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Funeral Service for Suzuki Roshi

Serial: SR-00171

This is a full recording of Suzuki Roshi's funeral, held nine days after his death.

Ceremony, Funeral, #please-transcribe
Dec 12 1971
City Center

OLD - 1971.08.07-serial.00176

Serial: SR-00176

First words match 71-08-17

Aug 17 1971

OLD - 1971.08.17-serial.00085

Serial: SR-00085

This is a continuation of 71-08-17, 00177

Aug 17 1971

OLD - 1971.08.17-serial.00098

Serial: SR-00098

Duplicate of 00177

Aug 17 1971

OLD - 1971.08.17-serial.00099

Serial: SR-00099

The last part of 71-08-17, edited together with 00177 and 00085.

Aug 17 1971

Wind Stops, But Still Flower Falls

Serial: SR-00163

This audio has been improved, so more of the students' questions may be discernible.

#improved-audio, #please-transcribe
Aug 15 1971

OLD - 1971.06.22-serial.00172

Serial: SR-00172

Matches the end of transcript from 71-08-12 at Tassajara.

Aug 12 1971

OLD - 1971.08.05-serial.00097

Serial: SR-00097

Second part of talk from this date.

Aug 05 1971

OLD - 1971.08.03-serial.00185

Serial: SR-00185

Second part of talk from this date.

Aug 03 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061

New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done.

Yakusan, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Aug 01 1971

Ryaku Fusatsu Lecture

Serial: SR-00182

The audio of this tape has been improved, so the missing parts of the transcript may be worked out now.

Ceremony, Eiheiji, Bodhisattva Precepts, #improved-audio, #please-transcribe
Jul 29 1971

Why Then Is It Necessary To Accept Precepts

Precepts, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Jul 17 1971
City Center

OLD - 1971.07.06-serial.00214

Serial: SR-00214

This is the end of the transcript of 00215

Jul 06 1971

OLD - 1971.06.20-serial.00152

Serial: SR-00152

Second part of talk from this date.

Jun 20 1971

OLD - 1971.03.09-serial.00148

Serial: SR-00148

Second part of talk from this date, continues where 00116 finishes.

Mar 09 1971


Serial: SR-00115

Initial speaker in Japanese - Tatsugami? Translated by Katagiri? Three speakers listed for this date.

Feb 20 1971

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Serial: SR-00069-B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #25, by Shundo David Haye =====

This tape, which is unfortunately very poorly recorded, gives us a sense of the lay ordination...

Precepts, Ceremony, #new-audio, #please-transcribe, #awakening-the-archive
Aug 23 1970
City Center

To Be Honest And Sincere In Its True Sense It Is Necessary to Push Yourself Into Some Very Strong Hard Rule

Serial: SF-06121-B

Sunday, August 16, 1970
San Francisco

[This is the second of two lectures with this date. This lecture began mid-way on Side A of the original tape after a prior...

#please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Aug 16 1970
City Center

Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe and Reb Anderson

Serial: SR-00069-A

Reprocessed version may allow for clarification of transcript.

Priest, Ceremony, #improved-audio, #please-transcribe
Aug 09 1970
City Center

OLD - 1970.08.04-serial.00068

Serial: SR-00068

Second part of talk from this date.

Aug 04 1970

OLD - 1970.07.11-serial.00227

Serial: SR-00227

Second part of talk from this date.

Jul 11 1970

OLD 1967.09.13-serial.00224

Serial: SR-00224

End of transcript of 70-07-08. Not sure where date on reel came from.

Jul 08 1970

OLD - 1970.06.07-serial.00226

Serial: SR-00226

Reel is mislabeled. This is part of the transcript from 70-07-06.

Jul 06 1970

OLD - 1970.06.25-serial.00219

Serial: SR-00219

Second part of talk from this date.

Jun 25 1970

OLD - 1970.06.06-serial.00056

Serial: SR-00056

This is the last 10' of transcript of 70-06-06, 00055. Edited in to that talk.

