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Second part of talk from this date.

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When you can do it, when you know how to exactly, after learning exactly how to do it, you can do it. You see? But to learn it already, very difficult. Unless you don't use new material, it is almost impossible how to teach you. When you teach how to sew rugs to some other people, maybe paper is much better when you take pattern, when you learn how to measure. By old material, it is not possible. So in some way, your practice is very luxurious.


I feel in that way. You are, you know, children who were born in rich family. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. But that doesn't happen in some poor country. America cannot be always rich. It is not fair. You lose. You do not notice this point. So I am afraid. If you could be a real good Buddhist, I stopped. I'm thinking this point a lot. That is my worry.


So maybe that is the reason why I couldn't support Okesa saw in practice so much before. It is too luxurious practice. Only in Japan, only Heian period and people who were born in noble family could do this. They did it before Kamakura period. But because of that, Buddhists were lost in their practice, because it was too aristocratic practice. Even though you gather old material and spend a lot of time in each stitch,


When you make one stitch, they bow many times and took up the needle and, you know, sew okesa stitch by stitch in that way. That was good practice, they thought. But because of that, Buddhists were lost. How about that? So after that, in Kamakura period, Zen Buddhists Nichiren and Shinran were angry about that kind of luxurious practice and stood up and opened new Buddhist way to city people. That was how new Buddhism arised in Kamakura period, after losing their practice in Heian period.


So sometimes I feel as if we are practicing Heian period practice instead of Kamakura period. So you shouldn't be lost in that kind of practice. You feel very good. You feel you are a very devotional, good student. But that is your feeling. Do you understand? So we must see what we are doing. from various angles, and we must feel the crisis of the world by your skin, then you are not a Buddhist.


To feel resistance to the old culture, I can agree with that. But to be lost from this world is a terrible mistake. Anyway, you are born in this country, and this is your motherland. We should not be lost from this motherland. I'm not a nationalist. I feel terrible, you know, if you are lost from this world. Can?


What is my feeling? I don't understand how it applies to the... to the room about the material. I'm not crunching it out. How it applies to... Maybe, anyway, you are trying your best, and we are trying our best, so something will result. Don't be too idealistic or too luxurious. Okay?