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Initial speaker in Japanese - Tatsugami? Translated by Katagiri? Three speakers listed for this date.


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Auto-Generated Transcript

also right even smoke
no submission
the not of more i
rather all right
oh well
rather than by
rather go on in your life
ha i'm not a lot of was a i thought
what was known of itself was as i was thinking of other got everything nothing
denver more day or night
are you
all the yup
what do i know it's music a lot
well i know i want to say an awesome
while you own a topic night
and not want a a rather than me
that's one on technical data
oh i gave all of my lot
when when them all on other
i love a war love my
all i need
the mine all about that
when you're like oh yeah not way or the mortal combat
why you all get in your shoes and more lng i have already
so was on my
oh yes you know not about islands what do those in other the rather sit down my gullet time
no my your name again night
holiday more by
i will have none with the world
whoa you i not work
you know other radio
they you
lol i went in with you through your around thing
like my gi ninth or now posts that the most important that you will know having a hundred and doing the given the loving of right
i'm a mother is what you with that
regarding the nine though
no mind you know a lot of lie the line
well they might have done my yoga
don't let you drive down the buying the board thumb
no my advice album by don't it does your company or the that
because he arrived with online or some other you are older than my
the laws are made to none but then
magento around the wiki ten
where'd you get going on over to a new day
have you been loving would you be daisy
samantha nice night for to know like
the your walk
big boys not really well
can i do you think
hogan's practice these skin color
organs practices based on
his ball stunning
stand taller
easy as it may be
he's nuts
ah is
are difficult to understand mood
the clintons all santana yellow was what it means what is what scan today is like
how can today's
can tell a meetings
to settle
on the south
in up of then
through one through
with all hot ness
he's funny
scum means through and through or all hunted all heartedness
have that is through yourself move yourself away into practice exam
have means
ah sir
literally meaning ways to beat
this case to be means through to throw away
the is set
this point can continues news begin
his role to throw yourself away into the pop songs as in with all her neck
the says can
in tanzania duncan says
don't think the don't think the idea of good and bad
the ideas of good and or bad
throw away everything
throw way everything and not think of what the ideas of the either ideas
not think
of the ideas of good and bad
if is speaking
scan today is
the absolutely to source tools to leave me name it
and settle on yourself
the dignity of mt
hogan says also
scan toddlers can tolerate is doesn't
king of money
all summer
japanese or ease key some my a smile
does it is the king goes mad
not one of his solid jewels of smile
in is king of the smile
even though there are many is kind of smile
he doesn't based on the of money
is too small to eliminate everything and settle on the south
like a moment
the wise
what does it is not real dirty
have you cannot eliminate
waiting and settle on the south
like big mt
who also
what is
can you somebody is buddhist viewpoint
king of somali is buddha's wisdom with a new the wisdom mobile
who is wasted
buddhist with
what does wisdom means
within a bit or bates
the into the universe in the world universe
have you do that doesn't
what doesn't must be
in the midst of kingdom smile
that time that me as call scan tab
he should check up few other and moment a moment
whether you're dancing is
a fit of tab
or not
you will been in envelope
not a lot among my loving
whitman like a moment of again
what's more only
anything what we get by
forget your don't forget to examine nodes or then
a wise you'll dozen years
always cooked

good as practice codes fast
our practice
who you say
ah practice but
it it's akshay
with as practice
received now at this point
this is the key point up
our practice

i don't know
how many people
what's to practice
as long as their practice
in part of the
it is not
through practice
if we practice
to that practice
it mean that
we are hibernating
ah come
one more
is the dogs or easy
ah but eps come
because up
many batches
things you accumulate
for abs
you are right here
and practicing
and i
that's an army rice
his bypass
said it
that terminology it's here
hi gay
who does practice goes fast
their practice
will be ours
the more you know
what is practice
the greater
your practice
where become
we must be
hey very grateful
the were j
this practice
day by day
a moment after moment
this stat
your practice
thank you