Jun 06 1970

OLD - 1970.06.03-serial.00054

Serial: SR-00054

This is the very end of https://suzukiroshi.engagewisdom.com/talks/blue-jay-will-come-right-your-heart
Does not need to be stand-alone node

Jun 03 1970

Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

Serial: SF-05995

This is the bulk of the ceremony, with speakers other than Suzuki Roshi, in Japanese and English

Apr 25 1970
City Center

How To Have Sincere Practice

Serial: SR-00145

Suzuki Roshi edited from longer recording.

#please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Apr 25 1970
City Center

OLD - 1970.03.01-serial.00255

Serial: SR-00255

Corresponds to end of transcript of 00259 from same date.

Mar 01 1970

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05964

Friday, December 5, 1969

Previously described as intranscribable - now clearer

File name: 69-12-05N: untitled level low. [Verbatim transcript not...

Ceremony, Shosan, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Dec 05 1969

OLD - 1969.11.09-serial.00245

Serial: SR-00245

This is the second part of the talk from this date.

Nov 09 1969

OLD - 1969.11.07-serial.00041

Serial: SR-00041

This is the second part of the talk from this date.

Nov 07 1969

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-6

Serial: SF-06005

Third Lotus Sutra Series
Thursday Evening, October 30, 1969
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio, Beginner’s Mind
Oct 30 1969
Series 3, Talk 6

OLD - 1969.09.16-serial.00036

Serial: SR-00036

This is a part of "Why I came to America" talk from same date.

Sep 16 1969

OLD 1969.08.30-serial.00084

Serial: SR-00084

Another version of the talk from this date, but this one is longer. Sound quality is different - less bright, but less affected by speed issues towards end
Set aside as...

Aug 30 1969

Our Practice And Our Everyday Activity

Serial: SF-05396

Saturday, August 30, 1969

Newly uploaded recording should be clearer to transcribe

#please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Aug 30 1969

OLD - 1969.08.12-serial.00127

Serial: SR-00127

Second part of talk from this date. Tape glitches.

Aug 12 1969


Serial: SR-00030

Second part of talk from this date.

Jul 15 1969

OLD - 1969.07.08-serial.00026

Serial: SR-00026

This is the last 7' of transcript for 69-07-08, 00025.

Jul 08 1969


Serial: SR-00021

Duplicate of talk from this date.

Jun 29 1969

Emptiness is Form

Serial: SF-05968

Sunday, June 29, 1969
San Francisco

Newly uploaded version has speed adjustments made; should be a little clearer for transcript - not just end, but correcting...

Heart Sutra, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Jun 29 1969


Serial: SR-00007

Newly reprocessed recording should be a little clearer

Lotus Sutra, #improved-audio, #please-transcribe
Dec 24 1968

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-11

Serial: SF-05251

October 1968
New version uploaded, should help with transcript

Lotus Sutra, #approximate-date, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 11

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-12

Serial: SR-00004

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. 12
Shunryu Suzuki Lecture

October 1968

Lotus Sutra, #approximate-date, #improved-audio, #please-transcribe, First Principle
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 12

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-9

Serial: SF-06041

Audio Problem Set has been replaced by original recording, with speed adjustments made.
Newly processed version should be a little clearer to trancsribe

Lotus Sutra, #approximate-date, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 9

Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-6

Serial: SF-05258


#approximate-date, Lotus Sutra, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio
Oct 1968
Series 2, Talk 6

Shuso Ceremony

Serial: SF-05143C

SR023 Last 2/3 side 2 Philip's discussion ceremony - copied 2 tapes [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator's...

#sesshin, Shuso Ceremony, #please-transcribe
Apr 23 1968

Lotus Sūtra No. I-6

Serial: SR-00106

February 1968
Zen Mountain Center

Lotus Sutra, #approximate-date, #please-transcribe, #improved-audio, First Principle
Feb 1968
Series 1, Talk 6

Become More Direct and Honest

Serial: SF-05276

Protection Master: re-recording from cassette marked "Suzuki Roshi talk with background music: no date, original copied" (Sony C60 side A); recorded: 7 1/2 ips, bias: normal,...

#please-transcribe, #approximate-date, #improved-audio