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One with Everything

Serial: SR-00208

Zazen Talk
Tuesday Evening, July 20, 1971

#not-always-so, Breath, reality, Faith, Truth
Jul 20 1971

Freedom from Everything

Serial: SR-00150

Sesshin Lecture, Day 5
Wednesday, June 9, 1971
San Francisco

#sesshin, #not-always-so, Happiness, Demons, Precepts, Perfect Wisdom, Attachment,...
Jun 09 1971
City Center

Calmness of Mind

Serial: SR-00151

Sesshin Lecture No. 2
Sunday, June 7, 1971
San Francisco

Practice is to expose yourself as you are, express yourself fully. Accepting your teacher's words....

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Zazen, Breath, Community, Emptiness, Priest, Pain,...
Jun 07 1971
City Center

The Teaching Just for You

Serial: SR-00147

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Saturday, June 5, 1971
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Precepts, Dragons, Bodhidharma, Truth, sitting, Buddha...
Jun 05 1971
City Center

Changing Our Karma

#not-always-so, Baso, Concentration, Karma, Suffering, difficulty, Ceremony
Mar 09 1971
City Center

Be Kind with Yourself

Serial: SR-00112

Warm-hearted practice. Breathing and posture in zazen. We all have different circumstances, but in the monastery, we have one practice. Rules give freedom to practice.

#not-always-so, Dogen, Zazen, Tatsugami, Freedom, Instruction, Monks, Posture, Priest...
Feb 23 1971

Just Enough Problems

Serial: SR-00273

Sesshin Lecture, Lecture 7: Page Street Apples
Friday Morning
February 12, 1971
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, War, Enemies, Hate
Feb 12 1971
City Center

OLD - Not Sticking to Enlightenment

Serial: 71-02-12-B

Sesshin Lecture, Day Seven: Closing Words
Friday Evening
February 12, 1971
San Francisco

#no-audio, #not-always-so, #sesshin, Sixth Patriarch,
Feb 12 1971
City Center

Not Sticking to Enlightenment

Serial: SF-05445B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #26, by Shundo David Haye =====

It's not completely clear how this talk dropped off the radar, as the tape had been copied and...

#not-always-so, #new-audio, #awakening-the-archive, #sesshin, Sixth Patriarch, ...
Feb 12 1971
City Center

Resuming Big Mind

Serial: SR-00272

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Friday, February 5, 1971
San Francisco

[”For this seven-day sesshin, there are only transcriptions for lectures given on Days 1, 3, 5,...

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Big Mind, Hate, stubbornness, Zoom, sitting, Zazen, Anger,...
Feb 05 1971
City Center

Wherever I Go, I Meet Myself

#not-always-so, Liberation, Culture, Freedom
Jan 23 1971
City Center

The Boss of Everything

#not-always-so, Zazen, Big Mind, confusion, Precepts, Bodhidharma, Zazen, Suffering,...
Jan 16 1971
City Center

True Concentration

Serial: SR-00078

Right Concentration
Sunday, January 10, 1971
San Francisco

#not-always-so, Avalokiteshvara, Freedom, Concentration, zen, Commitment, Posture...
Jan 10 1971
City Center

Walk like an Elephant and Sitting like a Frog

Serial: SR-00066

True Practice As Expression Of Buddha-Nature
Sesshin Lecture No. 2
Sunday, August 2, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Sengai, Buddha Nature, Family Practice, War, Bodhidharma,...
Aug 02 1970
City Center

Open Your Intuition

Serial: SF-05587-B

Sesshin Meeting
Friday, July 31, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Intuition, Instruction, Beginners
Jul 31 1970
City Center

Supported from Within

Serial: SR-00191

Ekō Lecture 4
The Second Morning Eko, Part 3 of 3
Sunday, July 12, 1970

[This is the fourth in a series of six lectures by Suzuki on the four...

