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Second part of talk from this date.

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It is... it is important to have both sides, or else you will... you cannot survive in each person. You will be easily... you will be easily lost. You spoke a couple of days ago about discontent. And what are the difficulties today? Discontent and what do you think? Discontent. There must be many discontents. I'm confronting various discontents every day. And I am confronting


And my students difficulty too. Actual difficulty and I'm not saying something special. Do you understand? What I mean? Actual difficulty. But actual difficulties, why we have actual difficulties? Lack of understanding of problems. So that is why we feel confused. When we are not in confusion, Difficulty is not difficult because we have some hope.


But when we do not have any hope, when we are very confused, that is really difficult. But when we know why we have difficulty, then it is comparatively Not so bad. The difficulty, why we have difficulty is because we are involved in just one-sided view and do not understand things thoroughly. Poor therapies, one-sided understanding of things, makes us difficult.


Because of one-sided view, I do things. So, naturally, our effort is ending, dead end. We have no freedom. I don't, I don't say... I mean, without trying to figure out what it is, whatever you have in your mind, You shouldn't be curious about it.


What does it mean? I've had a wonderful experience in my desert. I have many images of Buddha in my desert. What does it mean? Where do they come from? That is my desert. Reasons are various snakes, spider, black spider, and that is snake. In that way, if you sit, it means you are sitting in dark room. You see, but you don't see. You are not bothered by it.


That is perceived in the background. Even though you see, you don't see. That is true, actually. Such a dragon or a snake doesn't exist, but it comes. But you think it comes. It is okay to think, to see various images in your body. It's okay. It means that something's wrong with your breathing or something. That is why you see some fantasy. in your practice. But you shouldn't be curious about it.


That is too sick in darkness. It is emptiness. Emptiness of your mind. We talked about this kind of thing from various ways. For instance, prajnaparamita sutra. Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. Emptiness is dark room. And in dark room there is form, various forms. But at the same time it should be empty. which is tentative color or form of this being. It looks like I'm always talking about some philosophy, but philosophy, it is not philosophy.


It is actual practice of each one of us. I'm talking about real practice, not not just philosophy. It may be philosophy, but it should be. But why we think or observe things in that way is because we have experience or actual experience of this kind of philosophy. It is not just talk, but actual experience of our practice.


So it means that you must practice properly, in short. It's right in the spine. Or else you will be lost. you