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do you have some do they understand that as what i'm say
that sounds good
who say on the state you're in the third movie
you had you have understood something else
that the year on understanding

what don't ask questions about nothingness
we're here to be
you must surrender and over here for your ask christian about nothingness
maybe i haven't to find that took

some other christian
the third you have to go who
the day and be able to
try out we yeah
yes but both big dark should follow
in to our confidence to try out but actually we're trying out
even though we diarrhea still break in some way
isn't that true
even though we haven't no physical
buddy we're still trying

he's got a buddy says to act
when bad go through
ah my true nature can see correct
we're growing
even though and there's no more us
hear something going on
andrew three

if you nine if you discouraged
buy some something quick may happen to to as it is
lack of understanding of our true nature
if you know dirty what we are we can not discourage
even though you're small my may be discouraged but we're a big mind is still going

so my christian

without doubt
yeah if possible that is better
it is if that is possible
ah beer you have some view on the
now on the track
maybe you can go without doubt
that is why we have various
ah practice
so that you can go
the and on without much difficulty
we have
various and do sunday jars

virginia down until my how do you know
hey gonna crack
your download
are you know for sure you don't when the right thing

hmm it is not the necessary to to be sure
you are not to be dusk
that his way through
we think you will be just when you think he be rust then you have
ah something around with you
no you we may you may have is more mind
okay with a
in the running well what happened the man they may go out and happened to him grow
so i
i think
if our society is supported this kind of vague mind and the speak
we're not have so many
in mentally disturbed people
the way they fear they're they're afraid of being last days you know
they're not fully supported by big mike
they're all raids ah confronting reads his own small mind and some as us
the on mind like ah
his parents i hid but i browse our sister his neighbors they're all really involved in small mind
so he has to confront with small mind always
so he will be ordered discouraged
his mind cannot be so broad and big
and friend he had big brained he appear as a key buzz rust
something wrong with read feel safe with him friend because everyone had small mild him
when everyone has sworn mine and he even so she have make mind
he hears i if he was rust
that is will travel
travel over their society foreheads not support for this scaled-down big mind
why have i was witnessing the wire struggle for justice
and seven strangle their than the sets in office having small my having weaknesses and desires right
i didn't fly it's not too
akshay not we do not have small remain so called it's more wind
do sahara
but to support our service we have floor mind
do you know what actually we're doing inch page that is more mind if you call it small mind but if it doesn't seem to act
going on and on that is actually be mine
so if you lose the background down into small mind which is be mind
then small mind and up
in slot line for you it is actually going but do you don't fear fiercer and you how our orders are afraid of something that happened to you
that is why we suffer
and know my clue which is why was all it's created in first place quit practice size on his creative or this
yeah that is certain kind of crime out small my
the whole process around and watch the central this
why we have the right this can why we are created in that way
it is something
quick is thicker to answer
hit me
my dark jelly it is maria
i know the purpose of buddhism is not the answer that kind of a christian dyker or christianity who created
yeah a christian is something like the who is disposable for
what age
but line is the just participant for that
if you say but sunlight should be responsible for that you should be responsible for that because you change your mind reader with
you for your cab
did the read right understanding
we will be free from that kind of program and neocon an evil enjoys a program
so actually i knew i created
and you are disposable
but we're not
talking about foods responsibility he did
the akshay things is going into the way that is nature buddhism that is a major buddhist teaching he didn't say anything definitely
and he didn't pick up
and as fisher ah chords
when it is impossible to aza when this as when this universe standard
when we are going
i and for quite a they deem it over the universe is that possible
not possible this is important point or so
we've there's somebody me you know
ah if we we think there's somebody with it is not absolute to anymore
because we there's no limit a new bus and things started
beginning this beginning
and going to and as end
that is high
we can believe in
ah this day
new days in the beginning and end like a christian teaching
you can believe in god but you cannot behave in our each each at one of us
we can and
baby in our destiny
that is very important thing
and if buddha ah have answer to that question christian he's not the anymore
he's a buddha
because he didn't
he was great because he didn't answer that kind of christian
that we don't know anything about it is very important point
that we cannot answer for this
it's very important
when you say this is very important it is not
i'm proud that anymore
you can compare
ah to too
some other thing and you can say which is important then this is lot
episode the importantly you cannot depend on that kind of see which has some limit
which some beginning and richard some end
because you know
prelude tennis which has not than know ah
do you mean
we can be leaving isn't as some
this is bearing for the bible had fooling you

he really dairy understand this tier will come out
a gary
no clear
happy to be a buddhist
just now rear this is christian and amazon sat ah you don't have this kind of feeling
but if you struggle
baby now
you know care how important point de sade
hi how are you can try out a way this driver aids you
you are it
buy something
so so you don't know
but as we are human being there must be that kind of a feeling you must live in such the
city or marriage or our community
that is i think bad important

so whatever community it may be
het it's necessary to have
community to chap this kind of
we speak your support

that is fry respect go back in per se
that is a painkiller
kids spotting us we'll be a great says him because he drinks like i drink water
that is minor problem
he trust you completely
if he's already supporting new he needs through says we will not criticized him but bay where he does and he doesn't mind but they were you say
with the painting

this kind of speed is necessary for for human be
reserve clinging to some spitzer you know asian or of practice


i mean you have ten minutes
kick you out there it to me too

some more christian
that's changing
writing whether you noted that i wouldn't miss oh no
when they find it difficult to understand me i iraqi

i'm not gay

it's met didn't lead to have this
the fuck up
i'm they showed pimp tempered so i put the
i made it i am in this to at in when i can not express myself

if i haven't this and i miss that i had
to make barbara communicating
so it may help with that this but
as i'm pretty sure that i must have and depend on this headed a bit

has anyone ever exhibited
i saved them myself

i know by the way i feel i have a zen center it's very important that you to eat with people who are practicing rather do
i've seen eating salmon huh
but i have a lot of time away from them said and
well there's anything else small right well and well i keep trying to remind myself that i'm furnace
i feel very different from them new concepts media
our him
rock community myself outside of them
outside of them are crazy
and but the then you mean that you know what they mean it's
if you are already in city
read that line will say there are some really as group in
then and you think you will feel good
we're and i appear to be good
i think
advertise what i'm saying is if you don't know where they sell them
a view me in the city without knowing their cell towers and the religious group
then and do you think you will be happy
no i agree that
but how do i now
ten record provocative and the yes
get the
that is ray
we are here and do you come here
even though you have difficulties it is i go to come here
and you shouldn't be so impatient
we did it takes time
we're we started the center for recently
let's so long time ago
when it it's that natural for us to have various problem even though we have program the program we have is very important
any problems for
and you will be
that is fry you come here
i don't think we're i can help you i can
help you so much
as much as i can i i shall be with you are
and am i shall be very grab a few carry on this kind of whack
who that's are you
don't think you can because you come here you can sort of new your have bay
good know
everyday life
whether you have a good every day at i pour and that is out of question
we should let be concerned about the too much so much
what we should know what is right and
what kind of right where we must have
that is more important thing for us to long
without too much confidence we must have even though we can not have papers so rare
i'm sorry i can help you but
true that the i can help the you do have the confidence in newer array of right
and if you have ah confidence in your life
new you have
the rest of difficulties you may have a lot so i make program for you

thank you very much