Eko, Chanting, #not-always-so, Priest, Echo, New Year, Wisdom, Suffering, Building,...
Jul 12 1970

Sincere Practice

Serial: SR-00140

How To Have Sincere Practice
Tuesday, April 28, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, Tatsugami, Dogen, Precepts, Monks, Intuition, Don't Know Mind,...
Apr 28 1970
City Center

The Zen of Going to the Rest Room

#not-always-so, Ummon, Tangaryo, Culture, Monastic Practice, Suffering, American, Don...
Mar 29 1970
City Center

Our Everyday Life Is Like A Movie

#not-always-so, Anger, Instruction, Meditation, Posture, Observe, sitting
Mar 15 1970
City Center

Letters From Emptiness

Serial: SR-00156

How to Understand the Idea of Emptiness
Sunday, March 8, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, Emptiness, reality, Describe, Doubt, training, Enemies
Mar 08 1970
City Center

Brown Rice is Just Right

Serial: SR-00247

Morning Sesshin Lecture
Sunday, February 1, 1970
City Center

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Emptiness, Discrimination, Buddha Nature, training, Hate,...
Feb 01 1970
City Center

Caring for the Soil

Serial: SR-00199

Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism
Sunday, January 25, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, Emptiness, Mahayana, Buddha Nature, difficulty, Greed, Gratitude,...
Jan 25 1970
City Center

Respect for Things

Serial: SR-00200

What Is Our Practice?
Sunday, January 4, 1970
San Francisco

Practice as taking care of everything. Not making a noise with the chairs. Practice with new...

#not-always-so, Zendo, Bodhisattva Way, Big Mind, Building, Concentration, difficulty...
Jan 04 1970
City Center

Pure Silk, Sharp Iron

Serial: SR-00246

Sitting cross-legged - and then what? Having the right state of mind. Chinese and Japanese culture. His absent-mindedness, impatience. Virtue of endurance.

#not-always-so, Zazen, Dogen, Culture, Ego, Transmission, training, Patience, Forms,...
Sep 14 1969

Stand Up By The Ground

Serial: SF-05209

Protection Master "Suzuki Roshi summer sesshin 1969 2nd night lecture

Sesshin, Second Night Lecture
September, 1969

#not-always-so, #approximate-date, #sesshin, Dogen, Time, Continuous, Freedom, Doubt...
Sep 1969

Wherever You Are, Enlightenment Is There

Serial: SF-05184A

Sesshin: First Night Lecture, “I Don't Know Zazen”
September 1969

Knowing that we have buddha nature even while we are in the...

#not-always-so, Dogen, Buddha Nature, Enlightenment, #approximate-date, Five Ranks,...
Sep 1969

Not Always So

Serial: SR-00124

August Sesshin Lecture
Thursday, August 7, 1969
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Dogen, Interdependence, Freedom, Gratitude, Composure,...
Aug 07 1969

Enjoy Your Life

Serial: SR-00031

Talk on the moon landing

#not-always-so, heart, Observe
Jul 20 1969

Direct Experience of Reality

#not-always-so, Baso, Dogen, lecture, Sutra, Forms, Pain, sitting
Jun 22 1969

OLD - Direct Experience of Reality

#not-always-so, #temporary-audio, Dogen, Sutra, Death, sitting
Jun 22 1969

Jumping Off the 100-Foot Pole

Serial: SR-00016

Sunday Lecture
Sunday, April 20, 1969

#not-always-so, Buddha Nature, Evil, Priest, Big Mind, Compassion, Continuous,...
Apr 20 1969

Ordinary Mind, Buddha Mind

#not-always-so, Composure, reality, difficulty, Freedom
Mar 30 1969

Find Out for Yourself

Serial: SR-00011

Find out what "buddha-nature" and "enlightenment" mean. Study without purpose. How his teacher in Japan treated him; trying to discover the right thing to do.

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Zazen, Eiheiji, Suffering, Buddha Nature, Freedom,...
Mar 15 1969

Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: SR-00009

Sunday, March 9, 1969
Sokoji, San Francisco

Koan story of sun-faced buddha, moon-faced buddha. Practicing while well or while sick. Accepting what we don't like....

#not-always-so, Baso, Koan, Blue Cliff Record, Attachment, Composure, Discrimination...
Mar 09 1969

Observing the Precepts

#not-always-so, Precepts, Precepts, Observe, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Posture, Karma...
Jun 29 1968