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Questions and Answers

Question-and-Answer, Yakusan, Truth, Community, Breath, Anger, Freedom, Faith...
Aug 08 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061

New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done.

Yakusan, Faith
Aug 01 1971

Shikantaza, Tenryu's One Finger

Serial: SR-00236

Sesshin Lecture
Saturday, October 12, 1968
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Gutei, Yakusan, Community, Pain, sitting, Monks, Obstacles, Instruction,...
Oct 12 1968

Shōsan Ceremony at Tassajara

Shosan, Yakusan, Teacher-and-Student, Daily Life, Observe, Ego, Delusion, Doubt,...
Dec 07 1967