a ginger
grinding halt the war going on a movie
make your new orleans over
it's plenty of olympic move up a plane on a small ones that did that i'm up
when we we conquer
the think are you going on
i'm hanging up up and neither of them are not gonna be going up
congo it's me though
although it's pure delectable
no they they may
got no
but the more people wanted to know
what we want them will be go home beautiful me
one point eight to ten day so the makers that
account galloping look them up and will be too
but without the below them and i go now you owe them or not only turn up
nate was it'll be another when you're right
you play i
do we through jonathan wouldn't go away
a on your alma mater for didn't be rather you will admit
hi angel
let you know that level a pill
hello but i know i did they will be beta
you know who they think
the permitted at all or
what are mama you look up a
more my know what lines you know what math they are not have equal below more mean i'll fight
i thank you two or three other pedal when the were novel on the data
my need to know about the alexander you have been a number though
that are they would i pick a look for a new haven there are a lot of our
nehemiah behind you we over on our way
now that are now because the little lots of not so me a very top of the one make the mining a day these that's not so i decided that me on any other madonna you right
gorilla harambe the gorilla
now me would i further
but i'm i gonna
it gives us a minute the melodic pitiful below me
monkey yeah that's good or for watch out on the internet one but you're right
monkey out for a prolific and already be a rhythm linda but not in that way
a quality maybe getting a criminal familiar name
now where it was on the table i don't want to do i do very good that this data over the point
mimi and like save him we will take too much going on the right xenical it lets them on a them
rather similar to pay you can make up for debate about a lot and would be to make around on bail
they may i don't know i think that go that before long on
when you have any money
a of already i'm doing your notice to because i grew up any
oh is not a problem for labour amendment
one muslim the get it all look like that right now
how did you get the right to go make age that them acting up
you know i've gotten by no one on one with can talk about how about a me that mobile we've got a lot but when he unless you got all me feel people how it can be well i can get ya que me
i had as you know how good your way that i know your lines of the way was a terrible mother written two thousand and five thousand i gave up
i mean i also dig dug the men and women are you targeting my i mother mother going on but can you go moreover we've got some top of tomatoes of the teleport are there are made of are that people will be a lot
now what are you know
nah bruh hidden not a debate on it
where were the kind who was a lot going for money
one a mobile home you must be money
i was i don't know the go calliope
what i'm gonna need and i need your wrote seven day with someone
the way know that
ah already know i will be you a that you know i mean on that who began to funny and he was there are other no we're not like other down but i'm i'm like
the have the uk we're gonna get a manager but he's not you don't know how to be today you can order the we gave it up well get on a day with their with a minute video lock them away from now year's olympic and on
the can inquire was no other than three dozen located on the of people put they thought another hate know
the only going to make are to cover them panel pamela eight
don't wait was when he gonna tell you you're gonna do they would send the doesn't mean are more to okay them of that
look as suicide and and is that good seven up there in the name of not to me
i sort don't keep it in europe and a competitive and women the window opens
i say montana
the one new a not on national all weekend and on national holiday
it all maiden name was up and then there was plenty of you signify your day
yours on the amount of the they stop they were i'm of in africa or mamma day was that you when you join hung up making up
manila based on when you go you know the when he may i point them we need all of it would mean i decided to the new and old either user multiple of moving eight seven had been near me and for the one of the mini easily carry the load up the road to be back in lot then day was need to go
so cool is that ever thought any wonder what have you think you want to pay to congress now you can we make men being that well the world and ninety nine hundred and then that alone you not all of your living under the novel would be writing that are going to them online in the meta
now unless wonder what we people the only went on with people unlikable the or matters or on this model and your mana
then name of any a big role model and thank of the women around infinite yeah
how do we like when i read the online with other data we thought how could enlist the help of remain on the lot unless it's another the idea unless it was a gardener or in lake erie no joy cons reflecting up
sawyer or the key
the i know isn't the with a melee it up the not come to a jog and month
the online an emerald will get the thing than rough
now then gather your one day remember war may i ask you go up
but the
they have been cited voice me
the and you know want them on my you on that
we play golf when you have a minute you are the night
that it
is your attorney a stop at the property remember
i don't you might feel that
she's always people make people feel that me going forward to feel market forest and i
and i so didn't have any glowing years and milk and i got a
yeah thank you still might be on the clock belonging games on no well then we're going on
and vanilla little them in a jaw muscles overnight and he was gay or not as skilled in calling
yeah i described as if we can be my people pay for
but you know a day you know about a little puppy mobile the new for a for you know
all night you are this or and not like
and let's go a war
his name was whisky you know you rulebook a lot single soil and all those years rather than that
problems you know they won't get you are intent on i thought you are you're not familiar with our weather
is more going on doesn't know not looking at it was all more wedding the what
all they ever again to do because they doing it since i felt over the day and will though avoid getting you know for more for this season
man you got the know i call no use him up
yeah since of but he's got
before you with older than up gay again do you let up it somewhere rather than the world today you know i am you with the others may realize you're not to one that's good advice for well they you know i am in i mean that you have a my oh
none to ten you do the usa who are in and like do we stop nothing but i want to use the data
your whole war the more than ever name again policy need that they cannot i call me she saw it come on visa my favorite
not on the common law firm and waking up and mean that
that's a federal holiday they both this is all i know first is all our people aditya
volume of a great but all all scary game you are so you don't want that i mean way that you know this that doesn't a profoundly profound have to worry about that now on a big the practically all the pit bull
we develop was i gave you the union other not that you have a lot going slower pace i thought david to see that school
the own will not happen at are waging my knowing enough update and they wanted to sign of asia at me a favor
no more everyone was on monday
more snow the the up
gonna philosophical to have do to message to go
three the math even how a lot of i think it's own know whether the you know the you don't pay well i'm anita decorum are already that nine nightmare
well that's all you're hungry the negative up they had merely can i who come up and up
hello i'm not putting a pick who was indicted like a super now movement of my school are okay the of running an item
now you know that that i'm not southern months
i know have been able to give us for that movie may really go to the clinic on the avenue of under the to grow up with in brazil they get the government a lot for me i grew up
rainbow the like i'm in them that i'd send them a on it who gave it that
but open and ready to l very much gathered from you ever come up to five
what are you know what to rebuild with neurology in ohio river valley the lawsuit
a lot has was route to me through may pay may as the room au dp i'm not even real or not even ahead and khamenei movement movement running a thing
there is no you really analyzing a hot we are not even tell us about the other have entered i'm on you
you know what we haven't been a lot now you know and i'm so through joe mama yeah i don't think i know where for the i know that
yeah and then you may not be you know never met at night
hi honey bee i'll do a great oh yeah i think of it
obama day early letting a lot so i use the not all about was raised where you're coming you know
i'm not available
we hope to have a little going with the not endorse that in the name
none that zero chronicle started and later
there's another the of them on up with obama
none of the you fill up the whole how haven't got one hundred and three when i get away so it's know that in you lot
you wouldn't want to get idea
whereas with the cabinet none of be in around the arena
but of course eliminated with them on which i still going to go through throughout and then we'll i have been no
i don't know how dare you tell me i don't know how them was the medical examiner think that the why
if fill up a tub you look as well i knew very well i have been a failure
it's not gonna you know
hollywood i didn't make the wilma don't engage your and who i knew the enable having for you have you by they day come about neo pets are in there will ever be used for any domain you rather not for the women are many more know a lot in a day to me i'm eating yummy to eat it's not the way
they made in ending of attitude
knowing in any event authority or the line in the military or go through a tunnel under virginia as well then i'm going in your adorable
now you tonight
now there was the name within the none of that name
ha drunk
hello goodbye the within it was through shaking up the any of the london with it and i've when i don't let you served as what they're doing video your that
they had me
if they will do all of a drop of entering and i got to look that may help them you know i think only one i've undergone that what they and i'm going to have anything better than that
they united even using that the hospital and with today
three hundred number one hundred number why they have no no
well not to run home rather not other means
yeah all three are you know what they know they will listen up and up the women will say a human i up enough
can get enough a private
not unlike say me
during the sake of doing someone one ban amendment was going to war high have failed with does your husband and i didn't have a didn't view oh wait for me and i live on me and stuff
nagoya what about the correct oil food at all but the right knowingly and about the about that will be my they came time to move in india
have all experienced due to a but mama was the for money
he google
pneumonia other filler neck
none that radio again you can of no putting no paper we need them are a
he adores them may or may not have done it
i'm media
now our a like the very to
well stop with that the possible or in
that coincidence

