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Second part of talk from this date.

Auto-Generated Transcript

for this
this is when them through that process price you
you can not
he needs to reflect
where we easily be that will be
easily rest
when you use for
references and read met to be very good coffee
i tried i'm to admit they their countries every day
i'm good
i am
confronted through my students frequently through
actor who fell to and i'm not saying something freezer
ha are you
i can deflect
the doctor because to hire full time we have i said
rebecca understanding of for further
for reading friday
hum phir continue
refined read
but finally i met with confusion
a big guy who isn't as to protect
we have some crap
but friend will do not have any her
then conclude that of the the i do that
when i finally know why you have different
my big guy to pray we had come to regard to we are in bed through death valley of group
from brunette
i'm a fan through credit
ha ha ha
right sided and the family room mates a reply
you guys
because vans i get through are due to remove them
so metro
i refer to and then
we will we had enough to do that
chris back
the pattern i don't say
and vandalism
i mean
i read that
grind to forget but do i feel that you have no mind where you can be curious about
what done through i had ran the red squirrel through
remote that and i i've had many email you for further removed rather park avenue
where do with anthrax
let me do a dragon
hmm reasons or
very smooth
spider black spider
i'm kathy reichs
are you ready
regrettable but he was sick
me were to with that though
received that suit
who i not provided by
happy for second bathroom or even though you to rebound see
whether through actually
inferno to a drag on that
smith desi that was ready
but we will be come
what we were gay group think we'll see they are fools rumor a robin
good their the green that senator ron rivera bleeding or something
records carry you through some fantasy premier impressive
what i the through
curious about
who better to sit through baggage
i'm through a wrap your mind
how we repair federer was kind of frozen but i'm various way i moved by from an apparent the super families and
we are improvements fan
when penises bathroom
i'm back when grey
when radius from
but at the same time should be empty
the fantasy cut off on i thought ah ruth brew

i know books right
i'm not worried talking about from i breastfeed but restful to the president for this act or practice or each of that
i'm begging about good practice

my best to philosophy
how can i be tested and backed the roof that
hey we
think for advancing through that for
from the
well we have like for you after your experience from the pilot
the recipe
the not just
back by bad side of fool i have a traffic
where do that
you must
but couldn't stop
what's right in the spring
hires you do best
the goal