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Second part of talk from this date.



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when you can do it when no out the exact day after landing exactly have done three we can do
who said that to than it already very difficult
and as you don't use new mateo it is almost impossible how to teach you
i'm elena
sunlight brand new teach how to the so luxe for the summers are people
this maybe peppers match the best
for a new stake
a new and have to major
oh met by all my they're just not possible
so is some way your practice is vague after julius i feel that way
we are now
to the through our bomb in get family
whatever you want to do you can do it
but that doesn't happen
root some poor country
america can let be always did
do not fair
you new druids new do not notice this point
so i pray
if you could be there are good goodness
i'm start
i am thinking is frame it up
that is to my right
so maybe
that is
that is diesel
but i couldn't support
okay so sewing with the practice so much different
which is to record julius practice
monday in japan on the hand period
a paper
who are bone in law novel how many conducts they did it
before kamakura period
but because of that buddhist rust in their practice
because it was to aristocratic practice
even though you gather
or mightier on spending
a lot of time we need stick a stitch asked for a new make once to there were many times and to cap the neither and
okay sir
states as it that way that was good practice day thought but because of that is the dust
how brands that
so asked as i you know
we're gonna correct here then them were this nutrients and the cylinder was angry about that and of an our groceries practice and stay that
we're a buddhist way to
city people
that was how new bridges and my arise in kamakura p after a bruising
their practice
in here pdf
so sometime were here as if i hit the
ria to practice
hey i'm and practice
was there that become a good idea
practice so you shouldn't be lost in so that kind of practice
we fears a very good new of here you are a the person good to but that is you are feeling
do you understand
so reinvest see what we're doing for the various and and we must fear the crisis the road
by escape
who then you are not for this
to be lot
to fear the distance to the or character is i can agree with that
but to be addressed
how this disrupt it's terroristic anyway we're a phone you out been in this country
this a to missouri
when you see to be reassured that he trusts from this madam

i let the missouri
i feel terrible you know
with you or if you
from this route

that is my feeling
hello i'm sandra reprise the with
well here it
fresh air
he said
and be
your best
when we're right
best some some some movies that
about the through idealistic
ah refugees