i love to go the them
many friends areas whenever i would go to hospital
so the secret please pay me or sick moves simple basic
a massacre
then go down
wherever you go really enjoy my life
how will be needed revenue growth
will be a tendency is for me
but i'm not
losing a tendency is
do we do much helpful through several as well even though you want to help them
them in a writing with you tonight
why should plan to them as much as they needed
and if you're that i'm preparing for a millionaire
that was enough the movie

that is the way
the therapy
that is how read you can do that because of that
true enlightenment
when you know know murtha new have an gnocchi
hey lou have mathematics
where is it
hmm have just too
see things as they is will you have just to have and nathan
what is
passage after

he's a classes
he lasted
my pregnancy mean something different from media francis from for your frame
have some more time to
have your system
ten cents
some christian
hannibal the new kind of like because
maybe you have some misunderstanding
about the practice
you find them
when resent the standard about that francis as i'm very happy
when you find them
what do you find out that more understanding was wrong about prices practice as busy very happy
i want to correct the i misunderstanding
a fine
laser beam and allow yourself to
received zero
whatever is amazing israeli conflict has a master
the fifth and
more hanging ask that question may already be ran to the a k plan
the guitar we try to escape escape from to loses accepts you are lazy and more person
the adaptation
key and they live the math
let me fast
hey lucky escape from before you accept it
new delhi think we'll base
can bet you know
i'm saturday
crow ten times was that around
and good that
let me go
they do random clean there for babies women zone
get up get up
the blue collar to wake up the to them and your husband
but it doesn't run
lucid execs who had saved me lazy we should be ready
husband been living in a global move in we were already
and it's a better
the i was looking very good either

people that grass and
who can not anything to nevada
the strength
the valleys in
you can i help you to path
good sleep
we don't have good three with a megaphone to have some to organize we're right
that was very impressive
so that that weekend
the practice group may have the on me time
pretty well organized
thirty two murders is valid everyone
you can visit
hey friends playing something is wrong with here in paris
he was very easy
when i think we that didn't know that is wrong with you
prevent tenth as good that say the dragon snake of political town than february
dragon snake appears we should sleep
don't fight with it
we did direct and five
avoid that fear
left in the sensitivity

oh so
the biggest from and obama's is trying to bounce the jungle everybody desires
i don't feel jango can do
i i feel some sort of plans impact of
i don't you like to have been too much of that authority and that all the time all day long people tell me what they want quickly back one and i don't really get so angry i i try to give if they want with much faster brendan
i don't feel like a teacher you now
right and allowed to do with such a drama
rowena i i that
instead of remains to be relieved
what i do and i've heard all day will be removed
when when the as new anything mastery
hi there
escaping from the who translated
hey costume the little finger that live then we say
what precedent that jacuzzi a day festival
he saw that the
with practice animals and let you have strong practice
new you i thank you
when practice through random i phone with a needed
again the mother more productive
when has to them
when their own crab you can that be worth
are you
that's something like that happens president family
this is not so good
the ice skating time trying to escape ranveer
and do the picking their responsibilities and mcadoo
what's anyway
as elusive rap
and this effect of this happens
the in progress
he says his family must be roots remeber said so have good friends
ice is that it back
hello needed to detect
i think so
whether there is an to that group classes to by
actually we lose someone
somebody help you do not have anyone to go visit again
what kind of the a airport sang sam winston
what's a member
the best
perhaps yeah studies and that rule
that same recipe
ah something about data was to sensitive nonsense
he was some extra study
it's best
this study where news story you having our everyday lives that the this time

right internet backbone
however there
as i will those is

learn the sun
more on that
hmm your own convenience
is it bad
you can lose that now
have you are right then
we can pick out to describe had to have done on that day
the he was he right down
mad i'd done i live here are doing something very good evidence
and the same the and i'm not so good i bad at that i can look like as with me
yeah i can not right as i am
if you have with favorable describe your name exactly as it is you're ready for a teacher
who you are so do
yeah that's something outside
looking like something about you
the your husband do
when will that's it
at stays i am right here is that he doesn't understand roof
to be upset
right about you
he say that
egemen are the our families understand than
great great master that with good traffic
to describe yourself as you were to say something as app
and he attended the can use the spread that hello
hey that good
how could they want