ha that's again in a zingy
visited arch guam she gazed room at night
ah without any notice in advance
and i asked again
the same question of to one scared and g
that question was in
what should i do but should i do
when delhi's nobody
ah i am about to compete ways
but that time but again then zingy
i said
come cuddle
literal meaning the futile talk
ah plainly speaking it means
in that booty and then you wanted to tell his disciples to one scale
what the humbling handling what the humbling you walk you are walking
the other words
what are you grumbling not
you haven't yet you haven't yet understood
the answer to your the to the question with you you asked you have as you had asked
i don't take ah
ah don't take west time to concentrate at things
then the last you put together then she said i have nothing more to say to you
the i have nothing more to say to you means
a few eyes open
it is not to that
you can't stand the you can understand her the question would you had
which he had asked
what you want to dig guan ski dingy didn't understand was it is
and if
ah monkey
ah concentrate on
as something like a ball
the life he is
going on
without any room
our to be inserted
in to anything
the life he is constantly
a going on without cease without ceasing
arch coins k asked the same our question or but again dingy
the for he had attained enlightenment
after he attained a nice to meet
there is nothing but the the presence of just the same question to before and after he attained
he has mentioned before the
the question are pushing is what should i do
when the least nobody are with fool
he was i i am i am about to compete with compete
yonder was simply speaking the what should i do in the men want the absolute
ha was asked the same things before and after
and brittany and says i have nothing more to say to you
it means
the question subways
to make you to make a skate and g scared to go on ski
are going around alarmed repeatedly

in the same place
as if
a monkey a monkey concentrate concentrating on rolling something like go more
to have a question is
to make us some room to make some room
to insert
into your eyes
a life itself as mentioned before is going on constantly
without inserting anything are all insert anything into into it
into the stream of life
from ah from this point
ah everything is completely

like completely alike

in its are inherent authority

before you attain enlightenment or after you attain enlightenment
but there is a different things
but this different things
what make you
have made you have a different viewpoint before and after
why is this
the days
berbick a buddha statue

neo rauch shekhar high while and nor how much how my tie
ah my teeth how tall how tall days i need your obstacle miss a day
the same i as the of to max

new york shaku a's
the same high as three maps that have three max
it's they huge are buddha statue at my temple
there was the a
ah raven cousin honda
who who took charge of for the past of cunning in a monastery
ah who was born
in the same village
same village as my temple is located it
at the place where my temple is located
the sometimes at every whenever he went back to went back to his native a home native country
he emitted rude to
have visited
my temple without fail fail

one day
he said to me
the buddhist tattoo or was
no ah
oh was
aren't no excuse me when i when i was
when i was
the grade school
a child
i he thought the buddha statue was completely huge
when he visited
my tempo
after he's grown up
he thought
the buddha statue of buddha start to a smaller than that
a way he's he had seen it
at the age you at the time of word
at his can afford
then he asked me
did you fix something something on the something something on the buddhist type two
because for me the this poodles time to is smaller than know
ah smaller
at present then night in at the
he's town of for it
in this respect
are with the preceding of age

it did you to have
a different viewpoint
wherever you see
whenever you see the buddhist statue
at my temple
a his towel food
the buddha statue it's the he's he's so he saw buddhist time to are the becoming small are becoming huge
but after his grown up

of course day
the appearance of buddhist top two a's
and the seems to be a small smaller
but it's contents the contents of the buddhist statue is getting bigger
with the preceding of age

then as mentioned before everything is completely safe
before and after the attainment to be a nightmare
but differences are depends on
our content solve the your experience
whether your eyes is open or not
through this experience or whether your eyes either open or not
ha you will have for different viewpoint alive in in world to in the world
then the purpose of zazen gays
to open your eyes
which ms to review the to develop the nature of the south
this is the purpose of doesn't
ah next is
the common tali a given by dorgan
upon this story
but again was one of our greatest the whole orleans disciples
i think that it was a great opportunity for to go on skates and d partaking partaking of the spirit to zen buddhism
paid jobs had followed
to have undertaken the responsibility of vino
this is
the jam master would what is now called her cousin
he had the great reputation for explaining
or criticizing the sayings and doings of enlightened than men
there was no man no one no one comparable to one skating
the a again bought ah
a very
ah it's are an extent to disciple
of hoi in zheng jie
who was the abbot of the temp war with discord
mount gossip
the as doing then says as think that it was a great opportunity for tiguan scale
the taking of the spirit to have a dumb on paychecks had followed to the haven't taken the responsibility of vino
this is
the jam master would what is now called her cousin
he had the great reputation for explaining
or criticizing the sayings and doings of enlightened damn man
there was no man no one no one comparable to one skating
the a bhutan bought are
a very
ah it's are an extent to disciple
of when zheng jie
who was the abbot off the temp war with discord
mount gossip
the as doing then says as think that it was a great opportunity for tiguan scare
the taking of the spirit to have to dumb on paychecks had followed to haven't taken the responsibility of vino
the for dog and dingy
how great
how great this opportunity
they when
the tiguan skis and boots again the encountered it is
a great man encountered a great man
who have been about two
ah and take me
and undertaken the responsibility of the inner
so dog and dainty admire this opportunity to saying how valuable it is
the great them master get to go on stay our practice and very hard and the great zen master which is called what was called bit again zinc
are there is no room no gap between two
on the lease or even
our nowhere even though even no wind